Iona Dorm Development

Iona Dormitory Hearing Insufficient, New Public Hearning Needed


In the May 3, 2013 issue of Soundview Rising

The City Of New Rochelle And Iona College Get Poor Grades, Must Show More Effort And Results In Their Work!


The City of New Rochelle and The Iona/New Rochelle Community-College Planning Committee get poor grades, Must show more effort and results in their work!

New Rochelle and Iona College to Announce Results of Student Housing Committee


City of New Rochelle and Iona College will hold a press conference at City Hall on Wednesday at 3 p.m. to announce the results of of a student housing committee formed in 2011.

E.L. Doctorow Opt Ed Piece in Daily News July 25


You may be interested in the esteem E.L. Doctorow's Opt Ed column in the Daily News today on the NYU Expansion downtown.

I leave it up to you for your reflections and comments.

The good Doctorow resides in north New Rochelle and is justly considered a literary lion.

He has, to my knowledge, never taken a positiion on Iona or Monroe expansion and I have never read of any position on opening up all of New Rochelle for expansion or growth which is, of course, proper frm the college's strategic plan.

Doctorw is a professor at NYU and speaks of the views of the what appeara to be a sizable number of faculty members.

I will not comment beyond that point. Perhaps you will reflect and offer your comments.

New Rochelle City Council Approves Extension for Iona Dormitories



Last night in a 7-0 Vote the New Rochelle City Council vote to extend the “Waiver” for the 150 students in the North Avenue Dorms. To City Council it sounded like the committee process was moving along and should be given a chance to work. There were several members that didn’t seem to want to go for the full five years. The neighbors would agree. They would have rather seen the extension only for another year so they could see the final plan. Once a plan is shown, then a discussion could be had about a further “Waiver extension” going forward.

Please, it is not about the 150 students! The neighbors realize this is not a process that can be completed over night. But it should be more forth coming with time lines and holding Iona College and The City Council accountable. Right now they write the rules and change them as needed, as is their right under their personal CR1 Zoning. The neighbors are unhappy about the situations that continue to resurface time and again with Iona College asking for changes and extensions with little to no push back from The City Council or Planning Board. Iona College has not just started this process; they have some goal or objective in sight. They just aren’t saying.

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