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  • New Rochelle's Discrimination Against Mobility Impaired Students Continues, Despite Two Federal Agreements and a $26 Million Lawsuit   9 weeks 1 day ago

    ADA Standards Require a 1:12 slope ratio which equals 4.8 degrees or one foot of wheelchair ramp for each inch of rise.

  • City of New Rochelle Hires Controversial Former City Manager of Rye Tied to Rye Golf Club Fraud   10 weeks 4 days ago

    Guess one needs to be "friends" with the right people to get a job in NR. To think, Mr. Integrity himself, Chuck Strome, actually does things that could be considered, umm, unethical. Hasn't he been down this path before?

  • City of New Rochelle Hires Controversial Former City Manager of Rye Tied to Rye Golf Club Fraud   10 weeks 4 days ago

    From what I have heard over the past couple days, Scott Pickup is someone Chuck knew and wanted for the job. If your boss comes to you and "recommends" a particular candidate (and no other candidates) you can decide for yourself how much choice Alex Tergis had in the matter.

    I have heard similar complaints about Tom Pfister, New Rochelle's Business Ambassador -- that this is another friend of Chuck's )

    There is a growing sense of unease that Chuck has "checked out" and is is biding his time until he hits the next level on his pension (in about 3 years) and that he does not really care what anyone thinks anymore.

    He would obviously know that there would be blowback on hiring Scott Pickup and just as obviously he does not care -- he is almost daring the City Council to fire him.

    I would note here that when I mentioned that Chuck was replacing a position (Deputy Commish) that was held not long ago by Joe Cotroneo, someone he had fired, Chuck denied firing him, said he was fired by the DPW Commissioner. This is pure silliness by Chuck - as if a Deputy Commissioner would be hired or fired over Chuck's objections.

    That he would not take responsibility for firing Cotroneo tells you what you need to know when he did not hire Pickup.

    Chuck is the boss but he wants to pretend to pass the buck. Not what I would call leadership.

  • City of New Rochelle Hires Controversial Former City Manager of Rye Tied to Rye Golf Club Fraud   10 weeks 5 days ago

    I guess if you want to keep the "shady things going on behind the scenes" theme going this is the right move. There was arecent article in LoHud that gave an interesting take on the events surrounding Mr Pickup's final days in Rye.

    Of course he hasn't been charged with anything, but it's interesting to read some of the statements from his former employers. Comments from the Mayor of Rye, Joe Sack -
    "...the Golf Club scandal"was an issue" in the minds of City Council members as they decided Pickup's fate"
    Asked about Pickup's performance, Sack said, "He's gone. It's over." (seems to be saying s lot with four words, wouldn't you say?)

    The Mayor went on to point out that while the scandal was a factor in deciding to oust Pickup, it wasn't the only one.

    After reading these two articles you have to wonder if the City really needs this type of extra baggage, as it were. As the City tries to clean up its image, and put on a more marketable facade, one would have to question why, out of all the options, you would choose a candidate so soon after they left the previous appointment under the shadow of such a scandal. I'm not sure "uniqueness" should be held in such high regard. Afterall Richard Fevang's shenanigans demonstrated some pretty "unique" qualities of his own. Look where that got him.

  • New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson Gearing Up for 2015 Election?   11 weeks 1 day ago

    To get a net benefit of 2 accomplishments, you have to eliminating 3 previous accomplishments and call them fees.

  • New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson Gearing Up for 2015 Election?   11 weeks 1 day ago

    For Mayor

  • New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson Gearing Up for 2015 Election?   11 weeks 1 day ago

    Where is the substainatial development and fiscal stewardship? He cuts services, adds fees AND raises taxes. Gee thanks. A few more dorms is what we been asking for too, forget retail. We haven't seen decent shopping in this city since Macy's left. Award winning GreeNR has not made a measurable mark in greenhouse gas emissions. So he can stop patting himself on the back. The man is useless.

