New Rochelle Veteran's Day Ceremony Honor's Our Brave Men and Women Who Served

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New Rochelle Veteran's Day Ceremony Honor's Our Brave Men and Women Who Served

November 11, 2010 - 13:52

VeteransDay2010 - 05.jpgThe United Veterans Memorial and Patriotic Association of the City of New Rochelle held a Veterans Day ceremony this morning at the Veteran’s Memorial Monument, Memorial Plaza, on the corner of Memorial Highway and Main Street.

The sky was a deep blue as Veterans gathered in downtown New Rochelle this morning with not a cloud in the sky. Event organizer Peter Parente made some introductory remarks then introduced WWII Veteran and Chaplain Bill Moye gave the invocation. From memory, the 95 year-old Moye recited a lengthy prayer and gave some brief remarks.

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Parente then introduced Mayor Noam Bramson who made a stirring speech noting how much the "many" who do not serve owe to the "few" who do and offering this thanks for the men and woman who have served in the military.

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Former Assemblyman Ron Tocci, a Vietnam War veteran, recounted a brief history of the role of the U.S. military in American history and sought to remind listeners that American is at war today both abroad and hear at home with the infiltration of extremist Muslim zealots. Tocci spoke of the United States as the Liberator of people's around the world, the world's pantry in times of crisis and natural catastrophe and the world's armory in times of strife and conflict.

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Bramson and Parente then placed a wreath before the Memorial Monument after which the American Legion Post 8 Firing Detail fired volleys as a Salute to the Dead. The benediction was offered by Bill Moye.

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Throughout the ceremony, the New Rochelle High School Symphonic Band performed. They played the National Anthem, a musical selection of patriotic songs and closed with Taps performed by Max Gordan.

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Afterwards, many of those in attendance adjourned across the street to view a new display at the New Rochelle Public Library celebrating New Rochelle's military history. The highlight was photos of almost all of the men from New Rochelle who died in World War I. The exhibit will remain open until November 30th.

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Thank you for clarifying that you can not reley on people that were not there. I hope someone took pictures and post them on this site so I can prove people wrong!

Just for the record,the NRPD had their Color Guard and the NRFD had a 20 man Platoon with their Color Guard in front. Our Bravest and our Finest never let us down. It was a beautiful day to come out and support our Vets. Thanks you New Rochelle.

Robert Cox's picture

The Mayor made a very good speech.