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New Rochelle High Students and Alumni Organize Facebook Protest of School Censorship


UPDATED REACTION ROUNDUP BELOW: for those who do not have Facebook accounts, we've excerpted some of the reaction from students and alumni from New Rochelle High School below.

750C91BD-D429-4414-9C2C-3EAD0D4A3B1B.jpgSo far, 14 20 32 97 students and alumni have signed up to protest the actions of the New Rochelle School District in censoring Girl, Interrupted and the numbers continue to swell; 32 have confirmed they will attend the board meeting. The protest has spread like wildfire across Facebook with over 500 students and alumni receiving invitations; 165 invites are still pending.

The following has been posted on Facebook (you need to have a Facebook account to view or join the "cause")

It has recently been reported by that New Rochelle High School's English Department willingly removed five pages from Susana Kaysen's novel Girl, Interrupted in which the characters discussed the act of giving oral sex. Not only is this disturbing on a moral level, it is illegal.

Facing Firestorm of Criticism, New Rochelle Schools Relent on "Girl, Interrupted" Censorship


GirlInterrupted-Torn2.jpgIn response to our Exclusive Report on Monday, the New Rochelle Board of Education announced today that it would immediately replace all 50 copies of Susanna Kaysen's memoir Girl, Interrupted which were distributed to students at New Rochelle High School two weeks ago and undertake a review of district policy and practices regarding book selection. No mention was made of the district's "book challenge" policy which is at the heart of the Girl, Interrupted controversy.

Popular New Rochelle Teacher's Car Smashed by Wrong Way Driver


Students arriving at New Rochelle High School from the entrance near Argyll Street greeted by the site of a popular teacher's car (the green SUV) having been smashed into a white subcompact car that had apparently driven the wrong way down Argyll. The street is a one-way street near the school.

car crash argyll.jpg

Police had yet to arrive on the scene. The teacher was already in the school at the time of the incident, unaware of what had happened until shown cell phone photos of his car by a student. The driver of the white car was also not present on the scene but might have a bit of explaining to do to NRPD since the car is pointed the wrong way on the street.

New Rochelle Talk of the Sound Hits 5,000 Visitor Mark


We just passed the 90 day mark by reaching another milestone - our 5,000th unique visitor. Even better, we have a long "dwell time" where readers are spending, on average, 4 minutes and 38 seconds per visit. We have served up over 27,000 page views since the end of August.

New Rochelle Planning 8.25% Tax Increase


As the country slides into what many expect to be a difficult and prolonged recession, The Journal News is reporting that the City of New Rochelle is planning to increase taxes, increase park fees and reduce services.

(Finance Commissioner) Rattner and other city officials have been working on ways to find new money sources in light of the city's shrinking revenue streams over the years. A public hearing on the proposed $150 million budget is set for 8 p.m. Dec. 2 at City Hall. The City Council is expected to vote on the budget during its regular legislative meeting Dec. 9.

Among the cuts is reducing trash pick up to once a week and raising the fees for Omnicards to access to parks.

Is New Rochelle the "Best Places to Raise Your Kids"?


In ranking the city among the best places to raise kids in the United States, Business Week magazine describes New Rochelle as "the suburban home of Rob and Laura Petrie in “The Dick Van Dyke Show,” is still a relatively affordable place in ritzy Westchester County. New Rochelle is an ethnically diverse place with a bustling downtown and a mix of single-family homes and apartments."

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New Rochelle Talk Discussion Forums Now Open


Forums are NOW OPEN!

This will be our first time enabling the forums feature in the software we use to run Talk of the Sound so bear with us if we have some growing pains.

Each blog post already has commenting enabled but some readers prefer threaded discussions like the old-fashioned usenet groups so we are going to offer both - whatever folks want to bring more voices into the dialog about our City.

To get things rolling we've created an Education section with a forum on inequality issues such as the collective punishment topic, the 15 minute lunch topic.

**NEW** Comment on Talk of the Sound without Registering


It is always a risk due to spammers but we are going to open up the commenting a bit and see what happens.

As of right now non-registered visitors to this site can add comments to a post. The catch, the comments go into a queue and have to be approved so they could take anywhere from a minute to a day to appear the site.

The perk of being a REGISTERED member of the site is that your comments are published directly to the site without the need for moderator approval.

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