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Primum Non Nocele - (First Do No Harm)


I have been thinking long and hard about the issue of a divided country and community. While considering this and all of its remifications on our nation and our community, it is proven inescapable to separate my own journey toward validating who I am and what I believe and stand for.

It has become easier now than before. The conventions have shown me the worst of civic responsibility. What is apparent over all matters is the overriding sense of self; entitlement, negativity, and a willingness to lay blame in every direction but one that takes you inward.

During breaks in the coverage, I saw Ken Burn's mammoth service to society on PBS called WAR. I saw Americans of every color, ethnic origin, demograpic background sacrificing life and limb for America. Worse, the horror of the concentration camps, the firebombings and, of course, the atomic bomb srikes on Japan.

Show Who and What We Are on September 20


You may know that September 20 is a special, albeit, not widely known day in the life of New Rochelle. During the morning and early afternoon, members of the real estate, investment community, potential commercial developers and others are scheduled to tour the City along with officials of the Westchester County Association and I would imagine, others on the City's Advisory Board and Council.

I have expressed concerns over the agenda as well as issues around communication, but frankly, I am a little tired of "expressing concern" and seeing it reinforced in comparable areas and venues on the national and state level.

So, let me be as open, optimistic, and hopeful as I can be that the experience is carefully developed to be honest, descriptive, and open to a strong partnership with the County, State and moreover, members of this community.

A major point is to show our visual strengths; cleerly that includes our transportation center, the surrounding areas that would support commercia growth and mostly, our largely fragmentally defined waterfront assets.

Something Positive By the Community


It looks like the Sound Shore Medical Center, specifically, the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Program will present a 4 hour workshop in concert with our local health club, Retrofit, on September 29 in the SSMC Auditorium located on Grover Johnson Place. The hours appear to be between 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM. Some areas to be address and actually open to audience participation are (1) exercising, (b) healthy cooking, and (c) healthy eating.

More information will surely follow and Talk of the Sound will be one source of up to the minute information. I encourage you to reserve space once the full details are known and I trust the City will include this positive expression of Community Sponsoring on their communication links.

This is how things should generally work. What it does is put the question of large vs small government into play, but not so much in absolute terms, but in relative terms. The second proposal on the Armory is a classic case of putting the cart before the horse or at least not reworking the proposal to make it more community accessible.

Why Do You Think It'll Get Better?


Do you really think there still are free lunches in these unsettled times? No, that went out with good government and selfless politicians. You only need to be blitzerkrieged by Wolf or given the bumsrush by Rush to know otherwise.

A few evenings ago I was bathed in stardust listening to the majesty of Les Miserables. To the barricades they went and, when it was all said and done, good triumphed over evil, sacrifice trumped selfishness, and all was right with the world.

Then I turned the set off.

When I awoke it was the same old things. The order of business once again, was divisiveness and "breaking news" kept on its petty pace repeating over and over again, the social misery of the day. This one misspoke, off with his damn head, that one filed a suit for damages based on a physical similarity to Kim Kardashian, and while Barack and Mitt fiddled, the nation burned.

My Anniversary on TOTS Coming UP


Believe my 4 year anniveersary on Talk of the Sound comes up in a few weeks. Aside from an occasional disappearing approval count on a posting now and then (see Malice in Wonderland), I can say with absolutely conviction that this site is essential for the vox populi.

Cox and staff have provided a voice where one did not exist before. Matt Pryce even permits an occasional spiritual outburst on my part. This is all excellent and if I could I would mandate this as required reading for all office holders. As it is, I am sure that most read it nonetheless.

You don't have to be in Bob's book of life to be heard and aside from violating some rather simple rules, you are heard as you are.

So, with this said, my appreciation for providing me and so many others with a chance to be heard.

Few of you know how hard I have tried to be an active contributor to the city government. I had everything intellectually, but I lacked a certain cultural cache I suppose being described as "thinking he knows everything."

Malice in Wonderland


Surely it hasn't escaped your notice that we live in a dysfunctional society and are surrounded by the echoes of our forebearers, our consciences saying "this is all wrong, this Union is not being preserved, it is being hacked away inch by inch and we seem powerless to impact this fact.

Look what is the point of attributing blame; we are each all too ready to throw the first stone, to state unequivocably that the other person is a racist, a femnazi, an old white man, an alien.... we have mastered the 120 word vocabulary of OMG and have disposed of perfectly good, innocent words like "niggardly" because it sounds like something so pronouncedly perverse that you need to go to the radio to hear it.

Well, ok, that will pass but will we survive the particular armeggedon we face concerning the raw evil intention that flows from our office seekers and their staffs daily, the "stacked decks" presented by the cable news media who drive the response they want depending on what station or channel you happen to be tuned to.

OMG I am a OWG


I was having a few rounds with a friend of mine who is kind of digusted with his life and especially, his surroundings. Nothing new about that in 2012. I have many a day when I wonder what the hell has become of my country, my city and especially my appearance.

But my friend was particularly sour this evening. He spoke about his financial situation, the soaring crime rate, what he labeled "reverse racism" and the Mets losing streak. Nothing new about the latter either.

I got home and began to think about what the problems were from his end, but mostly from my own. I can be a bit of a pollyanna at times; subtituting a hopeful air for a situation calling either for an extended middle finger or better, just joining the herd.

The next morning I was taking a bus downtown and at the stop, three young black kids wearing the uniforms of the Rye Beach recreational area were waiting for their bus. They seemed bright, happy, and Lord be praised, they were a few of the lucky kids who found work.

Monroe Should Practice What They Say They'll Preach


The news concerning the two new Masters programs for Monroe are unsettling. This institution founded in 1933 as essentially an entry level business skills school has come a long way and now we see a college with something over 2,250 or so students, having developed two Masters programs; one an MS and the other, an MBA.

The temptation to discuss its place in the academic community is almost overwhelming, but I can understand and appreciate the feelings that young students from our poorer and middle class populations, wanting, perhaps even needing a higher education. On that note, perhaps the leadership of this small private for profit school will reach develop in accordance with what it has stated.... graduates will master the "challenges and opportunities unique to urban communities around the globe and apply learning and research to make a positive impact."

Well, that is a tad strong for a school currently rated 46.6, and ranked 188th according to the website, State University.Com. You can check this out for yourself --- not so highly regarded academically in New York State and I could not find even a reference or rating for Monroe in the U.S. News and World Report.

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