North-South Divide

Kicking Residents to the Curb


In Westchester Guardian, July 25, 2013

Putting Ward Acres to Good Use


I knew that title would get your attention. No, I am not proposing that a nuclear power plant be sited on the north end of town. Only wanted to start a long overdue public discussion on how to make the best use of New Rochelle's wonderful bounty of natural resources, open spaces and unmatched shore access (and some 62 beautiful, fairly wild acres pleasingly situated in the city's northeastern corner while we are at it).

Richard St Paul, Susan St James, James Taylor...


I don't care who the opponent is, it is time that the ten dollar word using, über elitist, wanna be dictator, but PART TIME MAYOR be taken down from his perch.

Enough is enough. I can laundry list his accomplishments, or lack there of, but his smug egomaniacal, inefficient brand of local political leadership has to end!

This is why term limits need to be a reality. Not only would they free up the specter of political machine partisan politics, they would foster the development of truely independent, not party controlled candidates on both sides of the aisle.

St Paul might have visible warts, that could call into question elements of his character. But I implore you not to take the allegations at face value. Does a star athlete need to be an upstanding father or husband to produce in his arena? And what about Gnome and his private life? Is it as germane as it appears? Or is his utopian existence merely a facade? I could care less!! What I do care about is advancing this city forward. And hope to do so with a changing of the guard.

New Rochelle Board of Education, Please Save Our Children


The past two Board of education meetings have been dominated by public speakers on the sole issue of out of district busing for student enrolled in private schools, primarily to the SAR Academy in Riverdale, NY and The French American School in Larchmont, NY. Both schools are wonderful and are highly respected institutions and many New Rochelle residents would love to send their children there, but…and this is where it gets interesting, tuition at both this institutions cost over $21,000 per student per academic year. The SAR Academy’s tuition for K-8 is an astonishing $21,300, plus a $4,000 building fund per family per year. The French American School’s tuition for k-8 is a whopping $21,400 - $23,420 (depending on grade), plus an additional $2,000 per student per year for ESL.

Now, if you can afford to send your children to any of these schools, you make more than enough to pay for busing your child to and from your home to the school. For that tuition, the school should include busing for those that need it.

Can History Illuminate New Rochelle's Tale of Two Cities?


In the February 5 issue of the Westchester Guardian

Is New Rochelle a tale of two cities (north and south)? This week was there any favoritism to any part of New Rochelle when the snow was removed? Is it true some streets in the southern half of the City were never plowed? There were once two New Rochelle's - a village and a town. Some nearby communities continue with city and town designations, but in l899 New Rochelle chose to unite its village and town because of continual population growth. City Historian Barbara Davis said it was an amicable change between the two entities.
New Rochelle (as reported in Herbert B. Nichols' book, "Historic New Rochelle") said New Rochelle began with a few families. By 1698 the Census reported 233 residents and by 1771 the number had increased to 714. People left during the Revolutionary War, but by l800 the population was growing again. There were 3,000 in the Town of New Rochelle when part of the land area was incorporated into the Village of New Rochelle

Incompetence & Laziness Runs High In DPW...Stemming From City Hall


Incompetent DPW workers stem from one place, incompetent management. The other day, I witnesses with my own eyes and ears a DPW pick-up truck filled with four (4) men whose sole jobs were to go around and fill sand/salt barrels. The driver of the truck asked me where the barrel was. I pointed it out and said, “It was in front of that car.” Two other workers were ready, with shovels in hand, to fill the barrel. The driver, on the other hand, immediately said, “We’ll call it in and come back another time.” Laziness at its maximum capacity. New Rochelle needs to clean house, starting from the top to the bottom. Hard working tax payers are paying ridiculously high property and school taxes on incompetence. Businesses and residents are suffering during these tough economic times, while Bramson, Strome and the P.O.S. Councilpersons are being paid high salaries for “F”ing things up beyond repair. City Hall better wake up. Their lazy, do nothing actions are stemming down to workers. Their mentality is, “I don’t have to work for my salary and they can’t do anything about it.”


Mayor Bramson Advised: We Have Had Enough


New Rochelle's Mayor Noam Bramson on November 22 answered residents' questions about crime, traffic, parking, taxes and overbuilding, especially in the southern part of the City. Citing City policies and City Council decisions, Bramson suggested residents call his office or use his email addresses for any further input. This "informal neighborhood meeting" was held in the offices of Cross Cultural Solutions on Clinton Place, New Rochelle.

Mayor Bramson's presentation to the crowd began with a review of the present local economic challenges, such as people who have lost their jobs, the loss of sales and mortgage tax revenue, and the increased pension costs. He cited ways to confront these economic challenges in the City Budget, including cutting expenses, scaling back the capital budget, a hotel tax, and the aggressive seeking of grants. At this time he said, the "range of options" are shrinking. The soft housing market in his view allows "time to plan", mentioning the Albanese development proposal for the Church-Division and Prospect lots. Transportation and regional planning as well as sustainability, education and other factors also impact the City's plans.

Spirted Discussion At The November 4 New Rochelle Citizens Reform Club Meeting


The New Rochelle Citizens Reform Club met on Thursday, November 4 at 7:30 PM, at the American Legion Post 8 Hall, 112 North Ave., New Rochelle. This group meets monthly to discuss a host of local issues.

The first item on tonight's agenda was the proposed Iona Dormitory issue that Greg Varian, an attorney and resident of the area, made a brief report. The dorm is being financed by the NY State Dormitory Authority and is located on the north side of New Rochelle. He highlighted the issues surrounding this new construction citing parking, vehicular traffic, and the surrounding building zoning issues. Iona used to be a commuter school that redefined its self as a residential/dormitory college some years ago.

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