The Family Courts Are Anti Family- Corruption Must Be Exposed

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The Family Courts Are Anti Family- Corruption Must Be Exposed

June 10, 2012 - 00:07

Each year hundreds of parents of small children walk into the Family Court in New Rochelle and file petitions claiming that the other parent, usually the father, has inflicted some kind of harm on their child when in fact it is not true.The children are usually from five to ten years old. The parent who files goes before Judge Nilda Morales Horowitz who has fixed several cases and got caught with no punishment. She gives the parent advise. Gets Child UnProtective Services involved, The County Attorneys Office and Victims Assistance and assumes the defendant is guilty.

Before Due Process proceedings and our US Constitutional principle of innocent until proven guilty Family Court Judge Nilda Morales and New Rochelle resident Judge Kathie Davidson see to it your and my Constitutional rights are violated.

These Judges are not sovereign upholders of the law and our Constitution. They have been so used to derailing and usurping the law and their power with no accountability or watch dog whatsoever they leave children and families decimated while letting the knowingly guilty go free.

There are mother's and father's who truly abuse or mistreat their children. My series of articles to follow will address the innocent parent who is made a target of the revenge, frustration and vindictiveness by the other parent usually during separation or divorce, using the child as a weapon and pawn against the other parent. This is called Parental Alienation and is becoming an epidemic in this country.

Sadly the Family Courts, CPS, County Attorneys Office so called Victims Assistance and The Judges all who care nothing about the children are given immunity from someone filing a lawsuit against them. Everyone knows immunity equals irresponsibility.

In my follow up pieces I'll detail -naming names how the system works, and perpetuates itself. Leaving children with the real abuser, the alienator and child with psychological scars that a lifetime of psychotherapy can't unravel.

The Family Court system needs an overhaul. It's a self serving institution with no accountably of it's actors and players who care nothing about our beloved children .This is our Family Court and it has failed New Rochelle , Westchester County and New York State.

It will take some time to expose this politically driven stronghold with it's deep flaws, acts of coersion , nepotism, outright corruption and the excess waste of our tax dollars and disregard for our fundamental rights of Due Process and the upholding of the law.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This article and subsequent comments have been redacted to remove references that served to identify a minor involved in a legal proceeding. Talk of the Sound does not disclose the identity of minors in legal proceedings nor permit their disclosure by others.

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I don't think this is the case. The judge over there told me that if my son's father doesn't see him that's his loss but when he wants to see him then I have to let him. Can you believe that?! They don't care about the kids but not in the way you say! They don't want to do anything about the bad parents who don't take care of their kids or see them. My son's father hasn't seen him since or talk to him since September by the way and they won't do anything about it!

Each case is different and your case may be as you say. I have hard proof of the claims I make and speak with authority and will welcome anyone or group to challenge me and the "Clean up the Family Court Action Group" in a public meeting area video taped. You'll have to bring more than opinion and hearsay. One will have to disprove the facts and proof I present. No one will be able to because you can't take a quote from a Judge's lips- Nilda Morales and Katie Davidson and make it say something else. One can't take a document and make it mean something you wish it to mean.

There are many deceptive people who want to protect the dirty- self serving politics of the family court. I will tell you the names of the local politicians in ours area who are doing just that. Most Judges and politicians have ice in their veins and care little or nothing for the community, the public and our children. If they did why are they protecting corrupt judges. They are self serving.

The claims I make are fact. Quotes from the minutes of the trial, documents from these irresponsible "agencies", incompetence by the New Rochelle Police Department, falsified testing made by doctors who our law makers give immunity from lawsuits to. Immunity equals irresponsibility, I said
immunity equals irresponsibly.

I have over four years dealing with the Family Court and Judges on a regular
basis their corruption is documented and they will be held accountable for their participation in the destruction of the families they decimate.

What makes you think they will be held accountable now?

