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GreeNR Tip of the Week

July 18, 2012 - 10:15

Recycle Political Campaign Signs

During the political season campaign signs are everywhere; on lawns, businesses and anywhere someone may accidentally view them. They have a very short lifespan and for the most part are thrown away. This clever NR resident has found a way to extend their use so I am awarding her the NR GreeNR Award!






Bramson, Chickens, Timer, Tim, & Idoni: Warren's Poster Children for Charter Reform

March 18, 2012 - 22:31

ImagesAfter reading Timer's chicken post, Tim's comment and then reading Warren's post on the city charter I decided to follow-up and discovered that all 3 are directly related. Timer wrote about a nonsensical chicken proposal, endorsed by Mayor Bramson, to appease north end constituents. Tim took it a step further in discovering that mommy & daddy are Bramson campaign donors. I'll will tie in Warren's charter dilemma in a minute.

New Rochelle has a city manager form of government as Warren points out. The manager is responsible for the day-to-day operations of New Rochelle and a ceremonial mayor cuts ribbons, kisses babies and represents the city in governmental affairs. The city council is the legislative branch controlling everything from terminating firefighters, raising taxes, imposing fees and yes considering the proposed fowl-odor chicken legislation.

Kettner Deceives: Vote for Lobo

November 01, 2010 - 10:48

In the race for New Rochelle City Court Judge Susan Kettner’s campaign is registered to a Larchmont address. Kettner paid $1,500 to a New York City palm card designer and paid over $1,900 to a Long Island City printer. Cynthia Lobo’s campaign has a New Rochelle address and her palm cards were formulated by a New Rochelle resident. Lobo is President of the New Rochelle Chamber of Commerce and serves on the New Rochelle Police Foundation, New Rochelle Senior Personnel Placement Bureau, and New Rochelle Echo Bay Redevelopment Citizens Committee. Cynthia Lobo has severed on the New Rochelle Lions Club, New Rochelle Salvation Army and Cynthia Lobo received the 2009 Community Leader Award from the New Rochelle Women of Excellence. New Rochelle City Court Judge is a hyper-local position that requires the candidate to be familiar with and invest in the community. I cannot support a candidate who registers her campaign outside New Rochelle, refuses to patronize New Rochelle businesses and relies on outside political entities to usurp New Rochelle’s City Court Judgeship. Although her carpet bagging gurus tout Kettner as “New Rochelle’s own”; a judgeship is not a birthright, it’s attained through hard work, civic contribution, experience and community investment. The only candidate who is an active part of the community she intends to serve is Cynthia Lobo.


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