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CROWDSOURCING: Analysis of New Rochelle School District's Annual Visual Inspection Reports, Five Year Capital Plan and AHERA Triennial Asbestos Inspection

November 28, 2014 - 21:43

NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- This past August Talk of the Sound obtained documents from the City School District of New Rochelle under a Freedom of Information Request. Since then we have obtained additional documents to complete a matched set. What follows below are the complete set of all current Annual Visual Inspection Reports, as well as the Five Year Capital Plan and AHERA Triennial Asbestos Inspection broken down by school building.

CSEA Calls Cops After Funds Go Missing in Accounts of New Rochelle Public Library Workers Union

November 26, 2014 - 16:09


NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- An internal audit by Civil Service Employees Association ("CSEA") Local 860 has uncovered financial fraud by a union officer of the CSEA unit at the New Rochelle Public Library, Talk of the Sound has confirmed.a


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Busy Schedule Monday in New Rochelle in Response to Recent Cluster of School Violence

NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- It will be a busy Monday as the City and School District respond to the recent spate of school violence.

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SORE LOSERS: New Rochelle High School Cheerleading Team Banned From New York State Championships After Students Stole Winner’s Prizes

NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- The 2018 New York State Public High School Athletic Association Cheerleading Championship will take place at the SRC Arena & Events Center in Syracuse, NY on Saturday, March 3.

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EXCLUSIVE: Final Moments of Murdered New Rochelle High School Student Captured on Surveillance Video

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — A family friend associated with a corporate investigative firm for the family working as a private investigator for the family of Valaree Schwab obtained surveillance video from the Subway restaurant located at 642

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New Rochelle Mayor Hires Anthony Weiner PR Guru to Run School District Crisis Response

NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- The City of New Rochelle will pay $20,000 a month for a prominent Democratic public relations firm to provide “crisis management” services to the New Rochelle Board of Education.

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STAB CITY, USA: Man Seriously Wounded in Knife Attack Five Blocks from New Rochelle High School

NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- A 32-year old man was seriously wounded Friday evening following a knife attack involving two assailants, one of whom came at him from behind.

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NO CONFIDENCE: New Rochelle Schools Union Chief Throws High School Principal Under the Bus After Spate of Brutal Violence

NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- Martin Daly, President of the New Rochelle Federation of United School Employees (FUSE) issued an unprecedented, blistering "Dear Colleagues" letter Friday night to members of the union which represents all full-time pedagogica

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New Rochelle Board of Education Engages in Reverse-Astroturf Campaign to Disseminate Propaganda on School Violence Issue

NEW ROCHELLE, NY - As the community was reeling yesterday from the third major violent incident in 8 days with one assailant still on the loose, school officials were busy crafting propaganda to be sent by school members under the guise of persona

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