Board of Education

STATEMENT OF CONCERN: PTA Council Requests Board of Education Address Concerns over Board Conduct


Stephanie Tomei spoke on behalf of the PTA Council at Tuesday's board meeting. She made public that a "Statement of Concern" was submitted to the Board on June 12th. The Statement was signed by all members of the PTA Council. Tomei said the board did not reply to the letter.

Tomei stressed that the Statement of Concern was not intended to criticize the board.

New Rochelle High School Athletic Director Hires Varsity Soccer Coach with No Experience Coaching


Screen Shot 2014 06 25 at 11 40 59 AMNEW ROCHELLE, NY -- Despite a June 30th deadline to apply for the position of Boys Varsity Soccer Head Coach at New Rochelle High School, Steve Young, Athletic Director for the City School District of New Ro

Who is Kyle Figueroa?


Kyle Figueroa is a part-time security guard working for the New Rochelle Board of Education who has been bounced from school to school rather than fired despite numerous problems and complaints involving Figueroa. This is inexcusable in any case but in this case Figueroa is not a full-time employee, he has no contract and he is not a FUSE member.

New Rochelle Business Manager John Quinn Lies to Board about Purchasing Agent, T&M Contracts


At a school board meeting on March 18th, Assistant Superintendent for Business & Administration John Quinn told the school board "Now that we have a new purchasing agent we are moving away from time and materials contracts”. He said it twice, for emphasis.

Comptroller Provides Records of Sham Audit of New Rochelle Schools, Fails to Answer Central Question "What did you know and when did you know it?"


NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- The New York State Comptroller ("OSC") has provided nine pages of documents as a partial fill of a Freedom of Information Request filed on May 1, 2014. The OSC claims the records "explain the school district reporting error".

Actually, the don't.