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Will the County Executive's Election Effect New Rochelle?

in the November 14,2013 Westchester Guardian

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Youth Seek Jobs in Echo Bay

Democratic District Leaders and some minority youth expressed support for the Echo Bay project at the October 8 City Council meeting. These youth expressed hope for jobs in the Echo Bay project area. Putting our youth and unemployed adults to work is a daunting challenge and a worthy goal but dangling far in the future jobs is not justified

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Mountco and Carrington Arms sale

Most residents are aware that the Moutco Construction Company rehabilitated and assumed ownership of the two Maple Avenue Senior buildings. However.

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Former Mayor Paduano Asks the Questions for Bramson

In the August 8, 2013 iaaue of the Westchester Guardian

1. When will the City of New Rochelle conduct and complete an expert analysis of the financial and operational assumptions of the Echo Bay proposal and new city yard?

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Warren Gross's comments on Echo Bay

Warren Gross Speaks Candidly about Echo Bay Development

Date: August 15, 2013 1:45:51 PM EDT

Subject: Re: Update about 'Re-bid Echo Bay Development' on

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LDC agreement for Iona questioned, Any comments?

Recently I wrote to the City Manager about the LDC (Local Development Corporation) and their entertainment of allowing $5 million in bonding for Iona for Pryer Terrace houses.

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Kicking Residents to the Curb

In Westchester Guardian, July 25, 2013

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