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New Rochelle Echo Bay Developer Selected (Again)


or What will happen at the September 2014 City Council meeting?

New Rochelle Group Homes: Fairness in Placement


In the July 31, 2014 issue of the Westchester Guardian

Are Common Core Scores Objective Measures?


In the Friday, July 18, 2014 issue of Soundview Rising

A recent news report stated that New York
State high school students will have their Common
Core-based test scores in English and algebra
adjusted, as the deputy state education
commissioner said stability of passing rates is
While on a scale of one to five – with
“three” considered proficiency – the new scoring

Remembering the Crucial Battle of Normandy


In the June 21, 2014 issue of Soundview Rising

On Memorial Day we honor men and women in the armed forces who have given their lives to keep our great country free. One conflict in World War II in which many lives were lost marked its seventieth anniversary on June 6.

New Rochelle Citizens Reform Club to feature B. Marrone and A. Tarantino


The New Rochelle Citizens Reform Club
> will meet this Thursday, May 22 @ 7:30
> PM at the American Legion Post 8
> Hall, 112 North Ave. New Rochelle, in the 2nd floor
> meeting hall.

> The first guest speaker will
> be Bob Marrone, the new
> Executive Director of the New Rochelle Chamber of
> Commerce. Bob has a Wall Street background

Proposed Change for New Rochelle Leaf Bagging Fails


In the May 16, 2014 issue of Soundview Rising