Anti-Green Certified Builder Stops in New Rochelle for a Fill Up and a Coffee



Here's a contractor you might want to avoid if you are looking for environmentally-friendly construction. Most greenies these days are looking for LEED Certification, a third-party certification program which bills itself as the "nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction and operation of high-performance green buildings". The folks at Lopez Remodeling are offering LEAD Certification which apparently involves using contaminated paint from China and adding heavy metals to your drinking water.

Humor aside, this work van demonstrated how "LEED Certification" has become a marketing gimmick to make people believe that they are saving Polar Bears while building that extension on their kitchen.

The Bramson Manifesto - Censorship, Lies and Videotape or, the New Tyranny is Here - Now!


manifestoIt was that time again, time for a developer to sit down with city council and explain why they won't deliver any product for another year or so. It's taken 14 months to hear Forest City tell New Rochelle the same old we got nothing. This latest manipulation comes as no surprise to anyone who has followed the saga of Echo Bay. Afterall, Lou Cappelli received 13 or 14 extensions over nearly a decade and you see where that got us. The rhetoric of how the economy is bad, financing is tough etc, has led the developer to scale back the project and divide it into 3 phases. Phase 1 would encompass all of the property that can be secured with little or no cost to the developer (as in city owned property only). Phase 2 and 3 will have no guarantee of ever happening.

As New Rochelle Embraces "Sustainability", UK Government Abolishes Its "Sustainable Development Commission"


In what should give even the must gullible of New Rochelle residents pause, the quasi-socialist coalition government has now disbanded its "Sustainable Development Commission.

One particular line caught my eye from this Telegraph Op-Ed:

6. “Sustainability” is not nearly as politically neutral as its cuddly, warm name sounds. A bit like “multiculturalism” or “diversity”, “sustainability” is one of those weasel concepts which has been foisted on our language and culture by the hard left, linguistically masquerading as something unimpeachably caring and reasonable while in fact advancing a policy agenda designed to increase state control, remove property rights and liberty, and brainwash the gullible into ceding more and more of their democratic rights to UN and EU bureaucrats.

You may think that “sustainable” means nice, luffy stuff like recycling old sweaters or not over-fishing. It doesn’t.

New Rochelle City Council Reviews Section 1 of GreeNR Plan


The New Rochelle City Council began their review of the 10 sections of the Mayor's GreeNR plan by devoting considerable time on June 15th to a review of the Energy & Climate section of the plan. In April, when the Mayor introduced the GreeNR plan with all of 3 minutes advanced notice, he stated he hoped the council would review the plan in the coming weeks and then vote on the plan in June. By June, the plan was to review two sections over 5 City Council meetings. By the end of the June 15 meeting, the plan was to review one section per meeting which takes the review stage out to January 2011.

By far, the best question of the entire night came from Councilman James Stowe (video above) who asked what sort of legal liability the City would have under section 1.6, the GreeNR Seal certification program which would "recognize" something called a "sustainable property" by which the Mayor means a "green" residential house.

Beware of the Green Lien!


GreeNR-Large.jpgThe New York Times yesterday published an eye-opening article on the perils of financing green projects by attaching liens to private property. Such "green liens" are a centerpiece of Noam Bramson's GreeNR "sustainability" plan.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the government entities that guarantee more than half of the residential mortgages in the United States, have different priorities. They are worried that taxpayers will end up as losers if a homeowner defaults on a mortgage on a home that uses such creative financing. Typically, property taxes must be paid first from any proceeds on a foreclosed home.

As indicated in this story, many banks will not refinance a home with a ‘green lien’ or loan money to a buyer. Banks are worried that property owners who cannot keep up with payments will default on their loans, sticking it to the banks.

I found this article an eye-opener as I thought solar would be the way to go and was thinking about financing.

The First Sign of Overdevelopment is a Lack of Water Pressure


The first sign of overdevelopment is a lack of water pressure. New Rochelle's infra-structure cannot support additional buildings. Especially those planned in the GreeNR proposal.

Neighborhood residents discussed the lack of water pressure in residences on Clinton Place, Maple Avenue, Roosevelt, Terrace, and Clove Road with possibly more areas affected in Northern New Rochelle is a sign that the City is overdeveloped.

Areas also affected by the loss of water pressure are homes, buildings, and businesses near the Avalon towers. What is unbelievable is that the city has no jurisdiction over the United Water Company which is a part of PSG, a State Agency.

Neighborhood representatives also reported that water pressure is often so low that showers cannot be taken and more seriously, if there is a fire, with no water pressure to fight fires lives may be lost. The drop of water pressure from 60 PSI to 35 PSI is dangerously low for a city the size of New Rochelle. The change in pressure in part was attributed to a change in the city’s water supplier after NYC built a water filtration plant.

“Assets do not belong to those who have accrued them…” Says Dr. Joyce Kent GreeNR Project


June 16, 2010, Members of the GreeNR Sustainability Plan sat on a panel hosted by the Confederation of Neighborhood Associations at the American Legion Post on North Avenue.

Panelists: Dr. Herbert Fox, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, NYIT, Michael Deane, Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer, Turner Construction Corp., Dr. Joyce Kent, Chair, Science Department, New Rochelle High School, and Richard St. Paul, New Rochelle City Councilman, District 4. Louis Trangucci, New Rochelle City Councilman, District 1 was unable to attend.

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