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Win a $1000 For Your School's PTA with


Our partners at have announced an exciting new contest where the PTA for a New Rochelle school can win $1,000 by collecting the most school reviews by December 20th.

To get started click on the widget on our Education Page and find your child's school.

New Rochelle schools may have a particularly good chance to win the prize (three U.S. schools will win) because is a brand new start-up company so the number of applicants will not be extremely high and the New Rochelle schools have relatively large populations. It might not hurt that the founder of actually has family here in New Rochelle with kids who attend school in New Rochelle.

Martin Daly, Teacher's Union Chief, Lashes Out at Talk of the Sound


Martin Daly, President of the New Rochelle teacher's union, went on the offensive Friday, attacking yet another New Rochelle parent who dared to take criticism of District officials public in two recent blog posts (here and here) on this web site. Robert Cox, one of the founding editors of Talking of the Sound, wrote a scathing criticism of the school board and administrators after attending a recent school board meeting where school officials presented phony data, made blatant misrepresentations of fact and failed to properly calculate even the simplest mathematic operations. Talk of the Sound readers will recall that Daly similarly attacked parents from Trinity School on the Journal News web site for making unrelated criticisms of the District.

JUST ADDED! Google Group Email Alerts


If you scroll down the right rail of the home page you will see a new Google Group Subscribe Box like this one...

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60 Day Progress Report for Talk of the Sound


A Message to our Readers

We launched two months ago in August and are ahead of schedule.

The long-term goal for the site is to get to 2,000 registered community members with 60,000 unique visitors a month by the end of the first year of operations. This site was launched on August 25th, 2008 - two months ago. Obviously, at that time we had zero readers, zero registered users, zero comments and zero blogs within the site and were invisible to search engines like Google.

We have made a great start towards reaching our goals and thus creating an active community discussion where all stakeholders in the New Rochelle community get a level playing field upon which they can raise issues of interest to them.

Cops: Knife-toting man takes cash, jewelry in New Rochelle


NRPD Need Your Help!

The Journal News reports Stick up near Palmer Avenue

[a] knife-toting man is believed to have approached a woman shortly after 9 p.m. at Palmer Avenue and Stonelea Place. The man fled on foot afterward, police said. Anyone with information regarding the incident is asked to call the New Rochelle Police Department at 914-654-2270.

Neighbor intervenes in New Rochelle robbery; teens arrested | | The Journal News


More Good Neighbors...

The Journal News reports:

Three teens were arrested after a neighbor intervened in a strong-arm robbery on Church Street Monday night, police said. A fourth youth was arrested yesterday morning, police said.

Giovanni Daley and Gustavo Sierra, both 16, of 19 Rochelle Place and two New Rochelle 15-year-olds were charged with second-degree robbery, a felony. Daley was also charged with felony assault.

New Rochelle man helped from burning home; no injuries | | The Journal News


Good neighbor...

The Journal News reports:

‘I heard like a loud boom. It sounded like glass shattering,’ neighbor Marc Esrig said. That was followed by popping noises Esrig thought were the tires on homeowner Irving Korwin’s 1997 Cadillac that was burning in his garage.

Teenagers were outside screaming, Esrig said. After calling the fire department and seeing the flames ‘get kind of high,’ Esrig ran across the street and began banging on his Korwin’s bedroom window to get him out of the house."

New Rochelle Man Pockets $100G; Rips Off Circuit City


Check please!

The Journal News reports:

A New Rochelle man ripped off an electronics store for about $100,000 through a returning-merchandise scam, Clarkstown police said yesterday.

Thomas DeJulio, 47, of 643 Pelham Road was charged with multiple felony counts of larceny, possessing stolen property and falsifying business records following an investigation and seizure of his computer records.

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