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Remembering the Crucial Battle of Normandy


In the June 21, 2014 issue of Soundview Rising

On Memorial Day we honor men and women in the armed forces who have given their lives to keep our great country free. One conflict in World War II in which many lives were lost marked its seventieth anniversary on June 6.

New Rochelle, Part Three: Do Yah Know Tom Roach?


One more POST for a friend Not Tom Paine with one final POST to come.


I am Not Tom Paine or even Tom Roach but you know who I am!

Now and then, even in our most ego congested government, comes a man or woman with vision; someone who understands what a community needs to do to reinvent itself or bind its wounds.

New Rochelle Public Library To Host Reunion Of Fort Slocum Service Personnel


NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- Life and work at the former Fort Slocum on Davids Island off New Rochelle will be the topic of a Fort Slocum Reunion to be held at the New Rochelle Public Library (NRPL) on Friday,

Memorial Day Celebration in New Rochelle Happens This Weekend - Don't Miss it!


Hurricanes can't stop it
Fiscal sequestration can't stop it

What ever happened to United We Stand, We need another stint in boot camp!


Enough about flags, symbols, Patriotic, Un-Patriotic, Democratic, Republican, Tocci, Parante, Mayor Bramson and whatever smoke screens or camouflage you want to put on the Flag issue.

Veterans Retire Flag at New Rochelle Armory in Stirring Ceremony


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