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TALK OF THE SOUND EXCLUSIVE: President Obama Flight Itinerary for Labor Day Weekend in Westchester (TFR ISSUED FOR HPN: AUGUST 29th - 31st)


Terminal Flight Restriction (TFR) Issued for Westchester County Airport (HPN)


POTUS Operational Agenda

Friday, August 29th

--Terminal Flight Restriction (TFR) commences at 1:00 PM
--Scheduled Commercial Aircraft are Exempt from the TFR
--All General Aviation and Corporate Aircraft Arrivals and Departures Must be Screened by the TSA

Barack Obama's New Rochelle "Roundtable Fundraiser" Hosted by Green Energy Executive with Ties to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., John Negroponte


PatrignaniHouse 1310

NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- President Barack Obama will attend a small "roundtable" fundraiser at the home of a Green Energy executive in New Rochelle, Talk of the Sound has confirmed.

Pair of New Rochelle School Board Candidates Violate Commissioner Regulations, Ignore Voter Fraud Petition


Monzon Fernandez

NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- Two recent New Rochelle school board candidates have violated Regulations of the New York State Education Commissioner in a voter fraud Appeal to the Commissioner filed by a former school board candidate.

Disgraced New Rochelle Board President David Lacher, Refuses to Sit in the Corner Where He Belongs


To get the most out of this article, read it first then watch the video.

New Rochelle Schools Fail to Make the Grade as NYSED Reward Schools


NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- Thirty eight schools in Westchester County were named "Rewards Schools" for 2014 by the New York State Education Department.

No New Rochelle schools were on the list.

New Rochelle Homeless Resource Center Proposal Offers More Questions Than Answers


The proposal pushed by Mayor Noam Bramson to spend $100,000 of New Rochelle Municipal funds, a figure beyond what is already provided by Westchester County, comes from HOPE Community Services. The City Council voted to adopt the plan. So we want to get on record now that this is a farce.