  • New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson Gearing Up for 2015 Election?   11 weeks 1 day ago

    Advice to Douglas A. Colety and the powers within New Rochelle's GOP spend some time vetting your next candidate in a more professional manner.
    That being said with the margins of democratic to republican voters and with many North Ender's voting in the affinity method you will have a challenge defeating
    Bramson regardless of how little he has done and how ineffective he is in all respects. It would take someone like Maisano to get even close. Clearly he won't win with the margins of his last election but he will coast in for sure based upon the disparity.

  • New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson Gearing Up for 2015 Election?   11 weeks 2 days ago

    Seriously, I'm going to hit the ground running*, with the end game* being, to seed (like a Zygote) a paradigm shift* among the influencers* that would create a pivot* towards thinking outside the box* as they innovate* game changing* strategies to tease out the true growth hackers* among us. Visionary* thinkers poised to deliver a tangible but ambiguous "net benefit" to all who drink the kool aid. Always cognizant of the potential of becoming intoxicated by the exuberance own verbosity, I will take pause to return to the point of this post.

    Take a look at the 5 "accomplishments" over the 10 year period.

    -The city is basically broke. Balancing the little money the city has is more a testament to the city manager and his staff. The crowning glory of the mayors hand is the ability to lay off tax burden into "fees" that still drain the property owners without inflating the tax rate. Library fee, garbage fee, business registration fee associated with fines, water hydrant fees.

    - Sustainability by making the city more pedestrian and bike friendly, wow!

    - "Significant" new development? Really? Have you been downtown and noticed anything new besides the Monroe (lets give more money to the mayors campaign) College sprawl and its resultant headaches?

    - Infrastructure and assets. Like City Park, the field of dreams, because you must be dreaming if you think the local youth are allowed to use it. Streetscaped cameras at the intersections to provide a new revenue stream from tickets? Completely moot as evidence suggests there is no net benefit from these programs

    - Collaborative spirit? That's rich. The biggest thing the community has come together on was the overthrow of the mayors pet Echo Bay project. If the goal was to bring people together, he hit the jackpot on this one. Traditional objectionists banded with his own supporters to create a pushback so great in its magnitude that even the city council members who were aligned with him ran like rats off of a sinking ship to protect themselves from the political fallout. He didn't overcome anything, the voters overcame the dictator like approach to satisfying the hand that helped fund his campaign coffers. Overcoming the "thorny issue" of Davids Island is another straw grasping reach. Obamacare will be repealed before he gets anything settled on Xanadu, I mean Davids Island, no wait, the wind farm park, no, I got it now, the heavy metal contaminated environmentally dead ( wrong again, that's Echo Bay), well, you get the picture.

    So, after 10 years as mayor along with years of service as councilman it's hard to see the progress touted by these 5 talking points. Then again, the fog, along with some other organic substances, gets pretty thick down here in the East End. Maybe thats why we don't see the tenants in the Trump Tower, or the mayor for that matter.

    The voters have vehemently rejected him twice on very big issues. Echo Bay , the largest project in the City's history, and County Executive in a County with an overwhelmingly Democrat voter advantage. If that's the kind of track record you're looking for then have at it. Utilizing the new common core math would indicate the next 4 years would give us a "net benefit" of 2 accomplishments. I'm just not sure if that's pre-revenue* or value added*

    *Buzzword suggestions for creative campaigning

  • New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson Gearing Up for 2015 Election?   11 weeks 2 days ago

    We need an honorable, inclusive and authentic person as Mayor- how about Jim Maisano?

  • Sammy Melillo Passes   13 weeks 7 hours ago

    I met Sammy when came home from law school and got involved in New Rochelle politics over 20 years ago. Sammy loved New Rochelle and had many loyal friends here. My best to his very nice family. Sorry for your loss.

