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New Rochelle Police Have A Busy Night With Monroe Students; "We've Lost Control of Our Students"

March 09, 2012 - 07:36

UPDATED with additional video.

The New Rochelle Police Department had there hands full with large groups of Monroe students leaving the Tropicana Nightclub located on North Avenue in New Rochelle. Police reported fights breaking out in and outside of the club.

House Fire 145 Sickles Avenue New Rochelle

March 01, 2012 - 03:52

The New Rochelle Fire Department responded to a house fire at 145 Sickles Avenue at 10:15pm Wednesday evening. The New Rochelle Police Department reported heavy smoke from the structure.Upon arrival the Fire department went to work on the fire in the basement in the laundry area.The fire was in a dryer located in the basement.Engine 21 22 23 24 and ladders 11 12 and car 2302 responded to the scene.
The fire department dosed the fire and vented the house of smoke.No injuries were reported and the fire was under control in a matter of minutes.
10:59 PM Fire declared under control and some units were returning to quarters.

House Fire 217 Clinton Avenue New Rochelle

February 28, 2012 - 02:12

Fire 217Clinton

The New Rochelle Fire Department is on the scene of a house fire at 217 Clinton Avenue. The Fire department received a call around 8:54 pm. We have a reporter going to the scene. So far the fire department has 4 engines and 2 ladder trucks on the scene as well as a deputy chief and New Rochelle 's fire chief. Mayflower avenue is closed in both directions as well is Clinton ave from Eastchester road to Mayflower Avenue.

910pm: Ladder 11 and engine 25 relocated to Station 3 North Avenue.

914pm: 2032 reports fire is in basement two lines are stretched checking for extension to other parts of house.

929pm: 2302 reports fire under control releases 1 engine to duty from scene.

933pm: another call comes in at 130 Centre Avenue report of gas smell car 2303 Engine 21 and Ladder 11 responding.

This now leaves the city with one engine to cover the entire city.

New Rochelle Out Again!

February 09, 2012 - 20:34

I guess New Rochelle was out of the question and was never a option like we were promised when the Avalon was being built with IDA money.

New Rochelle out again just the same old stories over and over again.

Whole Foods has signed a lease to open a store at the former A&P market on Post Road in Port Chester.

The announcement came yesterday in the company’s quarterly earnings report. The store is planned for opening in late 2013, spokesman Michael Sinatra said today. Given the available site, which is just of Interstate 287, “Port Chester was just an obvious choice,” he said.

This would be the third Whole Foods store to open in Westchester, after White Plains and Yonkers.

Possible Gun Shot Fired At Honda Used Car Dealership in New Rochelle

January 26, 2012 - 02:28


New Rochelle Police were called to the scene of a possible bullet shot through a window at the Honda used car dealership located at 200 East Main Street New Rochelle.

Police were called by dealership employee's after what they believed was a bullet fired through a window on the side of the building.

The entire from and side exterior of the dealership showroom is comprised of thick glass windows. Police on the scene found a hole about the size of a grapefruit, about 10-12 feet up on the side window and glass on the floor on the showroom floor (photo, after the jump)

New Rochelle Fire Department Have A Busy Sunday Morning

January 22, 2012 - 08:28

In a matter of 1 hour between 1:50am - 3:10am The New Rochelle Fire Department was kept very busy Sunday morning.
1st- A house fire happened at 33 Franklin avenue which was quickly put out.
2- A call for a heavy smoke condition at 550 fifth ave on the 4th floor which turned out to be a pot on the stove.
3-A car accident with a possible car fire which turned out to be a accident but the passengers in the car left the scene it turned out later that the car hit two parked cars on Woodland Avenue.
4- A call came into the New Rochelle Fire department from Sound Shore Medical center that several people had come into the EMERGENCY ROOM with high levels of carbon monoxide that live at 77 Pelham road.The Fire department responded to the address Which is also home of CJ Cullens bar and and a few apartments above it to have high levels of CO in the air. The source was found and turned off and the building was vented by members of the fire department.

Multiple Cars Broken into In New Rochelle

January 22, 2012 - 03:57

Four and counting were the number of cars broken into behind 838 Pelhamdale avenue in New Rochelle Saturday evening. Police were called to the parking lot by the super of the building after he saw car windows smashed in the lot.
New Rochelle police were trying to notify the car owners and find out what was missing from each car.One owner said that a watch was taken from there car.Police are searching the area for the suspects.


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New Rochelle Police Station Gets A Water Leak

New Rochelle Police Officer's wish they had fire gear late this morning.
A Fire sprinkler head broke in the sally port of the building that's where officer's take there cars when they are booking prisoner's.

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One Car Rollover on Hutch South In New Rochelle

HutchCarFlip Ursuline 135

A woman was trapped in their car and had to be extricated by New Rochelle firefighters after the vehicle flipped over after going off the road on the Hutchison River Parkway near the Southbound Mill Road exit in New Rochelle across from the Ursuline School.

Westchester County Police responded to a call around 640 a.m. Thursday morning and requested assistance from the New Rochelle Fire Department.

The first responders on scene were New Rochelle firefighters from Engine 23 and Ladder 13. They assessed the situation, stabilized the car’s only passenger in the vehicle which had flipped upside down and then removed her from the car.

The Hutch Southbound was closed backing up traffic for miles while the firefighters worked to free the person. The driver of the vehicle was taken to a nearby hospital with unspecified injuries.

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Planet Fitness In New Rochelle Reports Numerous Lockers Broken into

NRPD PlanetFitness

Workers and guests of Planet Fitness reported to New Rochelle Police that numerous lockers were broken into Tuesday afternoon.Guests had phones, personal items and id's taken out of there lockers after there locks were broken off.

Police are viewing video tapes located outside of the locker rooms for possible suspects.

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Person Shot In Marshall's Parking Lot New Rochelle

MarshallsShooting 118At 10:13 p.m. Wednesday evening, New Rochelle Police responded to a report by police on the scene of a person being shot in the parking lot of Marshall's department store 200 Petersville road in New Rochelle.

Police reported the incident as a suicide attempt.

The incident took place on the exit ramp leaving the Home Goods/Marshall's parking lot. Police sources tell Talk of the Sound the man used a gun on himself as the police arrived on the scene. The victim was taken under police escort to Jacobi Medical Center in critical condition.

Police were responding to the scene after receiving reports that a man was in the Marshall's story making threats against employees. Police identified a man matching the description from the store employees and approached him. The man responded by pulling out a gun, placing it under his chin and pulling the trigger. He suffered wounds to his chin and head.

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New Rochelle Airwaves: 0317-2012


Saturday morning;

12:22 a.m. - 54 North Avenue - person reports an assault by a group of 10 people.

12:41 a.m. - 209 North Avenue - officer responding to noise complaint reports the loud party was a large event with more than 100 people inside a apartment, 7 officers respond to clear the area.

1:11 a.m. - 175 Union Avenue - assault , officers request ambulance, units check area for suspects.

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