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CROWDSOURCING: Analysis of New Rochelle School District's Annual Visual Inspection Reports, Five Year Capital Plan and AHERA Triennial Asbestos Inspection

November 28, 2014 - 21:43

NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- This past August Talk of the Sound obtained documents from the City School District of New Rochelle under a Freedom of Information Request. Since then we have obtained additional documents to complete a matched set. What follows below are the complete set of all current Annual Visual Inspection Reports, as well as the Five Year Capital Plan and AHERA Triennial Asbestos Inspection broken down by school building.

CSEA Calls Cops After Funds Go Missing in Accounts of New Rochelle Public Library Workers Union

November 26, 2014 - 16:09


NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- An internal audit by Civil Service Employees Association ("CSEA") Local 860 has uncovered financial fraud by a union officer of the CSEA unit at the New Rochelle Public Library, Talk of the Sound has confirmed.a


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Relig House in New Rochelle Ransacked (Again)

NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- The Relig Program office was robbed sometime during the first week of August. This was the second break-in over the past six months at the house on the grounds of Saint Gabriel's Church of New Rochelle.

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New Rochelle Man Indicted in Murder of His Seven-Year-Old Daughter

WHITE PLAINS, NY -- Westchester County District Attorney Anthony A. Scarpino, Jr.

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GETTING RESULTS: Talk of the Sound Exclusive on Mail in Dumpster at New Rochelle Post Office Generates Media Coverage, Federal Investigation and Congressional Action

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — The response to our exclusive report on mail thrown in a  dumpster behind the New Rochelle Post Office has generated a firestorm.

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DOJ Turns Over 20,000 Records in Gallagher Corruption Case

WHITE PLAINS, NY — John Gallagher, the former Facilities Director for the City School District of New Rochelle, was back in White Plains Federal Court Thursday for a status conference to update Judge Kenneth M.

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Court Rules Against Iona College in Tax Lot Merger Lawsuit Against City of New Rochelle

WHITE PLAINS, NY -- Judge Susan Cacase, in a ruling issued yesterday, firmly rejected an Article 78 petition filed last February by Iona College against the City of New Rochelle in New York State Supreme Court.

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Since our last installment, when Vinny Mirabile tried to have me arrested for supposed "harassment" and "trespassing" for, variously, sending him an email with a few questions and standing on the sidewalk near his store, there have been two notabl

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Mail Found in Dumpster Behind New Rochelle Post Office

NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- Talk of the Sound has obtained photographs of hundreds, if not thousands, of pieces of undelivered mail shoved into a dumpster behind the New Rochelle Post Office.

These photos were taken Monday night on July 24th.

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