Goodbye Styrofoam from NYC school lunchrooms, will New Rochelle follow?


I provided the Administration today with this article that outlines how the largest school districts in the country have gotten together to create a united buying power to benefit schools.

Join My Call to Eliminate Styrofoam Trays from New Rochelle Students Menu


If you also feel that Polystyrene (commonly known as Styrofoam) trays are bad for the environment, bad for the health of our children and bad for our bottom line, and you would like them gone from New Rochelle's lunchrooms, please let your Board of Education President and our Interim Superintendent know.

Styrofoam Used in New Rochelle's Lunchroom Classified as " reasonably anticipated human carcinogen" by US Department of Health


Dear Board,

I wanted to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Dr Korostoff.

NYC Passes Styrofoam Ban ! New Rochelle School District Please Follow that Lead


NY City Council passed yesterday the 1060A Bill, which bans certain Expanded PolyStyrene products from use by January 2015. These EPS products include single use food Styrofoam as in school trays and such. WHOHOOOO. This is a major victory of our children's health versus the mighty Plastic Industry!

City of New Rochelle is doing a great job promoting the Love 'em and Leave 'em Program


Applause to the City! (and I mean it!)

I came home yesterday to a robo call message from our Mayor where he is reminding everybody about the great advantages of the Love'em and Leave 'em program.

This program is about letting nature be nature. Instead of treating leaves and grass cuttings as garbage by carting them off, mulch them and keep the nutrients right in your own lawn.

Some Schools are Ditching Milk Cartons for Milk Dispenser


New Rochelle's schools are producing a large amount of Garbage every day, this is not new to readers of my blog. That this garbage costs us tax payers dearly is also not new.