Gadsden Flag Controversy

New Rochelle Council Member Filed Hate Crime Complaint with Police After Receiving Racially-Charged Phone Calls Amidst Gadsden Flag Controversy (NSFW)


Jared Rice.jpgNEW ROCHELLE, NY -- New Rochelle Council Member Jared Rice filed a criminal complaint last Spring alleging Racially Biased Harassment amidst controversy over a Gadsden Flag, Talk of the Sound has learned.

MSNBC Hardball: New Rochelle Gadsden Flag Controversy


Michael Smerconish hosts MSNBC Hardball.

Moises Valencia on Michael Smerconish National Radio Show on New Rochelle Gadsden Flag Flap


Moises Valencia appeared today on the Michael Smerconish Show on SiriusXM.

12 min radio clip