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New Rochelle's students to learn about composting, Interesting clip about relationship of Food and Soil


This Youtube is a must watch to understand the relationship between food, composting, recycling, agriculture and our general attitude towards food and life.


New Rochelle's Trinity School Reduces Lunchroom Garbage to 1/4 bag, Aramark Custodial Supervisor Maintains "Not Our Job"


New Rochelle's Trinity Elementary school is the first school in the District to sort out all compostable and recyclable items from the lunchroom. The results were simply amazing. Dr Korostoff, New Rochelle's Superintendent is personally overlooking and supporting its implementation.

What Does 23% Garbage Reduction Translate To in Saved $$ ?


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Garbage costs come out of several pockets from the tax payer.

Tipping fee (what it costs to simply dump)

New Rochelle School District Garbage Reduced by 23% Through Recycling



These are my comments shared with the New Rochelle Board of Education on March 25th, 2014.

Dear Board,

Why So Few People Are Speaking Publicly at New Rochelle School Board Meetings


I have been a fairly regular attendee at school board meetings ever since I became aware of the problems in regards to recycling and waste management in the schools.

I realized that democracy is a participation sport and that board members cannot be asked to know and control everything that is going on in our 250 million dollar school enterprise.

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