I'm of the school groups of people make change:

MAAD- Mothers Against Drunk Drivers

The Civil Rights Movement

The Feminist Movement

The Gay Rights Movement

It's groups that make change. When that teenager was killed in Florida recently the community and activists banned together and demonstrated-It became national news for weeks, still is and became very political for a good cause. That's an example of group influence! The President got involved too.

The problem with many of us is we think we don't matter. That's exactly what the people in power want us to believe and think so they can continue comfortably in their self serving of each other. Look at our congress, state and many of our local leaders.

The last time I read our Constitution it said we are the government-that is the people. We install elected officials and we get rid of the bad ones including family court judges such as Nilda Morales and Katie Davidson and other bad bueracratic employees like Jamala Smith with cps.

I matter., you matter, we matter. We are gaining supporters everyday!
We are organizing to hold them accountable. It's a long ride and it must be done to have justice for my child's generation. We are yea sayers' not na sayers'

Accountable? They want you and the poor decision they made to go away so they won't be accountable and being accountable is part of a judge's job.

Character of a good judge have the ability to stick to the law without allowing emotion to change the interpretation of that law. And above all, the ability to be impartial, free of prejudice, bias and the ability to set aside personal preference when effecting his authority.

I wrote to Mr Cox over a year ago and somehow my story may have been lost in the shuffle. My children have been living 24/7 with me for 2 1/2 years yet this court refuses to grant me physical and custodial custody. Besides all my childrens expenses including school tuition I am still required to pay child support. I can not do that now because I was recently injured at work but before that we were lucky if I saw $600 a month of my paycheck because even if in years past I paid my child support weekly by check and never missed, this court decided that all of a sudden is should be garnished directly from my pay leaving me and my children to struggle draining all I had saved in order to eat and pay the mortgage. My licence despite I am the only one who takes my children to school has been suspended 3 times, my car almost impounded, my tax return seised, and my bank account frozen in March of this year. I beleive that the only reason these things have been lifted is because Child Support knows I am telling the truth but can't do a thing without Horowitz repealing her unfair decision. Despite all the evidence myself and my lawyer have Horowitz refuses to see it and claims all this time "There is No significant change in circumstance" That's like saying if you have a red house and paint it blue, the house is still red.There is much much more to this story and if you want to see real corruption please contact me and Please Help! Thank You

Thats a shame. If you have the kids and are taking care of them then who gets the child support!! They don't do what's best for the kids at all! They don't want to be bothered with people's problem

It's their job to resolve the problem so everyone wins. They wanted the position as Judges etc -they took it- and swore on oath to uphold the law and have the best interest of the child first. They don't.

It is well known the courts are a dumping ground for lazy lawyers who want easy jobs where they don't have to work on their on merit. They punch a clock start late- take 2 1/2 - 3 hour luch breaks etc.

This is some of what we are in for the long haul to combat! It's a bueratic Mafia nothing less and a lot more.

When you take on such position as a Judge, the best interest should be about the child. New Rochelle Family Courts need JUDGE MATHIS. They DO NOT view the cases as it should be viewed and each case is different - no two cases are the same!

What makes an outstanding judge is: Integrity, honesty, upright and committed to the rule of law, Judicial temperament to deal fairly and calmly with the parties that appear before him or her. No matter what race or gender the judge might be, brilliant legal mind is not enough to warrant appointment to the bench. Being an overtly emotional or arrogant judge that he or she makes up his or her mind before hearing the arguments from both sides, will not make a good judge. I experienced "RUDENESS AND ARROGANCE" with New Rochelle judges.

Stories like yours and mine are common place throughout New Rochelle, Westchester County and this Country.

The only way to get justice is by having political pressure put on these incompetent thugs like Morales and Katie Davidson (you've yet to hear what Davidson does.For one she's directly responsible for the murder of a baby.)

These Judges- court clerk - assigned attorneys- county attorney's- child unprotective services mock us! They all hold hands and play in the same sand box. They are NYS bureaucrats working with each other.