    Jim Maisano

  • Ray Rice's Former High School Football Coach Carefully Dances Around Middle School Gun Incident During National Press Conference   13 weeks 1 day ago

    From: Martin Sanchez
    Date: Tue, Sep 16, 2014 at 10:35 AM
    Subject: NRED Site
    To:, lmerchant , David Lacher
    , Chrisanne Petrone , "" , "" , vorellana , Liz Saraiva , ""
    Cc: "" , "" ,

    Is there a particular reason why the Varsity Football games are always prominently announced on the NRED site? Is there a reason why the Varsity Girls or Boys Soccer games are never announced? Or the Girls Varsity Volleyball or X country team? Is there a good reason why? Again, it seems to me like an issue of equity (maybe gender?) which some federal laws seem to have been violated - don't you think? Could we be fair and just ? Don't you think it is time? Or do you think we should keep doing things as we have always been doing? It's rather simple to fix - don't you have a diversity/eeo officer in place?.

    Martin Sanchez

    PS - and why is Richard Organisciak's photo on the photo ribbon in the NRED website? I thought he was no longer Superintendent. Surely this can be removed in less than a minute....

  • KNOCKOUT BLOW FOR RAY RICE: TMZ Video Shows Ray Rice Cold-cocked Fiance in AC Elevator   14 weeks 2 days ago

    I just watched the most disturbing video (if it's authentic) of one of your cities heroes, Ray Rice. Former New Rochelle H.S. star and current Baltimore Raven.

    If this is the actual, true, undoctored video of what he did to the woman (his wife?) in that elevator, he needs to be banned from the NFL for the rest of his life and Roger Goodell needs to be fired for his role, in handing out a two game suspension as a punishment for this reprehensible action.

    Absolutely. Totally. Disgusting.

    Somewhere in professional sports, this thug behavior has got to be stopped. This is as good a place to start as any.

    And there are actually people in our country who use the phrase "war on women" as a way to differentiate the political parties.

    Any woman who attends a Baltimore Ravens football game anywhere in America, until Ray Rice is looking for a new career, is a fool and a traitor to her sex.

  • The New Rochelle Department of Development Recently Launched an Economic Development Branding and Marketing Initiative   14 weeks 2 days ago

    I wrote to the Development Commissioner and City Spokesperson asking them whether there was any report of work product that resulted from EnvisioNR.

    Somehow EnvisioNR was supposed to be the basis for the City’s new Comprehensive Plan although there was just prior to that a GreeNR plan that would have seemed to serve the same purpose.

    "These guidelines, along with professional and public input, will help New Rochelle determine the direction of its future development and will be clearly outlined in the 2020 Comprehensive Plan – EnvisioNR."

    I searched the City web site for the 2020 Comprehensive Plan and EnvisioNR but came up empty/

    This is the main Page for EnvisioNR.

    Screen Shot 2014 09 08 at 1 24 34 PM
    Beginning in early 2012, New Rochelle began the important process of updating the city’s comprehensive plan. As a process that welcomes the public’s input and ideas, we hope you will take the time to read about the comprehensive planning process, the future of New Rochelle and the many opportunities for public involvement. Check back regularly for updates as the process moves forward!

    Interactive Website Launched for Comp Plan Process
    To further encourage public input in the creation of the City’s new Comprehensive Plan, the Department of Development has launched an interactive, online forum website

    The EnvisioNR site, run through a platform called MindMixer, features discussion forums to submit ideas, opinions and suggestions on specific questions as they relate to the comprehensive plan’s six focus areas:
    - Economic Development
    - Land Use + Zoning
    - Mobility + Infrastructure
    - Neighborhoods + Housing
    - Open Space + Community Resources
    - Urban Design + Preservation

    The initial set of topics on the EnvisioNR forum focuses on Neighborhoods + Housing. Additional topics on other focus areas will be posted in the weeks and months ahead, allowing participants to revisit the site and give new feedback. All responses will be collected by the EnvisioNR team and reviewed for the next step in the planning process- the creation of recommendations for the city’s future.

    To get started, visit and sign up by clicking the purple “Sign Up Here!” box. Signing up is necessary to participate. By clicking on any of the listed questions, participants will be able to submit their own answers, support other participants’ answers, and vote on the best ideas.

