Why Talk of the Sound is the Best Local Website in Westchester -- AND WHY YOU SHOULD VOTE TOTS "BEST IN WESTCHESTER 2014"


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Westchester Magazine is running their annual Best of Westchester event.

As 2014 Begins, Talk of the Sound Increases Social Media Integration


Screen Shot 2014 01 04 at 1 28 21 PMReaders may have noticed an increased integration of social media services on Talk of the Sound over the past few weeks.

I want to address this so folks understand what's going on.

Best News Bloopers 2013

Why Astorino's "Noam Bramson 40% Pay Raise" Is My Favorite Campaign Ad of 2013


Rob Astorino has a new campaign ad out today. I suspect it will be on TV soon enough but you can view it on YouTube above.

This is my favorite ad of the campaign, from either side.

Why you may ask?

Well first, Noam's ads are terrible so that only leaves the Astorino ads.

Journal News Finally Decides to Try Some Real Journalism in New Rochelle, Goes Astray with Sound Shore Medical Story


I have often commented on the lack of investigative reporting done by the Journal News.

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