Forget fairness til you and me, your friends and mine call people like Jim Maisano's office, who so far says the Family Court and Judges are not corrupt,( he's protecting these bad judges.) Let Nilda Morales and Katie Davidson decimate his family and see how he likes it! Maybe he'll sing a
different tune.My action group details effective ways to communicate this problem to politicians.

Until many politicians offices receive complaints, groups demonstrations
and a large group advise the New Rochelle City Counsel of the corruption by
Morales and Davisdon' nothing will be done. We must demand a clean up
and justice. These judges need to go and sovereign ones who are not emboldened to these bueracratic players be installed.

The Family Court fails us everyday by participating in the demolition of families. We must save our children from their viciousness. Join me in this fight! We will have victory!!! I can be contacted at [email protected]

Note to whom it may concern: Any treats to my person, physical harm, other
harm or attempted hindrance of my personal freedoms in any capacity whatsoever or attempt to hinder or limit any of my Constitutional Rights - Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press and any and all freedoms endowed to me under The US Constitution will be actionable.

The family court failed me big time and I am a responsible mother. I have proof of this and great personal/professional references. I have always been an active mother within my children lives in and outside of their schools.

These judges are incompetent and are ONLY in the court house, because that's their job and just can't wait for the day to be finished. Even, if one or more family case need proper/immediate attention! The judges did not listen to my cases effectively! So, they left me with no other choice but to proceed higher up, because they are NOT fair at all and I care about my children way more than the father and the system!

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I am glad this article was posted. I actually had more than just you contact me about these issues. I have encouraged folks to just post these articles on their own to engender precisely this sort of discussion. It is not a lack of interest but a lack of bandwidth -- there is only so much I can do and everything cannot get done.

Keep on posting and telling your story.

We met at a New Rochelle City Hall counsel meeting. I'm glad about your online newspaper. I'm in this thing for the long hall and the last thing any (with the exception of a few ) politicians, Nilda Morales, Katie Davidson want is this news and detailed information to get out to the public. As I said I will name many names and invite anyone to challenge me and my proof in a public setting video taped.

The tough thing will be they won't be able to... at best give opinion and heresy on how wonderful these corrupt souls are. That's a lie from well below!!!

Readers Keep commenting and tell others to get on Talk of The Sound and comment on this issue. It helps expose their corruption faster.

Thanks Again Bob

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I was directing my remarks to Andy. He had sent me several emails and I was not able to look into his story.

I want to be clear on this point because you are making a large number of unsubstantiated accusations including statements which could well be considered privacy violations and possibly defamation. I am in no way endorsing your article or your comments or the accusations within them.

Talk of the Sound is not meant to be a forum for individuals to wage war in their own personal legal battles. I must inform you now that should I be served with a take-down notice by an attorney I will un-publish this article. I have neither the time, funds nor inclination to be dragged into litigation for what is a personal matter.

Family Court and Judges are a joke but mostly because the laws need to be re-written.Men dont stand a chance.Been there,seen that.I now experience the feeling of waking up every day and hoping to hear bad news about my ex.Its a shame but thats how it is.

Your right. But, how it is will be changed because more people are taking action and feed up with these thugs!!!

Please consider becoming part of the changes in the Family Law which many of them in and of themselves violate the standards of due process.

Like-cooperative testimony- which doesn't exist in the family law standard therefore violating the Constitutionality of testimony cooperation. Also these wonderful bureaucratic lawmakers of ours give these family court judges unbelievable " discretion." We will be challenging this usurpation of law.

You said the Family Court is a joke and I agree, It's a dirty joke.


This also goes for the criminal part of New Rochelle's "esteemed" court. Judges Rice and Scher violated so many defendant's rights in that court that if the feds ever investigated them they'd be in jail until the end of the universe.

The other problem is people feel beat down by these judge's and attorney's.
That's their goal. When their corruption gets exposed and we demand "The Commission on Judicial Conduct " not to be politically driven- we'll see how fast these thug Judges will come clean.

They will continue to mock and derail us til they get punished and thrown off the bench. The DA's office is another Mafia of crooks and thugs.


