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Echo Bay Meeting Offers View into Local Politics


The Public Hearing at New Rochelle City Hall last night (7/23/13) provided a fascinating look into the strength, courage and conviction of our citizens and the politicians whose personal agendas continue to take precedence over the good of the community. More than 50 people spoke for approximately three hours at the public hearing, with more than 80% of them strongly opposed to the project.

Echo Bay Hearing Review


I watched the public hearing on the Echo Bay Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) and I am proud of every speaker for A; having the courage to speak publically, B; taking the time and having the patience to endure the lengthy process and finally making a valiant attempt to let your elected officials understand how the public feels about this project.

July 23rd Will Be a Big Day on Echo Bay Hearings in New Rochelle


If you have even the slightest interest in the Echo Bay Development Plan as Proposed by Forest City/Ratner you are going to want to plan on being at City Hall on the night of July 23rd.

You can view the two plans on the City web site but the way they broke up the documents is a bit cumbersome:

New Rochelle Considers New Location for City Yard


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The word going around City Hall is that the City of New Rochelle is considering a new location for the Department of Public Works Yard currently located at 224 East Main Street.

New Rochelle Planning Board Raises Concerns over Echo Bay Proposal


NEW ROCHELLE, NY – The New Rochelle Planning Board unanimously approved a resolution on March 19, 2013, to recommend that the City Council approve the Echo Bay Draft Environmental Impact Statement as long as certain considerations were addressed.


Their concerns, filed with the City on March 28th, include the following (emphasis added):