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No Food on Black Friday, A Heatless Drop-in, A Poltical Christmas Party for the Homeless (Thanks Hope and Oasis) (Updated)


Update: Despite Carol's statement on Wednesday that there were 25 tickets for the Katonah Christmas party (she may have been discounting those given to program clients), last night she told me there are now 40, which is a good thing. But here is the problem. Only 18 of those tickets (with 5 alternate spots if someone doesn't show) were given to non-program clients.

Yonkers Day Program for Homeless Closes Due to Building Code Violations (and What it Means for New Rochelle)


Though I have respect for the paper, and the author, I was misquoted in the Guardian article about this. I believe that there clearly was a problem and the citation was merited. The quote taken from a off-the record conversation suggests I don't believe so, I think this article says otherwise.

Hope Community Services Gets 25,000 from Montifore (and Helps "16 homeless Families"?)


As most of you probably heard Hope got another 25,000 from


An Election Day Look At Candidates Views, the New Rochelle League of Woman Voter's Forum, and Heritage Homes


Before I start this article I have two brief comments about the state of affairs for the homeless in New Rochelle both specifically regarding Hope Community Services.

NRMHA Public Hearing Not so Friendly to the Public


On Thursday New Rochelle Housing Authority held a public hearing concerning amendments to their yearly plan.

DSS Commissioner: People At Oasis Don't Ask for Help, Conference on Homelessness Part 2


At the conference on Tuesday, there were several ideas to have various outreach teams approach homeless in the downtown. Talking to the homeless is a good idea but the current programs have to be fixed before outreach is a priority. People seem to think that if they tell homeless to go inside it will solve everything. People know about Oasis. People just don’t want to go there.

DSS Commissioner: People At Oasis Don't Ask for Help, Conference on Homelessness Part 1


After hearing about footage of shelter conditions (once before it was released, and once after) someone from DSS visited Hope to talk to the homeless of New Rochelle (as a group) for the first time. This was a major if somewhat late-coming step in the right direction. But there were also major issues.

How Westcop Controls the Housing Authority (or half of it)


While I was researching my video project I found something just a mite interesting in Westcop’s tax returns. It turns out Westcop is the controlling organization of New Rochelle Winthrop HDFC, and gets profits from it.

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