    This is the initial notification page for EnvisioNR

    Both pages list

    A WHOIS look up of who owns that domain does not disclose ownership:

    Screen Shot 2014 09 08 at 9 45 55 AM

    Screen Shot 2014 09 08 at 9 48 23 AM

    Screen Shot 2014 09 08 at 9 50 27 AM points to

    That site does not seem to have any information about new Rochelle.

    Screen Shot 2014 09 08 at 9 53 43 AM

    In the search results for "EnvisioNR" I did come across this resolution from 2012:

    Screen Shot 2014 09 08 at 10 05 15 AM

    There is a requirement that Comprehensive Plans have community input and this resolution was for the purpose of funding that input.

  • The New Rochelle Department of Development Recently Launched an Economic Development Branding and Marketing Initiative   14 weeks 3 days ago

    So how much will this poorly thought out branding project cost us? Who's brilliant idea was this (can I guess)? And what happened to the last "marketing" idea we paid for, that we got no results from, "EnvisioNR"? How much did that cost?

    With all the failing infrastructure here in New Rochelle, with an Armory that belongs to the people of this City that has trees growing up from the toilets, with a public works commissioner who is already practicing his excuses as to why the snow can't be removed from secondary streets three to four days after a six inch snowfall because the trucks are broken, we need to waste money on a "branding" study? We still have potholes that are unfilled from last winter. We keep raising fees and carving charges out of our real estate taxes to stay within the tax mandate, & we choose to waste money on a branding project. How about releasing the results of the last effort, before launching into a new waste of time. Whose crony friend got this money from this study?

  • DID JOSE MARTINEZ COMMIT THE PERFECT CRIME? Rape a Child in a New Rochelle School, Move to Brooklyn, Work in Manhattan   14 weeks 3 days ago

    So, if senior district administration, senior building administration and board members knew about the sexual molestation allegations against Jose Martinez, why didn’t they just fire him? One of the topics that was discussed at the time that Jose was initially arrested was that his resignation from Jefferson Elementary School was not his first attempt to resign. Some in the community had discussed that Jose had tried to resign at least once before while he was the Administrative Dean at Isaac E. Young Middle School. It was said that his resignation was not accepted. Furthermore, that he was convinced to not resign. PROJECT SAVE—SAFE SCHOOLS AGAINST VIOLENCE IN EDUCATION could be a possible explanation on why he was not fired and/or not allowed to resign:

    13. Prohibiting Silent Resignations

    • Ends practice of allowing person to resign rather disclose allegations of child abuse.

    • Class E. felony, punishable by up to four years in prison, civil penalty not to exceed $20,000.00 for those superintendents who allow employee to resign under these circumstances.

    • Individuals who in good faith comply with the reporting requirements will be entitled to immunity from any civil or criminal liability that might otherwise result from such actions.

  • Hey New Rochelle, we’re having a Street Fair! Who Knew?   14 weeks 6 days ago

    Another week gone and only three days until the Street Fair on Sunday September 7th,

    I am following up regarding my post and an e-mail I sent to The City Council. Since the original post of 8/28/14 and sending that e-mail back on 8/28/14 I have not seen or heard anything that is related to the Street Fair scheduled for this weekend. No signs, No Banners? Oh yes, I saw one when I was in City Hall yesterday. It is a shame that we waste such opportunities to change the image of New Rochelle's Downtown and create a community feel within the city. All the groups from Downtown, BID, Chamber of Commerce and The City of New Rochelle should be working together as one to make this a show case for The City of New Rochelle. I don't see that.

    As an update, on the afternoon of 9/3/14. I was traveling through New Rochelle. I was going from The Home Depot on Weyman Avenue up Main Street to Stop and Shop on Palmer. After I left there, I was on my way home by way of North Avenue past City Hall up to Eastchester Road.

