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A Predictable Vote to Change the Hartley House Redevelopment Plan


Yet again the Hartley House redevelopment has been granted two more changes in their site plan by the New Rochelle Planning Board. Now managed by Winthrop Housing, LLC and New Rochelle Municipal Housing their principals requested an amendment to the previously approved site plan. It was granted, despite objections raised.

The original master site plan, which was developed after a series of different proposals had been reported in the newspapers, called for two family houses and townhouses with home ownership. Now a request was made to change the home ownership units to rentals. The number of rentals rose from 198 to 228. The reason given by Steven Horton, Executive Director of the New Rochelle Municipal Housing Authority, was the current dismal national situation in the housing market.

The financing had already been approved. One of the funding sources was Westchester County. According to New Rochelle Development Commissioner Michael Freimuth funding was put together by Steven Horton, and Rella Fogliano with the MacQuestin Development. Some public money included state mortgage and federal tax credits.

"The City of New Rochelle Selling yet another poorly maintained building?



Are we selling off yet another City Owned Property that has been poorly managed and cared for, for how much and why?

I didn’t even realize it was owned by the city. There is some great work going on in that area and I sure hope this is part of the plan and we see the true value for that property.

I saw this today when I received an e-mail from the city because I have subscribed to Current Bids & RFPs on www.newrochelleny.com which sends out updates and new items. If you go to the city web site you can sign up to get information sent to you on several different items. Just go to the city site and click on the "Notify Me" heading on the lower left hand side of the page and you can sign on to receive e-mails on many different important things going on in the city.I see these things because I subscribe. What about the citizens that don't. We need to develope a better way to let the community know what is being done with our tax dollars.

County Funding Passed for Affordable Housing in New Rochelle



CONTACT: Matt Richter

Legislators Marcotte and Maisano Secure Funding

for Affordable Housing in New Rochelle

With the strong support of County Legislators Sheila Marcotte and Jim Maisano, the Westchester County Board of Legislators has voted unanimously to provide $1,190,000 in funding for the construction of new affordable housing called Heritage Homes in New Rochelle. The new construction will replace the sixty year old Robert Hartley Housing Project near Lincoln Avenue. The new housing plan, through an innovate design, will provide significant infrastructure improvements needed to transform this property from one geographically and socially isolated to a new community that is part of surrounding neighborhood.

Robert Hartley Houses Project: Narrative from Application for Preliminary and Final Subdivision and Site Plan Approval




The existing Hartley Houses is a public housing development comprised of 240 dwelling units in five six-story buildings on seven acres. The current addresses for the buildings are 51,80, and 81 Winthrop Avenue as well as 60 and 70 Horton Avenue. The "super block campus" design has served to isolate the residents from the larger community, and for over 15 years, the site has become the chief locus of crime in the City of New Rochelle. Winthrop Avenue is currently a "closed street" and is used primarily as parking for 124 vehicles.

Description of Proposed Redevelopment

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