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Bob Cohen Signs WCA Reform Pledge; Oppenheimer Reneges

July 13, 2010 - 11:39

State Senate candidate Bob Cohen (R, I, C - 37th District) yesterday announced that he has signed the Westchester County Association’s (WCA) Call to Action Campaign Pledge and chided Senator Oppenheimer for already breaking the promises she made when she signed.

“I applaud the WCA for their leadership in the fight to reform Albany and am honored to take an active part in their efforts,” said Cohen. “I am committed to the structural reforms the WCA is calling for and will fight to get them enacted as a member of the state Senate. Senator Oppenheimer may have also signed the pledge, but one would never know it from her actions. By voting for a budget that stands contrary to everything the pledge embodies, she has broken the promises she made when she signed on with the program.”

The pledge mirrors many elements of Cohen’s platform, calling on candidates for state Legislature to commit to fundamental reforms necessary to return the state to financial stability and economic competitiveness. Specifically, the pledge asks candidates to commit to the following:

* A balanced budget completed on time and without increased taxes, fees, assessment or borrowing
* Full disclosure of all outside income
* A non-partisan commission to redraw legislative district lines

Cohen Calls on Oppenheimer to Disavow Working Families Party and Reject Endorsement

June 26, 2010 - 14:23

WHITE PLAINS – Citing an ongoing federal investigation into the convoluted and secretive organizational structure and campaign practices of the Working Families Party (WFP), state Senate candidate Bob Cohen (R, I, C – 37th District) today called on incumbent Senator Oppenheimer to reject the Party’s endorsement. Cohen also said that the WFP’s big spending, anti-taxpayer agenda would do further damage to the weakened economy and a state government on the brink of financial collapse.

“If Senator Oppenheimer has any interest in reforming Albany and working toward lasting solutions to solve the state’s fiscal crisis, the first thing she needs to do is reject the endorsement of the Working Families Party,” said Cohen, who noted that the Senator has consistently run with the WFP endorsement in the past. “The Party is clearly standing in the way of reform and its radical, costly agenda would only add to the financial burdens already facing overtaxed New Yorkers.”

Senator Oppenheimer Votes to Increase Home Heating Oil Costs by as much as $600 Per Family

June 23, 2010 - 01:37

WHITE PLAINS - State Senate candidate Bob Cohen (R, I, C - 37th District) today condemned legislation passed by the Senate last week that threatens the supply of home heating oil and could increase costs by as much as $.90 per gallon in the event of a severe winter. Cohen called the measure another blow to Westchester families already suffering from out-of-control property taxes.

"With all of the attention focused on the Legislature's inability to negotiate a budget, it is easy to forget about the other lapses in common sense coming from Albany," said Cohen. "This one is inexcusable. People are having a hard enough time making ends meet. The last thing the Senate should be doing is finding ways to increase the cost of living."

The legislation (S.1145-C) would limit the sulfur content of heating oil to 15 parts per million by July 1, 2012. Engineering evaluations show that it will take a minimum of four years for refineries to have the proper infrastructure and processes in place to comply with the new mandate. A recent study found that the resulting shortage could lead to increases in costs of $.20 - $.30 per gallon in a mild winter, and as much as $.60 - $.90 per gallon in a severe winter. The added costs to New York home heating oil users ranges from $1 billion to $3 billion per winter and averages $600 per family.

Independence Party Endorses Bob Cohen for NYS Senate

June 19, 2010 - 23:08

NEWS from The Westchester Independence Party

White Plains, N.Y. - Dr. Giulio Cavallo, Chairman of the Westchester Independence Party County Committee, announced the Party has endorsed Bob Cohen as their candidate for 37th State Senate District. The 37th Senate District covers large parts of Westchester County including Harrison, Mamaroneck, New Castle, New Rochelle, North Castle, Ossining, Rye City, Rye Town, Scarsdale and White Plains.

Cohen will take on incumbent Sen. Suzi Oppenheimer (D), a 26-year member of the legislature who is seeking her 14th term.

Cohen, who is also an attorney, runs a real estate and construction company in Manhattan. He has been a volunteer firefighter in Scarsdale for 17 years and is currently a member of the non-partisan Town and Village Civic Club Education Forum.

Cohen is running to bring real reform to Albany and real change to Westchester. His plan includes:

• Enact a spending cap and lower taxes
• Establish term limits and non-partisan redistricting
• Restore the STAR property tax rebate checks
• Repeal the MTA payroll tax

More biographical information is available on his campaign website:

2010 elections will be held on Tuesday, November 2nd. For more information about the Westchester County Independence Party or to volunteer for our candidates, Contact: Pat Lagana 914-447-0303

Bob Cohen Seeks a Non Partisan Approach

May 29, 2010 - 15:07

In one of the races that will determine whether or not the GOP retakes control of the New York State Senate this November, Scarsdale resident Bob Cohen, 55, has been chosen by the GOP to challenge 25 year Democratic veteran State Senator Suzi Oppenheimer to represent the 37th district. On Monday May 3rd, the Westchester County Republican Committee nominated Cohen to take on 25-year veteran Suzi Oppenheimer. A primary for the GOP nomination appears unlikely.


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