New Rochelle City Employee Exempts Herself from Parking Regulations at Trinity Elementary School

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New Rochelle City Employee Exempts Herself from Parking Regulations at Trinity Elementary School

May 15, 2012 - 21:59

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There have been quite a few complaints about a certain New Rochelle municipal employee who works for the New Rochelle Police Department and also works for the City School District of New Rochelle. Unlike teachers, staff and parents at the school, this particular employee has managed to obtain a special "reserved" parking space close to the school entrance. She has obtained that space by parking illegally on Davenport Avenue near the intersection with Pelham Road. Based on complaints from parents at the school, this has been going on for some time.

Talk of the Sound has received reports that this individual has often asserted that as an NRPD employee she should not be given a ticket for parking in a spot which is clearly indicating as "No Parking". Apparently this line of reasoning has worked well enough that she continues to park in the spot without getting a ticket. We were there again today checking up on the vehicle (the photos above). We will be back later this week to see if her superiors in the NRPD are going to support her self-declared parking exemption.

What do you think? Should municipal employees be granted special parking privileges?

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Your streets are wrong this is at the corner of church street and pelham road davenport avenue and pelham road do not meet each other.

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Yes, the road between Pelham Road and Davenport Neck is both Church and Davenport and at that point where it meets Pelham Road it is still considered Church Street.

I am not sure this makes parking there legal though which is the point of this article.

This is the same mentality that reserves hundreds of parking spaces in and around the City Hall parking lot for civil servants while citizens pay to park when conducting city business like paying their property taxes.

They feel they are above the law and flout it.

They have a Get-Out-Of-Jail card and just don't get it!

I think you're missing the point , illegally parked car is the point!

My question was on the owner of the car and the picture being taken.

I have no problem with Robert following the story, I was wondering as to the logistics. And if she is illegally displaying a NR police sticker?

Lock her up, throw away the key!

Who is paying attention? Well as it seem more and more people from New Rochelle. That is one of the benefits of TOTS. In the past no one had a place to go with their problems and concerns. Things are being brought out that were just swept under the carpet or the crony system kicked in where people in positions of authority looked the other way. All of what we see and hear today is not anything new. Most of this stuff has been going on for years. Why, because people had no place to turn. No sounding board that was safe from back lash, retribution and even harsh retaliation. I guarantee you every person in New Rochelle, in this country, knows of someone getting preferential treatment. Be it legally, illegal or even something done under the table as a good will gesture from a friend at work, with in local government or the beach club. You know someone that is in a job or position to correct certain things or even make them go away. Speed up the process for getting a permit, get a variance, and fix a parking ticket. The problem is that the little favors at some point turn in to corruption with some people because they see what others can get away with. The entitlement personality of some people kicks in and people feel they are above the law. I am in a position of authority and it is my right. I work hard so I deserve it. It makes that person feel powerful like they got something over on everybody, the go to guy.

People must begin to step up and speak up. Tell of the behind the scene deals, the barber shop and cigar store plotting, the fiendish plans and yes, the back room politics. Unfortunately the bad have overshadowed the ones that are affecting change and doing good. Inspect what you expect. If you see something say something. That is what Bob has done here at TOTS; give the average Joe a place to put the information out in the public eye. Send a note for further follow up about something that you see is wrong but can’t confirm it. Conversation is now being had and changes are starting to come. Just remember in the posts that are done, in order for there to be any change and credibility, you must keep it clean correct and be willing to except the answers you get back. Like so many cases here they may not be what you what to hear. The name calling and threats must stop to move forward otherwise we are no better than the people we just discussed.

“Common Sense for the Common Good”

Is someone stalking her?

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I have heard the reports about this situation for a while.

As I typically do in this sort of case, I take a look when I am in the area to see if this is an accurate report and if it happens regularly. I want to make sure that this is not some one-time event. In the course of my week I am criss-crossing New Rochelle regularly and so have been taking a look when I have been passing through.

This is called "reporting out a story" not "stalking".

I can add that on Wednesday the vehicle was again parked illegally, further down on the other side of the street, over by the jungle gym. In that case, I was in the area because I was heading over the the NRPD Awards event at Greentree.

I might add, as the story had been published the day before the issue was known within the NRPD. Wednesday morning almost every police officer in New Rochelle along with the senior command and City officials drove past the illegally parked vehicle on their way to the NRPD Awards breakfast. Soon after, the owner of the vehicle left Trinity and moved the vehicle. It was not there later in the afternoon.

I might also add that the vehicle was displaying a placard indicating that the owner was a New Rochelle police officer.

In fact, the owner of the vehicle is not a police officer. She is a CSO that works primarily out of New Roc. In other words, she is an "outside" Community Service Officer, meaning that her job is to give out parking tickets.

A reader tips us that that the CSO who owns the vehicle is named Jocellyn Clausell.

The Street between Church Street and Davenport Avenue was named Church Street Extension.

It was built in the mid 1950's, at the time or shortly after the 'new' Trinity School was built at its present location.

At the time the Church Street Extension was originally built, it divided the Titus Mill Pond, but eventually the mill pond east side of Church Street Extension was filled in and turned into a soggy ball field for Trinity School. Previous to the bal field, there was a large salt water tidal pond on which I learned to ice skate.

When I was a very young, I lived at 220 Pelham Rd, and my bedroom faced that direction, so I watched them fill in that part of Titus Mill Pond where the Church Street Extension was being built.

One could walk, but not drive, over the dirt (and then gravel) road for the first year or two of its existence, but it was paved and opened mid-way through my Kindergarten year, either late 1956 or early 1957.

When it was opened, it was officially named Church Street Extension, and there used to be a sign there stating so. If the name has since been changed from Church Street Extension, it was renamed Church Street.

The road remains Church Street (or Church Street Extension), even on the south side of the Mill Pond, and Church Street ends where Davenport Ave makes a 90 degree turn in between the junctions of Mill Pond Lane and Gail Drive. A map will show that, and my current reference is Google Maps.

Parking where you know it is wrong and illegal?

Sorry, but YOU have to follow the same rules as everybody else...Even though YOU think YOU don't!

Law breakers...Plain and Simple!