Truck 54 Where Are You? BramsonMobile Going Back to Long Island for Repairs


hybridtruck.jpgThe BramsonMobile, the Mayor's "Green" Garbage Truck, is headed back to ElectroMotive Designs (EMD) in Long Island for servicing, sources say. The truck is in need of repair due to a broken blade in the hopper and will undergo a brake inspection.

These same sources say the truck has become so unreliable that it can no longer be operated with the electrical system engaged making the truck nothing more than a very expensive regular diesel engine truck. Photos obtained by Talk of the Sound (above) show the truck "in line" with no electrical lines running to the truck.

Council members Stowe and St. Paul asked questions about the truck at the recent City Council meeting (6 minute video below). Asked to give a figure for the cost to convert the vehicle, Chuck Strome and his staff become bit tongue-tied and fail to answer. At one point, Strome ventures to provide a figure "a hundred..." (as in a hundred-something thousand and then backs off.

Lack of Code Enforcement by New Rochelle Turns Home Depot into Illegal Truck Stop & Limo Holding Pen


Limos parked at Home Depot 001.jpg

Limos parked at Home Depot 003.jpg

Limos parked at Home Depot 005.jpg

As Mayor Bramson last night presented to the City Council, a "sustainability" plan encompassing his vision for new laws and building codes designed to lower vehicle emissions in New Rochelle, a fleet of 18-wheelers, flat-bed trucks, vans and ultra-large limousines took up their usual position in the Home Depot parking lot. Vehicles sat, idling throughout the night, spewing their black diesel exhaust into the air, rattling the doors and windows of nearby homes as the Mayor explained the importance of acquiring expensive hybrid garbage trucks to reduce carbon emissions to council members.

With Break -Even Point Nowhere in Sight, Report on New Rochelle's Green Garbage Truck Raises Doubts About Bramson Plan


hybridtruck1.jpgIt was supposed to demonstrate that the Mayor could have his cake and eat it too -- that converting a garbage truck to hybrid-electric use could reduce emissions, increase fuel efficiency and save the City money. Reality has intruded on Noam Bramson's Green Fantasy with taxpayers, as usual, footing the bill for another failed experiment by Boy Blunder.

A DPW vendor report, submitted to the City of New Rochelle last week, raises serious questions about many of the "Return on Investment" claims behind the Mayor's GreeNR sustainability plan without demonstrating the slightest reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. The report filed by ElectroMotive Designs (EMD) per the terms of their contract with the City, was made to evaluate the performance of the City's first "Green" Refuse Truck which was put into service last summer.

The City of New Rochelle web site still claims:

The benefits of a plug-in operation include significant fuel savings and a 50% reduction in emissions of particulates and hydrocarbons. Additionally, the vehicle will run more quietly and require less maintenance.

United Water New Rochelle Changes Have Created Water Pressure Problems in Downtown High Rises


Today when I spoke to Chris Graziano of United Water New Rochelle he told me that changes made in December 2009 to regulate water pressure have created a problem in high rise buildings. United Water says they will have to install water pumps.

This change was made because previously the amount of water pressure in the pipes was unregulated. When asked, he said the City Manager of New Rochelle and the PSC were not informed of this change.

Foreshadowing of Mayor Bramson's "Green" Motor Vehicle Policies


Want to get a sense of how "Green" policies work? If you look at the GreenR plan, ICLEI policies and the words of the head of the group calling itself the Regional Planning Association, you will see various ideas to reduce carbon emissions all of which are based on making it more expensive to own a car. In touting ICLEI's work in New York City known as PlaNYC, our Green Mayor always seems to leave out that the first major initiative of his pals at ICLEI in New York was to propose congestion pricing:

New York congestion pricing was a proposed traffic congestion fee for vehicles traveling into or within the Manhattan central business district of New York City. The congestion pricing charge was one component of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's plan to improve the city's future environmental sustainability while planning for population growth, entitled PlaNYC 2030: A Greener, Greater New York.

The Brooklyn Paper reported at the time:

...regular motorists would pay the $8 fee, while truck drivers would pay $21. Drivers moving within the zone would pay $4.

Dogs Not Barking in New Rochelle Green R Plan


Sherlock Holmes Dog.jpgThe Dog That Did Not Bark

In the Sherlock Holmes story Silver Blaze by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Holmes was able to deduce that the killer of Colonel Ross's racehorse was the owner of the stable dog. As the fictional Holmes chronicler Dr. John Waston explains:

Colonel Ross still wore an expression which showed the poor opinion which he had formed of my companion's ability, but I saw by the inspector's face that his attention had been keenly aroused

"You consider that to be important?" he asked.

"Exceedingly so."

"Is there any point to which you would wish to draw my attention?"

"To the curious incident of the dog in the night-time."

"The dog did nothing in the night-time."

"That was the curious incident," remarked Sherlock Holmes.

New Rochelle Sustainability Board / Bd of Ed Superintendant Organisciak/ICLEI/ ACORN/SEIU/Tides Foundation


Quite a cast of characters wouldn't you say ? The superintendant of New Rochelle schools gets control of a sustainability board who coconspires with an organization largely backed by municipal unions , a questionable supposed charitable organization and foundation with an extreme far left agenda ?(read this interesting story from the NY Times)

Then , please read the stories about the connections / corruption / and political influence at the following site :

Are you kidding me ? Does New Rochelle really need to get in bed with this kind of "stuff" ? It's a sad commentary that we can't develop any of this without their "help" . In the old days they were called carpetbaggers .
New Rochelle should and could make themselves stand out from the rest without joining the "club" . It's the failed paradigm and inability to build a cooperative environment within the city that forces Comrade Bramson to seek help from outside sources .

Green R Presentation to New Rochelle City Council in Four Parts


Kooris.jpgThe New Rochelle City Council received a presentation by David Kooris of the Regional Planning Association on April 20. The entire video is 33 minutes so it has been broken up into 4 parts to comply with YouTube requirement that no video exceed 10 minutes in length.

A few points to consider as you watch the video clips below:

1. Although the delivery of this plan has been on the Green R agenda for a year, the report was not delivered to Council members until just minutes before the meeting so, as noted in the video, the council had no time to prepare any questions for Mr. Kooris.

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