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Brother Ligouri Retired 5/31/11 A year in review Editorial

June 01, 2011 - 15:48

Now that it is June 1, 2011 Br. Ligouri is now officially retired from Iona College. Below you will see a copy of a Letter to the Editor that was sent to The Journal News. It appears they are keeping people that speak out against Iona College off their pages. Since Iona College went to New Rochelle City Council regarding the 10 Story Dorm Proposal, the neighbors have had to fight for any coverage we can get. We realize not everything is printed timely or even at all.


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New Rochelle, The Lost City Found! We have the staff to prove it!

Cameroon debt forgiven, Churches for a dollar, City Yards to be moved at great expense, sweetheart deals for developers and colleges, what else is next? We have a city management system with no accountability that can only accomplish thing with deals and give-a -ways. New Rochelle City Management is nickel and diming the citizens to a point where hard working families can’t afford to live in New Rochelle where they were born and raised any longer. Residents are forced to make some hard choices while management makes one bad decision after another. That is not what they are paid for and paid very well for I might say. They receive great salaries and benefits while working and in their retirement. The citizens will be paying for poor performances for a life time. It is time for a reality check.

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Don’t you just love April? Spring into Change!

It’s April, Federal taxes are hopefully done and now it is time to drop off or mail the April tax bill for the New Rochelle Tax Collector, more money going out without seeing any noticeable return. Every time I write out the check, I want to cry. It is just a painful reminder of what poor shape New Rochelle is in. Over taxed, over staffed except for police and fire and just very poorly managed. We cannot continue to do things here the same way. Someone needs to step up to the plate and lead and clean the slate and start with a fresh mind and fresh ideas on how to correct all the wrongs of the past and present. This is not Charles Dickens; there are no ghosts of governments past to send a message to The City Council and Mayor. They had their own demons to deal with back then. The massage needs to come from the living breathing citizens of New Rochelle before it is too late!

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Echo Bay Development? What We Have Here is a Failure to Communicate

Development, Development, What we need is development? Not of buildings and parks, we need to start with building a community. A community that communicates. A City that communicates with its citizenry. A communication of ideas and visions that work towards the betterment of New Rochelle. Not any Outside developer or organizations regardless of what they stand for. No one stands up for New Rochelle more than the citizens of New Rochelle. Now we need our City Council Members to do the same tonight. Use Echo Bay as a catalyst for bringing the citizens and government of New Rochelle together towards one goal, a better, brighter, thriving and community minded New Rochelle. Below is an E-Mail I sent yesterday to The City Council:

Mayor Bramson and City Council Members,

Let me start by saying that my comments have no political motives attached. I speak only in the interest of the betterment of The City of New Rochelle. We cannot continue to keep going about business the same way. Change is hard but change is necessary.

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Perception is Everything!

I was not able to speak at Citizens To Be Heard last night. I received some calls asking what happened. I had to leave before my name was called. I am not sure what happened. My name was on ordered sign-in slip number Five. Due to family commitments I get there early so that there is more than enough time for me to speak. I did not want to disrupt the proceedings and waited for my turn to speak. When I kept thinking I would be called next, I wasn't. I had to leave before I spoke. I feel the opportunity to speak before council was taken away. The Mayor says that he must follow the rules of the forum format. A mere mistake can be forgiven. But, Perception is everything as my comments were to state. Submitting my comments to The City Clerk are not the same as speaking before the full council body. I have attached my comments and will ask The City Clerk to enter them into the record.

Comments for February 14, 2012 Citizens to be Heard:

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Where is Open Government?

Where is the Open Government?

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Follow up to City/Iona College planning process proposal

The following is information and the tone of the feedback we have received regarding the City/Iona College planning process proposal. A copy of the proposal was posted here on Talk of the Sound on September 6, 2011. “City of New Rochelle and Iona College Develop Planning Framework for Student Housing”. Please feel free to give further constructive comment and feedback.

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While I was away Iona drops Proposal, Much has happened!

While I was Away!

Some may have misunderstood some of my quotes from different sources while I was away on vacation. I reiterate my support for the proposal involving Iona College's withdrawal of the 10-story dorm proposal. This follow up is meant to avoid any misunderstanding of my previous statements. The statements were intended to show my support for the temporary changes raising the occupancy limit on the existing dorms and should not be viewed as a reward for the College's past non-compliance. It was to enforce the need to move forward towards a solution that benefits all parties and finds a solution for Iona College's need for student housing. Again, we all must work together with Iona College, The City of New Rochelle and the Neighborhood Associations surrounding the college in a fashion that works for all of us.

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