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  • Hey New Rochelle, we’re having a Street Fair! Who Knew?   9 weeks 23 hours ago

    Found this today, perhaps this should be part of the flyer handed out downtown NR.

    How to Panhandle
    Choosing a Location Asking for Money Staying Safe
    "It is a beggar's pride that he is not a thief," says an old Japanese proverb. A panhandler is a person who relies on the financial graces of strangers without providing goods or services in return, though it's just as much work as a wage job. Whether you're experiencing a short-term lack of cash and need a few quick bucks or you're in long-term financial trouble, learning a few simple techniques to safely approach people and ask for money may make a huge difference in their response.
    Choose an area with lots of foot traffic. If you're going to maximize your earning-potential, you'll need to go to a place in which you'll encounter a lot of different approachable people. It helps if you're both on foot at the same time. For this reason, by far the most popular locations are subway stations, metro stops, truck stops, urban campuses, or the areas around other commuter zones.
    • Placing yourself directly outside of the entrance to a subway station is a high-yield opportunity. Different people will pass through every couple of minutes, so the turnover is high.
    • Centralized downtown locations are a safer bet than malls or shopping centers, because commercial zones are typically worked by security staff who are typically unwelcoming of your endeavor.
    Choose an area with lots of auto traffic. If you've got a sign or the materials to make one, posting up in a traffic median near an interstate on-ramp or a busy downtown street corner ensures that you'll be seen by lots of people in lots of cars without having to move or even speak.
    • This requires the least amount of effort on your part, but it's also easier for people to ignore someone while in a car. This works best during spring or summer months when people drive with their windows down.
    Avoid wealthy neighborhoods and expensive restaurant districts. While it may seem intuitive to go to where people have lots of money to give away, the wealthiest segments of the population are statistically the least likely to give to panhandlers.[1] People in these areas are also more likely to call police, even if you're being courteous.
    • Stick to downtown commercial districts and middle-class areas.
    Keep moving. Posting up outside the same neighborhood coffee shop every day will likely get you into some heat with the staff and you'll quickly wear out your welcome with the patrons, making the likelihood of an uncomfortable confrontation too great. Besides, at that point, you'll have stopped making any money.
    • Aim to hit up the same place no more than once a month.
    • If you're not tied to a location, you might develop a circuit or a route based on the weather. If you're in New York in the summer, say, make your way to Boston for the early fall, Baltimore for the late fall, and get down to Florida for the winter and sleep on the beach. Keep track of the places you visit, the places you sleep, and friendly areas to work.
    Choose a city friendly to panhandlers. Increasingly, when neighborhoods once commonly friendly to panhandlers become gentrified, the laws and population will change significantly, making it difficult to stay ahead of the game.
    • Medium-to-large cities are typically friendlier to panhandlers than smaller towns. College towns, however, can be a good bet. They're full of young idealistic students who are often flush with disposable cash and susceptible to a good story.
    • Pick a place with good weather. If you're going to be outside all day, rain or shine, pick a place where it'll be shining at least.
    Be polite. If there's one thing that's guaranteed to fail and get you in lots of trouble, it's demanding money from strangers in a rude or confrontational way. Smile, be courteous, and thank people whether or not they choose to give you anything.
    • Thanking people will lay the groundwork for developing a reputation in your area. If you develop a good working relationship with the people in the areas you solicit, they'll be more likely to give you money the next time. It's not worth telling someone off in the long run, even though you might be feeling frustrated.
    Be believable. Whatever your tactic in asking--if you choose to tell people the whole truth, or if you spin a yarn to get some change--you need to sound like you're being honest. If you're asking for money to get a bus ticket because you really need a bus ticket, it won't matter if the person you're asking thinks you're going to buy booze.
    • Tailor your story to your location. If you're going to ask for a bus ticket, it helps if you're right around the corner from a bus station and have a bag. Name a specific location you need to get to, somewhere faraway and strange, like "Ohio."
    • Make sure your appearance matches your story as best as it can. If you're playing the lost traveler, it won't help your story if it looks like you've been sleeping outside for the past couple months, even if you have been.
    Be specific. Some panhandlers believe the key to success is in asking for a very particular amount of money for a very particular reason. "I need 40 cents to get a bus ticket, can you help me out?" tends to be a more effective approach than "I need to get a bus ticket."
    • If you ask for a very specific amount of money, it increases the believability of your question. If you ask for a dollar you may get some spare change, but if you ask for 40 cents, you may get a dollar.
    Be clear and concise. To avoid intimidating people or making them frustrated and unlikely to give you anything, just come out and ask for what you're looking for: "Excuse me sir, I'm sorry to bother you, but I need some change to get something to eat."
    • Ask for one thing and give one reason: "I need ____ for _____."
    • Using a sign can be the easiest way to panhandle. All you need is a piece of cardboard from a recycling or garbage dumpster and something to write with. Make the lettering bold and clear so it can be read quickly.
    • Alternatively, depending on your verbal skills and your experience, being as evasive as possible can be a good way to confuse someone and make them want to get rid of you. This works especially well on "out-of-towners" or college students: "Excuse me sir, how you doing tonight? I'm sorry to bother you, but my cellphone's dead and my girlfriend's stuck up on 34th St. with our kid in the car and they got in a little accident right after they ran out of gas (you don't have a cigarette do you?) and my mom would usually pick them up but she's in the hospital with chronic fatigue syndrome and my battleship's taking off tomorrow and I'm already in the doghouse about that (you know what I mean) so I was just wondering if you had change for a twenty or just had a couple dollars or something so I can get something to eat? You got three tens?"
    Be sympathetic. Some people are more willing to donate if they recognize that you're in a dire situation and are truly in need of help. Whether this is a lie or the truth, try appealing to their sense of empathy and morality. If they think it's their obligation to help you, they'll be more likely to do it.
    • Saying that you're a veteran or that you were injured in a construction accident and stuck with huge hospital bills are likely to appeal to a person's sense of injustice and make them willing to help you. If you find a broken wheelchair in the trash, use it.
    • Be very careful about elaborate lies intended to appeal to sympathy. If you claim to be a veteran and you're not, running into real soldiers with a fake story could be problematic.
    Be funny. Often, appealing to someone's sense of humor rather than their sense of empathy is a more effective tactic. A sign that says, "I know where Bin Laden is. Need $ for a flamethrower and a ticket" or "Why lie? I want a beer" might make someone chuckle and donate who would normally be unsympathetic or unwilling.
    • In a college town, humor can be particularly effective. Stay abreast of current events and local culture to get a sense of what might go over well. Singing "I'll stop singing for a dollar" to the tune of a Lady Gaga song might help rake it in or it might get you arrested.
    Remember the regulars. In the old film "Treasure of the Sierra Madre," Humphrey Bogart plays a down-on-his-luck American in Mexico who accidentally asks the same American for money three times in the same day. "I never looked at your face," Bogart says when the American becomes annoyed. Don't make the same mistake.
    • If you see the same people on their way to work every day, learn their names and greet them. If they know you're there asking for money, you won't have to ask and you know they'll give it if they feel like it. They'll also be more likely to give if you're a friendly face on their commute each day and not an inconvenience.
    Remember: It's a numbers game. Don't become irritated or rude to people if they choose not to give you anything. Thank them and let them move on. Someone else will be past in another couple seconds if you're in a good location anyway. Moving quickly through your routine is a much more effective method than dwelling on lost opportunities. Be consistent and you'll make some money.

