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Talk of the Sound will soon change its appearance, if you want to weigh in on that then now is the time


Over the next month or so, we intend to make a major change to the web. While 99% will be “under the hood” and thus not visible to readers, the 1% that is visible is how folks will see and use the web site so it is not a small thing to pick the right “look and feel” for Talk of the Sound.

We use software called Drupal to present the site to readers, we are currently using version 6.

Talk of the Sound Will Be Upgrading the Site in Coming Weeks


A few weeks we hit a major milestone -- 3 million readers.

That's pretty good for a web site that New Rochelle powers-that-be claim "no one" reads. 3 million is a lot of "no ones"!

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Talk of the Sound is participating in the Referral Program from now until 12/19/14. We get 16 devices to sell.

The Armory Development Belongs to the Veterans


It is in disbelief and with deep frustration that I am writing this letter. I have recently learned from Ron Tocci and Peter Parente that Mayor Bramson is using another delaying tactic to keep the Armory restoration out of the hands of the Veterans who want to restore it.

Early Morning House Fire 23 Bayard Street New Rochelle


The New Rochelle Fire Department received multiple calls about a house fire at 23 Bayard Street Around 12:15am Monday morning.IMG 3897Engine 24 was the first unit on the scene and reported heavy fire and smoke coming from the front and side of the house.

Random Collection Of Notes, Quotes And Comments


I just cleaned out old emails since December that I never got around to turning into stories. Maybe I will someday but did not want this information sitting on my server. So here is a random collection of notes, quotes and comments.

What’s going to happen to the NYS grant money (WQIP) awarded to the Echo Bay project?

A Word to Anonymous "Sources" of Talk of the Sound


At least once a day, someone provides an "anonymous" tip of some kind or another.

Sometimes these things check out, some times they don't but it is not uncommon that I would have questions from the anonymous source.

Talk of the Sound Hits 2.5 Million Visitor Mark. 5.7 Million Page Views



We hit another nice round number -- 2.5 million visitors since we launched on 9/1/08. Love the sound of that!!! Closing in on 6 million page views.

And they said we'd never last :-)

It's a lot of work (and $$$) to keep Talk of the Sound rolling; any contributions to support the effort are appreciated.

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