Mayor Bramson to Sponsor Anti-gun Resolution in Support of "SAFE" Act

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Mayor Bramson to Sponsor Anti-gun Resolution in Support of "SAFE" Act

March 08, 2013 - 06:17

The Mayor is taking a play from the playbook of Governor Cuomo and sponsoring a resolution in support of the Anti-2nd Amendment "NYSAFE" act to further his political ambitions as he gears up for his campaign for county executive.

City Council Agenda: New Ro Adopting Yonkers Cuomo Guns

We have witnessed major rallies in Albany since the acts passage with turnout for the latest Feb 28th rally at near 10,000.

While counties, towns and law enforcement across the state are passing resolutions against the questionable and most likely unconstitutional act in support of the unalienable individual right of every American citizen to keep and bear arms.

The New Rochelle city council will be taking up this resolution at their next meeting on Tuesday March 12th.

Gun Policy: 22.2. Resolution on behalf of the New Rochelle City Council in support of New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo's Safe & Fair Gun Policy and the New York Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act (NYSAFE) to mitigate gun violence in response to the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, on December 14,2012. Sponsored by Mayor Bramson.

Please make your every effort to be at this meeting, so that your opinions can be heard and added to the record. No matter what politically opportune stunt Mayor Bramson pulls, the citizens of New Rochelle must make clear that they do not stand with their elected officials but rather with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and that those officials will be held accountable to their oaths of office when it comes time to vote.

The complete Agenda for the meeting can be found here.

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This guy is soft on crime and soft on race relations. The file is so big on this guy he might have to skip everything in between and become a congressional staffer full time.

If the people of Westchester county learned the truth about what he has done in New Rochelle, which is absolutely nothing! Nothing but allow the city to degenerate and give kickbacks to private corporate interests at the expense of the citizens of New Rochelle. This guy would go no where! However count on the democrat spin machine to go into overdrive to sell this guy based on minor irrelevant issues that have not helped improve the lives of the tax paying citizens. It's up to us to expose him for the fraud he is so he does not ruin the rest of the county as well.

The democrats sure do offer a vision for the future, one in which the country is completely broke with despair and corruption from big business as they bilk the populous. Bramson stands for urban destruction and failure from making it sound good.

That's the Agenda 21 model to reduce the US to 3rd world status, a free and sovereign nation with a strong middle class is not compatible with the UN Global Government. Agenda 21 is a global plan implemented locally. Australia is actually in much deeper than we are. The best book on the Subject is "behind the green mask" by Rosa Koire who exposes what is happening to all the towns in the US by her experience as a forensic real estate appraiser who appraised properties for eminent domain.

She is one democrat who as she put it did not leave her brain at the door and one of the very few I respect. To really understand whats happening to our beloved city we need to see how it fits in the bigger picture, please check this video its her seminar on Agenda 21. New Rochelle's case is not unique it is by design and Bramson is helping them implement it whether he knows it or not. All the developments over the last 10 years fits right into the agenda 21 model.

just had to say i cannot stress enough how important for us to learn about UN Agenda 21 and come together to stop it. The video I linked is a MUST WATCH

As Americans all over the country are standing and fighting against the unconstitutional gun grab, our local politicians are pushing to legally disarm and punish peaceful citizens.

Mayor Bramson and his majority City Council will take up Gun Policy: 22.2 Resolution on behalf of the people of New Rochelle.

Noam Bramson and his Democrat super majority city council do not speak for all of us.

"NYSAFE" Act is a blatant seizure of social and political power and is a clear case of “we own you” politics.

Don’t be fooled, it’s not about Peace, it’s about Power.

The New Rochelle city council will be taking up this resolution at their next meeting at 7 pm Tuesday March 12th.

I strongly urge all citizens of New Rochelle and from all over New York to come out and take a stand in protest of this violation of our Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Let’s remind them that “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

It is time to hold our elected officials to their oath to preserve and protect the Constitution and respect our right to be left alone!

Owning a firearm does not make you a criminal, it protects you from criminals.

Let your voice be heard.
New Rochelle City Hall
515 North Ave
New Rochelle, NY
6:30 PM Tuesday March 12th

I will be there with you to make sure they know we will hold the accountable to their oaths of office.

We will no longer allow these politicians to violate their oaths, Americans have had it! that time is over, it is time we take back our government at every level starting local.

The 2nd Amendment is the line in the Concrete, we will not comply and will actively resist any and all attempts to deny us our birthright as American Citizens.

Kurt, what is the correct time. The agenda said 730 and you said 630 i wouldn't want people to show up late or show up early and leave.