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Ursuline Graduation


My Daughter graduated from Ursuline today. Like many fathers i felt a sense of pride, some relief that the tuition bills would end and then the realization that the college bills would start soon.

Journal news had over 8,000 cancellations day after map went live


I was told by a Journal news employee that he was told that over 8,000 people cancelled their subscription the day after the Map was posted.

How many subscription cancellations at the Journal News?


Since the Journal News claims to be so interested in giving people all the information, how about telling us how many subscription cancellations the gun map caused?

Another gun theft at JN Map Home


Yes, another home with guns was targeted and the guns were stolen. Thanks Journal News.

The reason we won't have a National discussion or debate on guns.


It won't be politically correct. Gov't statistics are very accurate and detailed. Young black males make up the bulk of violent gun crime. At least 7x more likely than any other group.

Burglars use Journal News Gun Map to target gun safe!?


A White Plains residence pinpointed on a controversial handgun permit database was burglarized Saturday, and the burglars' target was the homeowner's gun safe.

Gifford's and Husband exploit Newtown and Gun debate


The MSM would have us think that the Gifford's are good people that want to help in the gun debate, that is why they created the American's for responsible solutions and PAC.

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