The Family Court in New Rochelle and I am sure everywhere else is just a Circus!

If Albany would get their heads out of the clouds, the entire Family Court should be investigated...more than likely the pompous Judges would all be in jail themselves!

Keep writing articles like this Zorro, it is great!

Expose them all! And the games they play with people's lives, especially the children!

My mother move to New Rochelle in the mid sixties it was a paradise... well almost. She was so proud and appreciative of it's beauty and quality of life.
We loved it, the schools, people, everything.

Now fast forward to today- look at our city counsel and so many parts of New Rochelle that need revitalization. I'm talking good businesses not another restaurant on a block that has 10 others hardly anyone patronizes. Or another Dollar Store. I'm not knocking either.

We lack quality small businesses. If our city government was privatized we'd have a new New Rochelle within a few years families would swarm to live here. Although I may be dreaming about that one. The more we tell these counsel people what our wishes are the better. If they don't listen at election time out they go. There is so much tax payer waste in New Rochelle.

One day soon people are going to get tired of rising taxes, diminishing quality of life, services and environment then we'll see cuts made where the fat needs to be trimmed. These over and wasteful spenders should pay most of their income in taxes to the city of New Rohelle. We'd see the right cut's and wasteful spending stop them.

What does a bureaucrat know about bettering community. They put many
obstacles in the way of simple solution progress. That's a bueracrat's job to make everything complicated, expensive, difficult, drawn out and antiquated. Bramson was good when a couselman, no fagettaboud it!

Thanks for your support.

The dollar stores/taquerias and the Section Eight apartments have been a blight on the 'paradise' that was New Rochelle in the 1950s and 1960s since just before Idoni I came into greed. Note I did not say politics, he was all about greed and self-serving. Politics sometimes is balanced and can have a purpose. Idoni I (and II) was all about Idoni I (and II).

We lack quality small businesses.........

Ya think? There was a method (greed) to the madness of City Hall, and its name (greed) has NOT been the revitalization of the sewer that is downtown New Rochelle. Is your mother old enough to remember Bloomingdale's and Arnold Constable? Ask her. I am. Is she old enough to remember when the morons in City Hall shut out Lord and Taylor? Ask her. I am.

Zorro, I look forward to your reports. I'm sure the lowdown on the City Courts will be fun reading.

Let us know when you need a few Bernardos.

I remember Bloomingdales, Arnold Constable, etc. I got one of my first jobs at 15 years old at Schrafft's Restaurant on Main Street and did that place do a lunch business!!!

I'm sure I'll take you up on the Bernardos, Thanks.

Blessings to You,

Yes my Dear Zorro...It was a beautiful place...Stores? Oh my God Yes... Bloomingdale's, Grant's, Woolworth's, Langdon Mens Shop, Mile's Shoe Store, Thom McCanns Show Store, Colby's Woman's Store, Fanny Farmer, Mayflower Dress Shop, Schraffts, Frost Men's Shop, Leaf's Furriers just to name a few...These were ALL on Main Street!!!!

It was clean, beautiful, safe to be out day or night!

Ah yes, those were the days!

Wonderful City Hall and ALL the garbage Council, assorted Mayors, City Managers etc...throw them all out! Overpaid and useless...they have been allowed through their corruption to ruin our City!

Zorro...You are right on the ball!

and we came up with:

Arnold Constable, Mayflower Donut Shop, Etta's Card Shop, Enterprise (remember the 5 cent counter?), Maple Party Shop (got all my plastic vomit there), Hi-Lite Camera, the nut and carob store on Huguenot, can't think of the name, John's Bargain Store, Paul Scott, RKO, Town, and Loew's, Jack's and Schindel's Army and Navy, Pat's Deli, two bowling alleys, Allen's Sport Shop, Miller's Hobby Shop, Gundelach's, Librett's, the Mannerly Shop, Soo Chow, and here's one I don't remember - Fromberry's clothing.