    Learn the laws in the area you're planning to panhandle. Some, once popular with panhandlers, have outlawed begging in certain areas. Portland, OR, for example, no longer permits panhandling in traffic medians.[2] Some cities have likewise restricted panhandling to particular areas or at particular times, outlawing panhandling during public events like parades, street fairs, etc. You need to learn the rules governing panhandling, so you're not arrested or ticketed.
    Be a good neighbor. Your relations with nearby businesses and other panhandlers can make or break your efforts. Be courteous and cooperative to business owners and their customers. Show your appreciation for their tolerance by patronizing their shop if you can, and if you’re asked to leave or asked to stand a little further away, do so without argument.
    • Always be friendly to other beggars, as well, and avoid territorial disputes. At the very least you’ll avoid dangerous and unsightly squabbles and you may even get some good money-making tips and make some friends.
    • Watch for "No soliciting" or "No loitering" signs. Be cautious to avoid areas even informally labeled with these tags. You don't want to draw the ire of anyone who'll call the cops, confront you, or make for an uncomfortable scene. Keep moving and be courteous.
    • If someone tells you to move, just move. Especially if you're alone and vulnerable, avoid possibly-dangerous confrontations at all costs. Staying on the move is a good idea in general, so if someone becomes annoyed by your presence, it's time to go elsewhere.
    Stash your money frequently. Panhandlers are frequently the target of robbers. If you've been working all day, you might end up with a fair amount of spare change and cash on hand. It's not a great idea to carry it around with you all the time and attract the attention of unsavory characters.
    • Find a spot to stash your cash, or at least a hidden lock-box or instrument case in which you might keep your money.
    • At the very least, keep your money in different places on your person. Some in your shoes, some in your pockets, etc.

