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Showing of Charles Fazzino's American Dreams of La Rochelle tonight in SoNo

June 12, 2009 - 20:23

Habitat for Humanity Westchester is hosting a showing of Charles Fazzino’s work including the unveiling of his latest work “American Dreams of La Rochelle” tonight at the Chase Bank on the corner of Lawton and Main Streets In SoNo starting at 6:30.

To obtain more information, click HERE  or call Jim Killoran at 914-430-4821.

Discover SoNoNewRo this summer

June 06, 2009 - 15:08

In SoNo you don’t know who you meet…there were three couples and people I met both who spend time split between Massachusetts and here..

In the summer one couple stopped by, they have home in Martha’s Vineyard, but they spend their summer here in SoNo!

Another Judge and his fiancé..she lives in Avalon, and the Judge comes and visits her here..regularly..they come here, have coffee, walk around..did you see the parks and nine miles of waterfront hey ask me..of course..its a hidden secret! Hudson Park named after Henry Hudson, Five Island, Glen Island and more..much more..what a world.. then we have so much all around.

The Historic Post Office, built during the WPA is on Hugenot and Main; the Armory Building;the Loews Theatre; the Thannhausen studio-first silent movies in the country…and much much more.

So this summer come and discover SONONEWRO…

"American Dreams of La Rochelle" unveiling June 12th; 3-D pop art by Charles Fazzino

June 04, 2009 - 14:21


imageHabitat for Humanity Westchester is hosting a showing of Charles Fazzino’s work including the unveiling of his latest work “American Dreams of La Rochelle” It will be held on Friday June 12th at the Chase Bank on the corner of Lawton and Main Streets here in SoNo.

To obtain more information, click HERE to see more information or call Jim Killoran at 914-430-4821.

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Temple Beth El Centennial Celebration June 7th

June 04, 2009 - 14:13


Beth El Youth presents Beth El Synagogue with Time Capsule to be opened in 2109. It holds the hopes for the future, wishes, predictions, memories of our current Synagogue and the past 100 years, etc. Anything you would like. This time capsule will be opened in 100 years, when G-d willing, Beth El will celebrate its second centennial.

Join us at the closing Centennial Event
Sunday, June 7 - 2:00pm,
Doors open at 1:45pm.

In addition to the presentation of the time capsule, Rick Recht - Jewish Rock performer will be giving a concert - a fantastic show for ages 2-92!


Register for this event by emailing Erica at [email protected].

Festival of Books on June 20/21

June 04, 2009 - 13:01

New Rochelle’s Public Library is hosting a 2 day event, the New Rochelle Festival of Books, There will be workshops, seminars, music performances, film presentations, panel discussions, book signings along with programs for children. To be held on the adjacent Library Green. Include some of these events when you visit SoNo the weekend of June 20/21.books2

Artists on Main !

June 03, 2009 - 10:20

Art exists on Main Street in SoNo....and famous artists like Charles Fazzino..( have their studios can see art pictures, framed pictures, famous artists walking up and down, and soon to be famous artists strolling dreaming of their work throughout....We are an art friendly community, one that has a history of Rockwell, Remington and well as many others...

The past to the future..that’s what SoNo represents..walking up and down, you see the past.. you walk where Betty Davis did by the Loews theatre...where Eddie Foy had seven little ruffians dancing on the street, and where now Star dancers, and DanceConnextion have their studios, where future dancers dream of Dancing with the Stars and performing on Broadway...

You will see...come and join the art of SoNo, dance on the street and be the bridge from the past to the future...stay tuned..for the HISTORIC WALKING TOURS SCHEDULE!


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The Fourth Of July is here, and SoNoNewRo has great sales!

Walk in History...get a 403 4821 for walking a Rockwell Print.. Stores are open today..restaurants, as well.. as great historic places like:







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Come Visit Where History Was Written -- and it Still Made Today-- Come to SoNo NewRo

HISTORY HISTORY HISTORY…Come for walking tours this summer, to SoNo..starting from the Civil War Monument to the Lincoln Memorial designed building to the WPA Post office and to more places like where Mighty Mouse was made, where Fazzino draws..where Rockwell walked, where Lou Gehrig gandered and where more and more names of famous people from George M  Cohan to Eddie Foy to Remington and more..they all walked in SoNoNewRo..Jay Leno, Teresa Brewer Dennis James, Willie Mays, Brandford Marsalis, Ozzie Davis, Ruby Dee ..the names are endless of those who lived or live here…amazing!!!!!!!!

Come to have a Vacation right in your back yard this summer with walking tours on Main Street …and in SoNo..then you can have a great meal at Bella Bella’s, at Little Mexican Restaurant, or Rangoli’s…come and join in the fun…plus 20 more restaurants.. at least in a four block radius…..

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Gnarly in SoNo

GNARLY VINE......If it wasn’t gnarly enough...this Thursday from 7-8pm.. they will offer free a martini only the vine, and with a twist to make you move...the Gnarly offers fine delicacies to keep you wanting more..while enjoying a fine glass of wine, dj mike’s mixin’ music, or oysters on the half shell..or gnarly in SoNo this fourth of July weekend.......on Main Street...

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About life in SoNo

SONO NEW SECTION TO BEGIN... you want to know what it is like to live in SONO..our downtown neighborhood have great people and professionals like Ron and Paul, who are part of SoNo's bike club...Ron a professional heads up the bike club...Paul who, with his wife, is chair of the great Davenport Lofts condo association and works at Columbia, but has invested so much.."I love SoNo" one can be heard..Jazz, art, people, the place is jumping...along with Brian and his fiancé who work at Credit Suisse....who live in the historic lofts (once Bloomingdales building here in Westchester, now beautiful lofts that would make your mind wonder with imagination of what it was and the ceilings height add to the value)....easy on Metro North in and out of the city..time is well spent here..

SONO COOKOUT BEING PLANNED FOR RESIDENTS.....a gathering of our downtown neighbors is planned..for our residents, a cool, fun, summer event..stay tuned..for more info....

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Sunday Bike Rides staring in SoNo

SONO BIKE RIDE, leaves this morning from our area, from Kaffeine and the theatre, to be able to go and see the sites, the waterfront, the people, the fun that exists, grab your bike and join us on the best ride in Town, Green lean and not so mean, as we take a pace for all to see the sites and meet SoNo friends..

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The Healthy Life in SoNo NewRo

JO JO’S VEGETARIAN  is now on North Avenue....near the bridge...a great place to taste different delights, healthy and more.....did you know there is also another health store in SONO, next to Granite Tile and Marble and the Habitat Restore at 591 Main Street...

Stay healthy, eat healthy, live healthy in SoNo...stop by and sample the healthy cuisines here!!!!!

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A weekend of fun in SoNoNewRo

We dedicate this to Michael Jackson, a King of Pop, who played in many places like places like the Loews theatre on Main Street....
Amazing musicians , artists, poets, and people walked through this facility, both to entertain and be entertained in this 24,000 square foot theater, the likes of which MJ would have had filled with fans show after show.

Time to bring back the music to SoNo....just turn a corner, and soon it will be there…come and see the area’s history with a walking tour...and listen to music in different places..cant you hear it..

the Excitement is Building....Learn More at SoNo NewRo Online

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