My question: are you an optimist? Do you think New Rochelle can be restored to its former greatness?

Ah Yes...NewRochelleUSED...Yes indeed I remember them all...Ha, ha...John's Bargain you could get anything in there!

And yes all the movie houses...Geez...when the Godfather first came out it was shown (with long lines) at RKO!

The Meateria, Vaccaro's Tuxedo, Liskin's Woman's Dress Shop, Bob's Children's Store, Frank's Music Store...Ah, the list goes on to another era!

Yes I am an optimist...but I don't think New Rochelle will return to it's former glory...ALL the terrible politics have ruined our 'Queen of the Sound."

I thank you for taking this trip down a truly memorable

I had to check with the old people I know for help on this one. If you know what 'The West Is The Best' means, then you can relate!

I had no idea that I grew up in the industrial part of New Rochelle, and that the upper crust only drove through the street on which I lived, and kept on going. Here's what I had, way back when:

Ray's Butcher Shop, Nick's (his brother) grocery store, Zito pharmacy, Uncles' dry goods, Luiso Chicken Market (where I was treated to the sound of chickens dying every week, horrifying even now in my mind's eye), The Bake Shop, Connie-O comic book store (it was a bookie front!), Millie's sandwich shop, Columbus School before it was bilingual, St. Joseph when Fr. C ruled with an iron fist, a fruit man who had a horse driven cart, a 'crystalline' (bleach) man who delivered, clothes lines, and last but not least, the local 'hoods' who put on a Fourth of July spectacular of illegal fireworks that left the street covered in white paper the next day, and which the cops only half-heartedly tried to stop.

Good times. Too bad they ain't coming back.


Oh my yes...Zito's? God I used to go in there when I was a kid!

Yes the chicken butcher...And right near there was Guido's Italian Store...Gee I think they owned the apartments and the string of store's near the chicken butcher!

Fr.Carniato...Oh Boy! The wrath of God he'd put into you!

Ah...this has been a great journey into the wonderful past!

Thank you!

Unfortunately, if some of us try to do this effectively there will most probably be treats made at least. The powers that be really don't want good change or a quality of life. They want to live in their political bubble, serve themselves and act like everything is good.

New Rochelle needs a few good men and woman with passion, strength, courage, commitment and vision to be voted in as our leaders. Jesus said," a house divided against itself cannot stand." When was the last time the city counsel agreed on something for the betterment of New Rochelle?


A few good leaders men or women with complete passion and "NO EGO" is what New Rochelle Family Courts need! Judges are accountable to the laws, so being honest, upright and committed to the rule of law is necessary to be a great judge. My case was in need of compassion and understanding and that went out the window with Judge Horowitz, she just didn't care!

I HAD to get an order of protection against my son's father, if not he would of continue with the same negative/harassing/assaulting behavior for 10 more years. Judge Horowitz stated her opinion and from my knowledge, it is inappropriate for a judge to consider his or her personal views when deciding a case. Judge must be neutral and follow the rule of law.

I will thanks-

I'm becoming a full time activist for Parental Alienation and exposing the corruption in the family court and reforming of many unjust,pathetic laws which hurt children and give these horrible judges like Nilda Morales and Katie Davisdon legal right to steamroll your and my family.

Please tell your friends just how corrupt these thugs are.They hate The Light.



I have been begging for years all the way up to the Governors Office for help. My question, if the courts are going to take and act on phony accusations and refuse facts then why isn't there a government organization to investigate these so called claims? I have respectively called and went to child support who's motto is "For the Children" and have personally invited them to come to my home anytime to see my children are indeed living with me since January of 2010 yet they refuse and say "they don't do that" I'm a GOOD FATHER and anyone who knows me knows that. This fact and the good values and faith in God my late Mother has instilled in me is the only thing that has kept me strong throughout this whole insane ordeal.