    Needless to say over the last few days I covered most of the busiest parts of the city. We are now just four days from the September 7th date for the Street Fair. I was saddened to not see a single sign or poster advertising the Street Fair. During my travels on Main Street, I saw plenty of signs for the BID Side Walk Sale for September 3rd - 6th and one sign on the corner of North Avenue and Eastchester Road for the Fall Leaf Program.

    We see banners and signs in and around Mamaroneck, Pelham, Eastchester, Larchmont, and all the surrounding cities and towns. It is not Rocket Science! Once again we see an example of missed opportunities. New Rochelle loses while the company running the Street Fair and the vendors make money and move on. Meanwhile, New Rochelle and the taxpayers get stuck with the bill for police and sanitation coverage for the day and the merchants that are hanging on Downtown get short changed. The merchants still have to pay their rent for the day and the vendors are charged no rent and no fees are paid to New Rochelle (New Rochelle Loves Fees) to use our streets and they take the profits made at the cost of New Rochelle Taxpayer and move on to the next town like the Carnival caravans of years ago. Well. We all know, New Rochelle Love History!

    In response to what I saw, I will just repeat part of what I wrote before.

    Why is New Rochelle always behind the eight-ball when it comes to these types of events? Why, because we can't promote our city and its wonderful events properly, A Big Dis-Connect! How many of you have seen anything for the Second Annual Street Fair? How are we going to improve our Downtown and The City of New Rochelle if we can’t get the promotion of a street fair right?

    You only get so many chances to get things right or people just write you off as a lost cause. Are we to that point? Is New Rochelle a Lost Cause? Don't just think about it, Let's Do Something!

    New Rochelle, Who is to Blame?

    It is not about the blame game. It’s about what is best for The City of New Rochelle, the Citizens of New Rochelle and the future of New Rochelle. Stop the games and politics. Stop taking credit when things are right and placing blame when things go wrong. You also have to be able to admit when things go wrong to correct them.

    It’s about Accountability and Responsibility! The question needs to be, who is responsible for where The City of New Rochelle is today in 2014?

    Mayor Bramson,The Strong Mayor, The Weak Mayor, The City Council, The Mayor and The City Council, The City Manager, The City Staff, The City Manager and Staff, Who? Who will step up for the future of The City of new Rochelle? Who will accept the responsibility for the future of New Rochelle and hold themselves and everyone else accountable. I say all the above along with The Citizens of New Rochelle that stand by and watch as Rome/New Rochelle Burns, inaction is the same as action!

    The Twenty Million Dollar Question is, Who Will Step Up?

  • New Rochelle Board of Education Will Vote Tuesday to Suppress Speech, Crush Dissent   15 weeks 1 hour ago

    This is what George Bernard Shaw said about the unreasonable man:

    "The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man."

  • GETTING RESULTS: Aramark Management Team Purged from New Rochelle Schools   15 weeks 1 hour ago

    On the question of Getting Results and reaching the "Tipping Point":

    “The answer is that the success of any kind of social epidemic is heavily dependent on the involvement of people with a particular and rare set of social gifts.”

    “For a social epidemic to start, though, some people are actually going to have to be persuaded to do something. ”

    Excerpt From: Gladwell, Malcolm. “The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make A Big Difference.” iBooks.

  • Images from "Today and yesterday in New Rochelle" (1913) : Thomas Paine Cottage   15 weeks 3 days ago
  • Hey New Rochelle, we’re having a Street Fair! Who Knew?   15 weeks 6 days ago

    My second career has just presented itself.

  • Hey New Rochelle, we’re having a Street Fair! Who Knew?   15 weeks 6 days ago

    Found this today, perhaps this should be part of the flyer handed out downtown NR.

