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New Rochelle a Major Hub for International Sex Trafficking, Says New York City Homeland Security Chief

January 04, 2015 - 17:13

NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- The Associated Press ran a national story over the holidays that quotes James Hayes, the top Immigrations Cop in New York, listing New Rochelle among three major hubs of human sex trafficking in the New York City area.

Open Air Permit for Civil Rights March Planned But Cancelled for Last Sunday After NYPD Shooting

December 23, 2014 - 16:27

NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- A City of New Rochelle permit for a Civil Rights March set for this past Sunday but cancelled after the shooting death of two New York City Police officers was taken out by Angelique Francis, according to records obtained by Talk of the Sound under a Freedom of Information request.


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Registered Sex Offenders Reside Two Blocks from New Rochelle Elementary School

NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- Residents in the West End of New Rochelle are furious after learning that two registered Sex Offenders moved into their neighborhood.

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Former New Rochelle Schools Director John Gallagher Pleads Not Guilty, Mauro Zonzini Pleads Guilty in Federal Court

WHITE PLAINS, NY -- John C. Gallagher Jr. entered Courtroom 420 at the Charles L. Brient United States District Court in White Plains, NY shortly after 11 a.m. He wore a dark suit. His face taught, his, bald head and neck flushed a deep red.

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BREAKING: John Gallagher of Aramark Arrested by Feds for Bribery Scheme in City School District of New Rochelle

NEW YORK, NY — John C. Gallagher, Jr., an Aramark executive and former Director of Facilities for the City School District of New Rochelle was taken into custody Tuesday by federal agents in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

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GETTING RESULTS: Owners of Alvin and Friends Building Enter into Six Figure 2 Year Agreement to Pay Back Taxes to City of New Rochelle

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — West Friends Management Group, LLC, the company the owns 12 Memorial Highway, home of Alvin & Friends restaurant, has entered into an Arrears Agreement with the City of New Rochelle Tax Department on May 1, 2017, according t

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Why is Clove Road in New Rochelle a Mess and What Can Con Edison Do About it?

NEW ROCHELLE, NY —- Clove Road in New Rochelle is a secondary road but an important one, connecting various parts of the City with New Rochelle High School located at 265 Clove Road.

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New Rochelle Initiates Foreclosure Proceedings Against Owners of Alvin & Friends Property

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — According to records obtained by Talk of the Sound under a Freedom of Information Request, the City of New Rochelle initiated foreclosure proceedings of tax liens against West Friends Management Group, LLC on March 23, 2017. As

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EMPTY WORDS: New Rochelle Board Opposes Obvious Path to Close Achievement Gap

The motto of the New Rochelle Board of Education, printed on every meeting agenda is "Embracing Diversity: Driving Success"

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