The government including the governors office gives two bits about the corruption and inequalities and underhandedness in the family courts. If they outside investigation so much evidence would be hidden and destroyed they'd be laughed at. We need to understand we are dealing with a Mafia. One part of the government will not expose the other. That's why we have to do it and file lawsuits against these thugs.

What needs to be done partly is the phones used in the courthouses and the various "agencies" offices (i have no respect for any of them and use the terms loosely.) Need to have automatic records of all calls made in and out of the buildings- that includes the judges offices- clerks office- County and Da's office and access given upon a Freedom of information Request for the calls made on particular days. When the state is sued for wrongdoing i.e. The court clerks office in a section 1983 constitutional rights violation. The relevant phone records and the parties tied to them would be called as
witnesses. Better yet have a law for mandatory recording of all calls like 911. calls. We'd see them run like rats escaping a train running over them.

These political thugs mock the public daily and are nothing less than lazy
bureaucrats who can't wait for the day they retire. The only way there will be a clean up is when we have dedicated numbers who insist on change and accountability of these violators and punishment for their crimes. These bum's have the power to punish the good people like you and me and let these sc*m bags and garbage go free.
They need to get a big taste of their horrible deeds. Until then they will keep laughing, mocking and getting paid big checks from our hard earned
legitament tax dollars for doing nothing and living above the law as Di Foire, Katie Davidson , Nilda Morales, Clerk James Mc Alister do. Enough is enough

Bob Dylan wrote a good line at the end of his song about the framing of boxer Rubin "Hurricane" Carter. Talking about the players in that trial he says,

"Now all the criminals in their coats and their ties are free to drink martini's and watch the sun rise, while Rubin sits like Buddha in a ten foot cell an innocent man in a living hell."

Thanks Andy,

It's a dysfunctional, failed, self serving system that will be changed by us slowly and surely.

You know what I also find crazy was the election. Pick 4 out of 6 to serve as Family Court Judge? If I put John Dillinger's name in the top 4 he probably would be guaranteed a win.
I want Justice and I will not stop until I get it. Thank You for this article and allowing me to share at least part of my story.

You sound very upset!
You criticize our courts and our police department.....
What were you charged with?
And what were you found gullty of?

The criticism is well deserved and a long time coming. You will find out the answers to your questions in time.

It's time for a "SHAKEDOWN" within the court systems in Westchester County. Every time I log onto Mt. Vernon Exposed, someone is either exposed AGAIN or just some new "must read" NEWS about more politicians and their corrupted characters. How can this go on?

The judges don't care about what best for the children that's why he's criticizing the courts! I'm tired of going to the courts and trying to fight for my son if a man doesn't see his child then he should have his rights taken away

My heart goes out to you and I feel your pain. How a father cannot want to see his child is beyond my comprehension. Although fathers do that all the time. How someone can justify or build a wall of numbness between such a natural affection is beyond comprehension. But then again look at all the sin around us and the people I'm writing about. They are sick and the world is upside down. What's good is bad and what's bad is good.

My only consolation is the thought these evils have been happening since the fall of man. One day The Almighty will bring everyone to true judgement and accountability. The Bible says on that day every tongue will be silenced. We all will stand alone before God and give an account of our lives without defense. God is omnipotent and His judgement is just.

I can't wait for that day. Not because I'm self righteous, I'm not, but because the hurt,pain,intensional wrong doing like these judges and courts will be
punished and cast into the place they belong. There is little if any justice in this life. Solomon the wisest man who lived said, " I see the righteous getting what the wicked deserve and the wicked getting what the righteous deserve.

I feel pain every day over the fact that a man ___ and my ex-wife ___ conspired with each other to alienate my son from me. [They] go around New Rochelle telling lies from the pit of hell of something I would never think about doing to my son. They and Katie Davidson, Broom Nilda Morales, Jamala Smith, Jo Ann (crooked mouth) Cambarrie, Wayne Humpere all are liars who will be held accountable in The Highest Court on that day.

