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Bus November 16 to Father DiOrio from New Rochelle

The Controversy over the City Yard Continues


Letters threatening owners of parcels in the City Park area were sent by the City saying eminent domain might be used to purchase their property. This was the first notice that the City Council was considering the use of these parcels for a new City Yard.
How did this happen? The Development Commissioner at the next City Council meeting in July held up a drawing for a proposed City Yard in this targeted City Park area. Commissioner Luiz Aragon stated owners of several parcels had been sent letters. These letters were apparently approved at an executive session of City Council. Whether or not this is legally correct is only one issue. No financial data on the costs to taxpayers was provided.
More important, why was there no public notice or even a hint of an announcement to New Rochelle taxpayers that this site was being considered? Apparently this site is still smaller than the present City Yard as is true of the Beechwood parcel.
New York State is a freedom of information state so why were residents the last to know what transpired?
City Council, in fairness, has to clarify why they are acting secretively when taxpayer dollar are at stake.

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Are Common Core Scores Objective Measures?


In the Friday, July 18, 2014 issue of Soundview Rising

A recent news report stated that New York
State high school students will have their Common
Core-based test scores in English and algebra
adjusted, as the deputy state education
commissioner said stability of passing rates is
While on a scale of one to five – with
“three” considered proficiency – the new scoring

Remembering the Crucial Battle of Normandy


In the June 21, 2014 issue of Soundview Rising

On Memorial Day we honor men and women in the armed forces who have given their lives to keep our great country free. One conflict in World War II in which many lives were lost marked its seventieth anniversary on June 6.