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Lightening Strikes NRHS: God's Will or Negligence?

August 16, 2008 - 17:49

NRHS Spire hit by lighteningSurely someone in the school district knows that Benjamin Franklin conceived of something called a lightening rod in 1749? So, can someone please explain how the last undamaged tower at New Rochelle High School was destroyed by a lightening strike? A bolt that sparked a fire that resulted in extensive water damage as the New Rochelle Fire Department struggled to extinguish the fire.


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Neighbor intervenes in New Rochelle robbery; teens arrested | | The Journal News

More Good Neighbors...

The Journal News reports:

Three teens were arrested after a neighbor intervened in a strong-arm robbery on Church Street Monday night, police said. A fourth youth was arrested yesterday morning, police said.

Giovanni Daley and Gustavo Sierra, both 16, of 19 Rochelle Place and two New Rochelle 15-year-olds were charged with second-degree robbery, a felony. Daley was also charged with felony assault.

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New Rochelle man helped from burning home; no injuries | | The Journal News

Good neighbor...

The Journal News reports:

‘I heard like a loud boom. It sounded like glass shattering,’ neighbor Marc Esrig said. That was followed by popping noises Esrig thought were the tires on homeowner Irving Korwin’s 1997 Cadillac that was burning in his garage.

Teenagers were outside screaming, Esrig said. After calling the fire department and seeing the flames ‘get kind of high,’ Esrig ran across the street and began banging on his Korwin’s bedroom window to get him out of the house."

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New Rochelle Man Pockets $100G; Rips Off Circuit City

Check please!

The Journal News reports:

A New Rochelle man ripped off an electronics store for about $100,000 through a returning-merchandise scam, Clarkstown police said yesterday.

Thomas DeJulio, 47, of 643 Pelham Road was charged with multiple felony counts of larceny, possessing stolen property and falsifying business records following an investigation and seizure of his computer records.

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Rental truck rams two cars in New Rochelle

Look out below!

The Journal News reports:

A stolen rental truck was sent down a Maple Avenue driveway early yesterday, ramming two cars, one of which went through the rear wall of the garage in which it was parked.

The truck's engine was running, and the rear wheels still spinning when police arrived at 12:50 a.m. A rock was on the gas pedal, and the steering wheel was taped to keep the vehicle straight, police said.

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Westchester pays highest property taxes in U.S.; Rockland in top 10 | | The Journal News

Think you are paying too much in property taxes? You're right!

The Journal News reports

Westchester County property owners paid the highest property taxes in the country last year, according to new data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

The median property tax bill in Westchester hit $8,422 in 2007, the highest of all mid- to large-sized counties, according to the 2007 American Community Survey. The median is the midpoint, meaning half of property owners paid more and half paid less.

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Talk of the Sound Joins Placeblogger

We have joined Placeblogger - you can learn more about Placeblogger here.

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NRHS Students' Top 20 Teachers for 2008; 67 Teachers Make Honor Roll

New Rochelle High School students have once again ranked their favorite teachers on the popular web site. 67 of 338 teachers made Honor Roll this year. The rankings are based on a raw score total determined by total number of votes cast by students multiplied by overall ratings average for each teacher. The Honor Roll represents those teachers who earned a 4.0 or higher average rating from their students, on a scale of 1 to 5.

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