    Exhaust other options before relying upon panhandling to make a living. Local churches, non-profit organizations, soup kitchens, shelters, and related services that are designed to help you get back on your feet. Panhandling is at best an inconsistent source of income and at worst a difficult and dangerous profession. Make sure you investigate all the options available in your area.

  • Beechmont Fountain Dedication Ceremony Adds a Little Sparkle to New Rochelle   9 weeks 2 days ago


    For what it's worth, I don't think of this site as "easy listening." Don't take this wrong, but you are still an arrogant SOB :).

  • TALK OF THE SOUND EXCLUSIVE: President Obama Coming to New Rochelle Friday   9 weeks 2 days ago

    Or maybe he's going to apologize for campaigning against private equity firms while sitting at a 32000 /plate dinner. Oh wait, he has the answer to echo bay questions.

    If he really wanted to do something for someone besides himself, maybe he will tell us what he will do to secure the return of Sgt. Tahmooressi.

    Will any of this happen? Nah business as usual.

    So just move along, Mr Pres, these aren't the droids you're looking for.

    On another note, this would explain the increased helicopter traffic the past few days circling the area around premium point and the shore line., and the surprising security reviews of some of the clubs along Davenport Neck.

  • New Rochelle Homeless Resource Center Proposal Offers More Questions Than Answers   9 weeks 3 days ago

    This is all too true. The other interesting facet of the proposal is how Hope plans to feed 100 homeless individuals on a lunch budget of 2,000 dollars per year. Even if each individual only ate 1 dollar of food a day for lunch, it still wouldn't cover more than two or three months at most.
    Of course any amount of money given would just go to waste when the program receiving it (Oasis)has a track record of misplaced funds. I know I have mentioned this before but Ray Rice donated this same amount of money two years ago for new beds. Never were they seen.

    I am seeing some of my friends who had initial enthusiasm for this program loose it as it is becoming clear that the shelter itself isn't going to be fixed, the maintenance problems, bedbugs etc. are still there. This isn't right.

    Of course the ironic thing is that this effort to make the suffering of the homeless invisible comes after Mayor Bramson's national crusade against "nimbyism". Of course everyone should be included and accepted, he is right about that. Words are different than actions however, and the latter shows a different pattern than the former. Apparently we are not part of everyone, the destitute don't count, it is ok to not want US in your neighborhood.

    I think there are many people who don't understand homlessness and that not seeing a problem is not the same as it going away. There are also people who are starting to stand up for the right thing. City council's (among other agenicies) biggest mistake so far (in many issues)has been listening to the former group instead of the latter.

  • Beechmont Fountain Dedication Ceremony Adds a Little Sparkle to New Rochelle   9 weeks 3 days ago

    Of course, you are right that what's fair for one is fair for all.

    Has the East End Civic ever pursue this?

    I am talking to you Beth, John!!!

  • Beechmont Fountain Dedication Ceremony Adds a Little Sparkle to New Rochelle   9 weeks 3 days ago


    You think this site has changed to easy listening? And who is "we"? I think you are speaking for yourself, right?