I responded to a lengthy false family offense petition which was later withdrawn by my son's mother when she was going to be called to the witness stand and testify at the unfamily court in New Rochelle .Thinking I'd
get justice, I didn't do anything bad to my son. He wanted to spend more time with me than his mother and what I got was a bunch of people influenced and driven by the powers of darkness. The County unjustly charged me after that because I got involved in a anti corruption activist group and they figured they'd teach me a lesson. If that was there aim the public will now know just how evil and corrupt they all are. Getting over paid big money with no accountability from us to do evil's in the name of The
Police State they have created for us.

Anyone who defends the Unfamily Court is either naive, slow, ignorant, a worker, lawyer or judge there and/or in denial or guilty of their wrong doing and the reality of it's corruption.

Im sooo glad you wrote about this! I don't care what anybody says about it I KNOW there is something going on in that court! I've been fighting for my son since September of 06!! How a father, who takes care of the children, can get screwed by the court and another father who doesn't even return his own son phone calls is allowed to walk in and out of his son's life whenever he wants?! I don't think it's fair for my son to have to go to a man he hardly knows whenever that man feels like taking him. I just violated him for not paying child support! Although it was paid late for some reason. Since I moved down south I was thinking about switching the courts! There is NO justice for kids in new rochelle family court!

Again and again...the children are put in the wrong parents hands!! I am a firm believer in fighting for my rights and my children rights!

What's best for the children is NOT to put the child in the hands of the parent who is on "medication" to help stabilize his days and try very hard to come in between the parent (who really loves the child) and child relationship purposely and still find ways to get a way with the MADNESS!!!

I agree, if a father do not want to see his child or does anything that endangers the child well-being and that includes emotional abuse...YES
their rights should be GONE AND NO ANDS, IF OR BUTS ABOUT IT!! I would love for my son's father NOT wanting to see our would be best for my child and me...because he is DANGEROUS and the judge knows this as so many police reports were filed and his actions were stated in many violations, etc..and an order of protection was filed against him...he DO NOT defend himself w/his actions, because he knows they are true!

Thank you for your post and your efforts to bring attention to both parental alienation and the Bizzaro World that is our Family Court system.

Family Court is the legal profession's unsupervised playground. The officers of the court are not held accountable for their words or actions and sanctimonious, condescending and arrogant judges treat anyone who speaks up with a "I'll show him/her who's boss" mentatlity that is not based on law or truth. The system needs an overhaul.

Having said that, please remember that courts can only facilitate parental alienation. They can not create it. Parental alienation is a destructive family dynamic that his its roots in an alienating parent's long-standing, unresolved and unhealthy emotional issues.

For more information, and resources, on parental alienation please visit our website at I'm confident you and your followers will find the information and resources helpful.

Good luck!


mike jeffries

So happy you read and commented, I've been on your or that sight. Recently
attended a full day workshop given by Parental Alienation expert Dr. Amy Baker. Ironially Dr. Baker offered and gave this seminar to NYS Family Court judges which not one of them attended. I'm sure they have a lame excuse.

The biggest sin these horrible judges and the people who work under them, cps, county atty's office etc. is that they want the public and smart people like you and me to believe that they really work, uphold the law and care about the children, truth and justice and do their jobs through, fair and competently.The fact is they are incompetent bueracratic welfare receiptants who take the path of least resistance and are irresponsible and lazy.

I retained all my attorney's and the beauty, corrupt Unfamily Court Judge Katie Davidson gave my opponents whatever they wanted and denied me Due Process. My best attorney said, "She doesn't even know the law or the rules
of evidence, she shouldn't be a judge. Charlie Mc Goey, my first attorney whom I soon relieved told me, "Ha, she (Broom Nilda Morales) doesn't care about truth and justice, this is a game to them." He later told my next attorney "she's a very lazy judge."

During my trail which lasted for four years, only because I insisted on my rights and all parties except me and my defense made sure they stalled the dates for months between appearances.

The more I stood for my rights the more everyone hated me. They were used to people "settling." Over my dead body for something I did not do!!!

