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Cuomo is a Unicorn Killer!


Please check out Rob Astorino's entertaining response to Cuomo's negative and untruthful TV ads:

It's pathetic to see that the incumbent Cuomo cannot run on his record, so he just lies about Rob Astorino.

New Rochelle GOP

1st Rob Astorino Campaign Commercial is Now on YouTube


You can view County Executive Rob Astorino's first campaign commercial on YouTube:

"Shameless" Must Be Noam Bramson's Middle Name


Do you want to start your day by falling off your chair? Here is a quote from New Rochelle's Mayor Bramson in The Journal News on 1/24/13 in trying to criticize County Executive Astorino:

Latimer = Less State Aid & Higher Taxes!


We over at the New Rochelle GOP strongly support Bob Cohen.

However, we have to ask the following question:
Why is anyone in New Rochelle voting for Latimer? He has done absolutely nothing for New Rochelle in the majority of State Assembly - why would we send him back to Albany to be in minority of State Senate where he will be (shocking this is possible) even worse?

New Rochelle has lost tens of millions of dollars in state aid with Suzi Oppenheimer in minority of state senate for 28 years - we had to pay higher property taxes because of this - don't make the same mistake twice. Send Bob Cohen to Albany so that New Rochelle finally gets its fair share of state aid.

Latimer's Horrible Voting Record!


Check out link to learn more about George Latimer:

Why is one of the worst elected officials in Westchester trying to get a promotion?

Does Latimer think the voters are all dumb and will not review his horrible voting record:

--Latimer voted against NYS property tax cap!
--Latimer voted against pension reform!
--Latimer voted for the MTA tax!
--Latimer eliminated New Rochelle's property tax cap!
--Latimer used $30,000 is campaign donations for personal meals!
--Latimer tried to sneak through legislation to knock down the New Rochelle Armory!
--Latimer claims to be for term limits but has become a career politician in office for 25 years straight!
--Latimer is a rubber stamp vote for Sheldon Silver and left-wing NYC Democrats - voting with Silver 99% of the time!

Why is anyone voting for Latimer? He has the most anti-taxpayer record of any incumbent in Westchester.

Westchester is highest taxed county in country thanks to career politicians like Latimer.

Please share this important information with all your friends!

Latimer's Been a Zero for NR - Take Quiz



Name something positive Latimer has done for New Rochelle in 8 years in State Assembly???

--- Still thinking?

--- Nothing comes to mind?

--- And the answer us?


Latimer has only been bad for New Rochelle - he lifted New Rochelle's tax cap and tried to sneak through state legislation to knock down the armory.

Vote Bob Cohen!

One Question for George Latimer: Did You Read the State Budget?


Contact: Bill O'Reilly, 212-396-9117


White Plains, NY--March 30...Twenty-five-year career politician George Latimer (D-WFP) claimed last week that he skipped out on Governor Cuomo's historic vote to begin reforming New York's unsustainable public employee pension system because he didn't have a chance to read the bill.

Mr. Latimer's remarks were widely scoffed at in Albany, where it was clear that Mr. Latimer snuck out of the Assembly Chamber out of fear of losing the support of public employee union bosses and their lobbyists standing in the hallways during the vote. Yet yesterday, Mr. Latimer voted on a 12,380-page state budget, which begs the question: Did he read that document before voting? And, if so, how does he reconcile his earlier statement?

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