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Rumor of Firefighter layoffs due to United Water increasing hydrant fees?


Dear talk of the Sound, can you find out any info about recent rumors that are now circulating about new and more firefighter layoffs?
Rumor has it, United Water is wanting to raise the fire hydrant fee that it charges the City. I do not know the cost of this fee, but heard it is astronomical. The dollar amounts I have heard seem very unreal to me. I was told that the City's response was, if United Water raises the fee, more firefighters will be laid off.
Oh, and one more rumor going around was that the City asked the Fire Union President to make a statement stating that, if the fire hydrant fee is increased and firefighters are laid off, this would be a serious safety concern to the citizens of New Rochelle. I find this odd because last year, the firefighters were asked to give up their raise or have their fellow firefighters loose their jobs! Wasn't that the same safety issue that the City is talking about now?
Any light you could shed on the subject would be greatly appreciated.