    Have you looked at home page lately? I am not sure how much more aggressive you want me to be than declaring war :-)

    I wrote a three-part series on 70 Belmont. I do not think it was easy listening.

    I suspect you do not understand the difference between when I post under Robert Cox and when a story is posted under Talk of the Sound News.

    Talk of the Sound News is for press releases and officials statements.

    Robert Cox is for when I do original reporting.

    As I was present at the Beechmont Foundation dedication, took pix, etc., I posted the story under Robert Cox.

    What may be confusing you is that more press releases are being posted. That is because my son agreed to take that on for me over the summer and is much more conscientious than I was in posting all the press releases we get from New Rochelle and Westchester.

    In any case, you are welcome to your opinion but nothing has changed at all.

  • Beechmont Fountain Dedication Ceremony Adds a Little Sparkle to New Rochelle   9 weeks 4 days ago

    In your article you stated the Beechmont residents and Iona College contributed $10,000. The project cost $18,500 and the city contributed $8,500. That being stated is there money for other homeowners associations to apply for in order to maintain city property in their areas.

    One example is Stephenson Blvd. The east end had maintained the island on Stephenson Blvd. for years. Buying plants, flower pots and watering the plants. Not one dime was supplemented by the city.

    It is wonderful when citizens and the city work together. But let's be fair. If $8,500 is available to one area it should be available to all.

  • Beechmont Fountain Dedication Ceremony Adds a Little Sparkle to New Rochelle   9 weeks 4 days ago

    We all appreciate what Talk of the Sound was and is.
    We all can easily tell a format change when we see it. That's fine this is your baby so you get to dress it how you need to.
    Just like when a Rock station goes Easy listening you can be sure that we are quite aware of the content. For a while your softball's were placed by Talk of the Sound now we see the easy listening being blogged by Robert Cox. We know its all one in the same. I feel a format change would be best to occur when Tammany Hall has left New Rochelle.
    Since Boss Tweed and his henchman are still residing at City Hall I personally am watching the format.
    Others have agreed with me. With all due respect in your search for credibility from City Hall to be allowed back in as a source of News you aught not overlook why you came in the first place. Don't loose track of reality is all I am suggesting.
    The crooks still inhabit our fair town.

  • Beechmont Fountain Dedication Ceremony Adds a Little Sparkle to New Rochelle   9 weeks 5 days ago


    Not sure why you think it is "new" that the site has "positive" content or why this story, in particular, is "positive". It just is. There are new fountains in Beechmont Lake. They look very nice and make a relaxing sound if you walk near the water and they look even better at night.

    As noted, the cost was $10,000 to buy and install; the money was provided by residents and Iona College.

    Sounds like you want to know who is paying for the ongoing maintenance and operation of the foundations -- including electrical.

    I do not know but I will ask.

    I do not believe this is truly a "green" project despite some of the statements that imply that -- these fountains are not pulling from the bottom of a deep lake and circulate the water and they are not intended to solve the algae problem at that lake and will not solve that problem.

    I leave it to the scientists to explain further but I think the fountains look very nice.

    That said, there were fountains at the NRHS lakes. They were turned off several years ago -- a woman donated the money to buy them and install them but do not provide money to maintain them. They became expensive to maintain and were abandoned.

    There IS a plan now to install new fountains at the NHRS similar to what has been installed at Beechmont Lake.

  • Beechmont Fountain Dedication Ceremony Adds a Little Sparkle to New Rochelle   9 weeks 5 days ago

    As I read all of your new positive content Bob.
    I do have a question how much does the electricity cost to run the system?
    Who is paying for the Electrical cost?
    How do we justify this as Green?
    We are mulching leaves, reducing energy in City Buildings. Encouraging Public Transportation and lowering our Carbon Foot Print.
    And although Boy Wonder Looks good in his Green T Shirt I am not sure how this measures up to his green Litmus test?