You see this garbage system and people just the way it is. It's time for the light to dispel the darkness. I will name names and rock this boat and turn it
over. Thses thugs are criminals, Katie Davidson, Nilda Morales, James Mc Alister, Carol Ann Jordan, Jamala Smith.

Best To You,


Dont forget about the corrupt Democratic Party that gets them in,run by Reginald LaFayette.Favors repaid,cash in pocket.Start at the top when you chairman a party and put unqualifies in.Kathie must bear the label baby killer and Nilda puts stuff in her nose.Who was sneaking out of Reggies house at night??/


I've been told about the Democratic parties fix it and trix it. That what Davidson does -she turns tricks and fixes cases like mine( I'm to publish the her dirty trick soon, first hand experience with the minutes of my trial in hand) she's caught with her pants down. Turn the other way cause she stinks!!! in the peoples courtroom at our expense. These bastards are purely arrogant drunk with power.

Ice is in their veins they need big hurtful tragedy in their lives them they'll be humbled. Broom Nilda Morales I've been told by reliable sources that she snorts cocaine in the courthouse.

Best to You,


Yes, judges should be REQUIRED like teachers to attend ongoing seminars which involves families and their structure. Each family case is different!! Parent Alienation would be a great start if I must say!!

If you DO NOT pay close attention to your case while in the courtroom you can miss the "slickness" and "unethical behavior" that's taken place right before your eyes. I had bad experience with both judges in New Rochelle Family Court and it was "utterly" obvious what they were trying to do. It's sad that the children have to suffer when the judge (s)put the child in the hands of the WRONG parent!


It's time for clean up in the court system here in Westchester County Court of New York!

Parent Alienation is a very sad subject for me. Me and my child has recently experienced this, due to the Judge made an unsound and lazy decision by giving my child's father undeserved power, because he came to court with so many lies. My case was not handled properly, but instead poorly and was certainly not investigated like the judge stated it would be. I was in my child's life from the day he was born and of course, my child's primary caregiver. She gave the wrong parent "power" and he took it for granted and now made the court look like they do not know what they are doing and that was his motive. I had so many problems after this and filed many violations and I mentioned it also in the court room and nothing was done about it. He thinks he is bigger than God and the court system. He has been getting away with doing wrong with many people all of his life and I am glad I transferred my case back to the original state - they DO NOT facilitate parent alienation.

Mobbing is also in the family court system, when you have the judge, law guardian, the other parent who do not care but just want to aggravate you, and their lawyer being against you and stating incorrect information a.k.a LIES w/o proof, just so they can try to bully the situation/court system. It's important to know what's going on in front of your eyes in the attention!!!

I will always say, "Know your rights and fight for them"

I strongly believe she acted this way towards me, because I spoke up and like you mentioned she had the mentality "I will show her who is boss" The court should NOT be about that, but to make a sound decision.

Thank You and I fully understand your position on what you can and can not do. I'm so glad this is able to be discussed, it gives me some sense of relief that this corruption is finally being brought forward.For those of you who are or have faced bogus charges, I did get mine overturned by the supreme court and Judge Horowitz was reprimanded. This is the reason why I believe that 4 years later it's payback time for Andy. Like I said earlier there is plenty more to this, plus the fact that a partial agreement over a year ago was to put a halt on CS until the magistrate sorted out the details. Funny that this order never reached CS and my tax returns were seized, money of which was going to my sons high school re-registration and my daughters collage.

Im so happy to hear that something good happened! I hope you will get that money back some how. Isn't it crazy that you take care of your kids and they live with you but the judge STILL screwed you? And my son's father can't even pick up the phone not even on my son's birthday and she won't do anything about it???!!!

Yes, corruption is finally being brought forward, but why are these judges still on the bench? I am glad to hear your charges was overturned and Judge Horowitz was reprimanded. The court system is NOT fair at all and NOT just fathers. I am a mother who have taken care of my children like a responsible parent and because I am out-spoken w/tact, the judges went against me. I am still fighting!!