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America Can Save The World With Its True Commodities

April 02, 2011 - 22:10

Without exaggeration our nation and world is in a delicate balance and it should be obvious that we must change our paradigms in politics; leadership; civics; education; youth development; senior care; economic development; foreign policy; environmental safety; public health and nutrition; and respect for human equity.

In our nation we have looked to our president as the sole source of “change” for our social reconstruction from the stock market crash and eroding lifestyle and financial future. I maintain that the presidency is an institution and as such should exhibit in its paid cabinet and elsewhere an adequate showcase of professionals with people-skills, technological-savvy, industry, trade-talents and other specialized skills useful to effectively work with this administration to deliver urgently needed solutions.

Equally the American public must solve the dilemmas of our own modern democracy. We start by erasing primitive color-lines, zip-code limited political and educational progress. We continue with zero tolerance for anonymity with respect for every youth, senior, able-bodied and disabled adults.

America Has A New Educational Mantra: Complete To Compete!

April 02, 2011 - 21:40

The National Board of Governors assemble at the White House last week while still captive of a new sense of urgency created by one of its fellows, a former licensed educator, Governor Chris Gregoire of Washington-state. Governor Gregoire urges in her public policy campaign for the support of all U.S. governors to support college-educated youth and adults. This means as well that “all” stakeholders in education need to support k-20 learner in their preparation to complete their educations and get degreed to compete in the new knowledge driven economy.

According to Governor Gregoire says ( , “approximately two-thirds of all jobs will require a quality higher education credential or degree. For nearly all Americans, the new path to the middle class runs through college; however, our public institutions are not producing enough college graduates to meet workforce needs.”

Kennard Reynolds RIP

April 02, 2011 - 02:02

Kennard to me was like always
meeting a native American spirit.
He had an abundance of natural talents and people skills.
Kennard even now, if you knew him,
can blow his bugle like in the old days… in our minds... with his own unforgettable Canadian Sunset
even for this tender hour.
He reached into our lives in old-school, New Rochelle.
He was not a principal, teacher or counselor but a steward at our New Rochelle High School and a Henry David Thoreau-type at our lakes.
The steward was a school building cleaner and a friend to generations of students and the poetic spirit found his peace in nature –escaping the mundane.
Kennard especially in retirement could be found at Bergholtz and the great lakes of
New York State because they were like his friends and like the poet he fished,
whittled marvels from natural woods and even cleaned up the woods behind
others less enamored by their importance.
I can see him now completely free, with a bugle and that unforgettable smile.
I can hear him now…
Blowing an immaculate horn at his own Sunset.
He has a stylish and sterling sound,
Its Old School and
“Remington Boy’s Club Drum & Bugle Corps” Canadian,


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