  • New Rochelle Board of Education Declares War on Free Speech - Bans Criticism of Board Members, Grants "Right to Interrupt" to Board Members   10 weeks 4 days ago

    And if they end the public comment period, I hope they will appreciate the protests out in front of city hall until it is restored.

  • New Rochelle Board of Education Declares War on Free Speech - Bans Criticism of Board Members, Grants "Right to Interrupt" to Board Members   10 weeks 4 days ago

    We need to do a clean sweep in NR from the mayor on down. They have been sweeping their dirt under the carpet for too long. It's time for new leadership and new ideas.

  • Astorino Announces IDA Support For $90 Million In Housing Projects, Including New Rochelle   11 weeks 20 hours ago

    Is this the same Mountco Real Estate Development of Scarsdale that acquired the 35 Maple Senior Housing Complex property for a song and broken promises? All we have heard is horror stories of frightened seniors. I spoke of this in my last post back on 7/23/14 about the Proposed Group Home.

    In the post I mentioned the 35 Maple Senior Housing Complex and how every month we hear James O'Toole asking The Mayor and The City Council for help down at the 35 Maple Senior Housing Complex where his mother and many other seniors live. Is this the same Mountco Construction and Development Corporation?

    New Rochelle's Washington House to be sold, renovated
    The Westchester Blog
    Ernie Garcia, 10:48 a.m. EDT May 15, 2014

    MountCo Lied to City Before Acquiring 35 Maple Senior Housing in 2011, Rents SkyRocket
    By James O'Toole on Wed, 12/11/2013

    SHOCKER: Scarsdale-Based Developer of Maple Avenue is a Bramson Donor
    By Robert Cox on Wed, 10/19/2011

    Maple Center Renovations Planned Under New Developer
    The senior apartments will soon be on the city's tax rolls.
    Posted by Michael Woyton (Editor) , November 04, 2011

    2011 Discussion and Vote on Maple Center Elderly Housing Project
    By Talk of the Sou... on Tue, 12/10/2013

    The entire deal needs to be looked at if that is the case so more people don’t go through the same horrors as the seniors at the 35 Maple Senior Housing. We can’t have history repeat itself. We all know how New Rochelle loves history.

    Let’ get it right for the people of New Rochelle not the developers!

  • New Rochelle Board of Education Declares War on Free Speech - Bans Criticism of Board Members, Grants "Right to Interrupt" to Board Members   12 weeks 1 day ago

    I am hardly staying within the boundaries of a game your opponent have rigged.

    You are on this web site because 6 years ago my response to their "game" was to create this web site to report on all of the corruption, cronyism and malfeasance in the school district, on the school board, in city government and elsewhere.

    People here in New Rochelle are well aware of what I've done to play my own "game" -- and play it much better than they do.

    I have been beating them like a drum, stirring up the public to speak out -- it is precisely why they are attempting to suppress public comment at public meetings.

    In other words, we are succeeding and this is their desperate attempt to turn back the clock.

    And I have been taking action -- how do you think you found this article? I reached out to Glenn Reynolds. I am reaching out to others.

    I will post the speech I gave that night, so you can see my initial response which was to say they had declared war on the residents of New Rochelle and that they were going to get Global Thermonuclear War in return.

    I told them I would BURY them by working very hard to gather and report every bit of corruption and malfeasance possible as often as possible.

    While I appreciate the sentiment behind your remarks, you are assuming that the extent of my efforts is to write this one article. It is not.

    They started this fight.

    I am going to finish it.

  • New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson Exploring Complete Elimination of Public Comment Period During City Council Meetings   12 weeks 1 day ago

    And I am exploring the possibility of a lawsuit.

  • New Rochelle Board of Education Declares War on Free Speech - Bans Criticism of Board Members, Grants "Right to Interrupt" to Board Members   12 weeks 1 day ago

    "I did post the emails and phone numbers for these "malefactors".
    I am not so keen on the home address thing."

    They'll delete your emails and filter your calls. And they won't abide by their own rules when they shut you down at the next meeting. Then everyone goes home discouraged, because it's a defeat. And the road gets harder.

    I'm sorry, but what they've shown you is that unless you create very personal consequences that make them rethink, you'll get more of the same forever.

    You need to give some serious thought re: how important it is to win this. The issue at stake is your freedom, or official status as a serf to your masters. Given that, demonstrating on public land in front of their homes is extremely mild. If you'd rather lose than do that, give up now. They've shown what they're willing to do to win. You?

    I'm sorry if this sounds harsh, but it's reality. Staying within the boundaries of a game your opponents have rigged? Are you kidding me?!?

  • New Rochelle Board of Education Declares War on Free Speech - Bans Criticism of Board Members, Grants "Right to Interrupt" to Board Members   12 weeks 1 day ago

    I just moved to New Rochelle from Yonkers. I can't believe how poorly the city government is run and now the school board?! New Rochelle is being eclipsed by surrounding communities in terms of business development and quality of schools. It's about time the city reclaims the title "Queen City of the Sound."

  • New Rochelle Board of Education Declares War on Free Speech - Bans Criticism of Board Members, Grants "Right to Interrupt" to Board Members   12 weeks 1 day ago

    The thing about this is, if the board is uncomfortable with people complaining, commenting, or otherwise voicing an opinion about wrongdoings, the solution would be to take action against the things that are wrong. In essence, they are shooting the messenger. I have yet to see a meeting where any complaint was not worth looking at. The criticism seems to be regarding things the board isn't aware of, or at least their public facade gives the impression they are unaware. If your doctor tells you about a problem do you limit his speaking, bury your head in the sand?

    There ARE problems. The board HAS presented itself as detached from the public, unless you are their to bestow accolades. Accolades do not solve problems, taking action under the view of the public eye builds confidence in the board's competence. If the residents were to see the board tackling the issues, we would all be more prone to offer more support.

    At the end of the day, if you don't want people to speak of the lying, cheating, malfeasance , corruption, et al, then clean it up. The best way to silence the complaints is operate beyond reproach, in full view of the public eye. If you're not stealing they won't call you a thief. Remember, every penny corrupted takes away from providing the best of services to our children.

    I urge the board to take a closer look at the conditions. Driving people away won't solve the problem. You should be welcoming the critique, use it as a "crowd sourcing" method to unroot the problems that have so obviously slipped past your oversight. Attempting to silence the people whom have elected will only serve to magnify the problems. You have all chosen to put yourselves in the hot seat, so don't complain when the temperature rises. You've brought this all upon yourselves.

    I recommend bringing more people in, welcoming them, listening and ultimately make your case for action or dismissing. Definitely NOT building a wall. The voters will decide how well you've served.

    In the meantime they're coming to get you, good luck

  • New Rochelle Board of Education Declares War on Free Speech - Bans Criticism of Board Members, Grants "Right to Interrupt" to Board Members   12 weeks 1 day ago

    Shut up, they explained.

  • New Rochelle Board of Education Declares War on Free Speech - Bans Criticism of Board Members, Grants "Right to Interrupt" to Board Members   12 weeks 1 day ago

    It seems the B of E is using the City Council as an example and they think it works. It seems 3 minutes at citizens to be heard is working fine. Well the board should attend a few council meetings and see the frustration that prevails. They must be reading Noam's playbook. Present an item at a meeting during the summer when few people are around and drop a bomb. Little do they know the power of the people. We have had enough and will not take it anymore. I hope all voters remember this meeting at election time. Do not forget to ask the hard questions during the debates.

    I had hopes for Rachel Relkin, but her actions have certainly changed.

    Thanks Bob for your reporting and investigations without them there is no hope.

  • George Zimmerman Acquitted in Trayvon Martin Case   12 weeks 1 day ago

    The matter under discussion is State versus Zimmerman, a Florida criminal case in which the defendant had been presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

    In Florida, as in the large majority of jurisdictions (including the Special and Territorial jurisdiction of the United States), once self-defense is raised by some evidence, from whatever source, which only might be believed, then the burden falls and remains on the prosecution to disprove self-defense, and to do so beyond a reasonable doubt.

    The defense has no burden of persuasion whatsoever, and only the slightest burden of going forward, which burden may be met by facts brought out during the prosecution case in chief. Furthermore, under the Florida's Evidence Code, there is a so-called "rule of completeness," whereby if any part of a defendant's out-of-court statement is introduced by the prosecution, all of it may come in, not just the inculpatory part.

    The jury verdict was not only right, it was overwhelmingly correct under the law and the evidence, to the extent that a guilty may not have survived a post verdict motion or have held up on appeal.

    Incidentally, they was no "Travon Martin case." Dead persons cannot be parties to law cases. Had the decedent lived to stand trial for his assault upon Zimmerman, it is not unlikely that the same presumption of innocence and requirement of proof beyond a reasonable doubt in self=defense cases would have resulted in a not guilty verdict also.

  • New Rochelle Board of Education Declares War on Free Speech - Bans Criticism of Board Members, Grants "Right to Interrupt" to Board Members   12 weeks 1 day ago

    "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor" Barak Obama
    The Moreland commission can look at me, the lt. Governor or the legislature. Gov. Cuomo

    We want more people to come to our meetings, more people to be involved. Unless, of course we don't approve of what you are saying. Then stay the f&#k home and mind your business. Isn't that what the school board is saying?

    More of the same media control and spin brought to you by the new wave of communist manipulation of the truth.

    Instead of circling the wagons, why don't you cowards grow a pair and line up the wagons and put them on display as they demonstrate the actions of a board interested in cleaning things up. Make an example of dealing with the wrongdoing instead of demonizing those who have elected you to serve the public. As a board, you're all a disgrace and failures of the public trust. I know there's one or two of you who agree, so stand up and come out of the shadows. You will be surprised with the support you will receive. You have the power to change things. Use it or move out.

  • New Rochelle Board of Education Declares War on Free Speech - Bans Criticism of Board Members, Grants "Right to Interrupt" to Board Members   12 weeks 2 days ago

    We have a 2-1 voter registration of Dems -v-Repubs.
    Worse than that people treat local elections as unimportant and do not turn out in large numbers. The local elections affect their pockets even more and harder than National Elections. Worse the School District tax levy is 2 times larger than the City of New Rochelle Tax LEVY and nobody shows up for school board or school budget elections accept the cronies of the powers in charge. I guess the public has gotten what they have deserved and until it becomes so evident that the present elected officials are the problem we get more of the same.
    So the only hope has been this blog shining the light on the crooks. Speaking at public meetings was the other good method but the same 5 people show up.
    More of the same will continue until this system breaks.

  • New Rochelle Board of Education Declares War on Free Speech - Bans Criticism of Board Members, Grants "Right to Interrupt" to Board Members   12 weeks 2 days ago

    I do not disagree as a matter of general principal.

    However, you are not familiar with New Rochelle and the Board of Education or the level of corruption that exists here.

    I cannot possibly explain it in a comment but this is a whole web site devoted to exposing the systemic corruption in our city government and school district -- and we have been very busy.

    This change in policy is strongly rooted in what has taken place at board meetings after we reported last April that then School Board President David Lacher had obtained personal medical insurance through the district (allowed under New York law) but then failed to make timely payments so that he was in arrears for almost two years, much of that time over $10,000 in arrears. As the amounts grew, the District began sending demanding payment in full by certified mail, they were ignored so that at the time we first raised the issue in public he owed about $13,500.

    The District routinely violated Open Meeting Laws and Freedom of Information law. In this case, after denying Mr. Lacher was even getting the insurance, we obtained the records and published them.

    You can view a summary of our efforts here.

    Lacher refused to resign and there were several contentious board meetings in which board members fought with each other and the public expressed their contempt both for Lacher and the board as a body.

    THAT is where this "plan" originated.

    And when you know, as I do, that this kind of stuff has been standing operating procedure you realize this is pure CYA.

  • TASTE OF THE SOUND: Restaurant Review of stir-licious   12 weeks 2 days ago

    My son & I ate there 2x already and we love it, we like the stations, each one does something different, 5 stars all the way!

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Ken Lewis | Advice to...
John Imburgia | I always love...

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