    How to Panhandle
    Choosing a Location Asking for Money Staying Safe
    "It is a beggar's pride that he is not a thief," says an old Japanese proverb. A panhandler is a person who relies on the financial graces of strangers without providing goods or services in return, though it's just as much work as a wage job. Whether you're experiencing a short-term lack of cash and need a few quick bucks or you're in long-term financial trouble, learning a few simple techniques to safely approach people and ask for money may make a huge difference in their response.
    Choose an area with lots of foot traffic. If you're going to maximize your earning-potential, you'll need to go to a place in which you'll encounter a lot of different approachable people. It helps if you're both on foot at the same time. For this reason, by far the most popular locations are subway stations, metro stops, truck stops, urban campuses, or the areas around other commuter zones.
    • Placing yourself directly outside of the entrance to a subway station is a high-yield opportunity. Different people will pass through every couple of minutes, so the turnover is high.
    • Centralized downtown locations are a safer bet than malls or shopping centers, because commercial zones are typically worked by security staff who are typically unwelcoming of your endeavor.
    Choose an area with lots of auto traffic. If you've got a sign or the materials to make one, posting up in a traffic median near an interstate on-ramp or a busy downtown street corner ensures that you'll be seen by lots of people in lots of cars without having to move or even speak.
    • This requires the least amount of effort on your part, but it's also easier for people to ignore someone while in a car. This works best during spring or summer months when people drive with their windows down.
    Avoid wealthy neighborhoods and expensive restaurant districts. While it may seem intuitive to go to where people have lots of money to give away, the wealthiest segments of the population are statistically the least likely to give to panhandlers.[1] People in these areas are also more likely to call police, even if you're being courteous.
    • Stick to downtown commercial districts and middle-class areas.
    Keep moving. Posting up outside the same neighborhood coffee shop every day will likely get you into some heat with the staff and you'll quickly wear out your welcome with the patrons, making the likelihood of an uncomfortable confrontation too great. Besides, at that point, you'll have stopped making any money.
    • Aim to hit up the same place no more than once a month.
    • If you're not tied to a location, you might develop a circuit or a route based on the weather. If you're in New York in the summer, say, make your way to Boston for the early fall, Baltimore for the late fall, and get down to Florida for the winter and sleep on the beach. Keep track of the places you visit, the places you sleep, and friendly areas to work.
    Choose a city friendly to panhandlers. Increasingly, when neighborhoods once commonly friendly to panhandlers become gentrified, the laws and population will change significantly, making it difficult to stay ahead of the game.
    • Medium-to-large cities are typically friendlier to panhandlers than smaller towns. College towns, however, can be a good bet. They're full of young idealistic students who are often flush with disposable cash and susceptible to a good story.
    • Pick a place with good weather. If you're going to be outside all day, rain or shine, pick a place where it'll be shining at least.
    Be polite. If there's one thing that's guaranteed to fail and get you in lots of trouble, it's demanding money from strangers in a rude or confrontational way. Smile, be courteous, and thank people whether or not they choose to give you anything.
    • Thanking people will lay the groundwork for developing a reputation in your area. If you develop a good working relationship with the people in the areas you solicit, they'll be more likely to give you money the next time. It's not worth telling someone off in the long run, even though you might be feeling frustrated.
    Be believable. Whatever your tactic in asking--if you choose to tell people the whole truth, or if you spin a yarn to get some change--you need to sound like you're being honest. If you're asking for money to get a bus ticket because you really need a bus ticket, it won't matter if the person you're asking thinks you're going to buy booze.
    • Tailor your story to your location. If you're going to ask for a bus ticket, it helps if you're right around the corner from a bus station and have a bag. Name a specific location you need to get to, somewhere faraway and strange, like "Ohio."
    • Make sure your appearance matches your story as best as it can. If you're playing the lost traveler, it won't help your story if it looks like you've been sleeping outside for the past couple months, even if you have been.
    Be specific. Some panhandlers believe the key to success is in asking for a very particular amount of money for a very particular reason. "I need 40 cents to get a bus ticket, can you help me out?" tends to be a more effective approach than "I need to get a bus ticket."
    • If you ask for a very specific amount of money, it increases the believability of your question. If you ask for a dollar you may get some spare change, but if you ask for 40 cents, you may get a dollar.
    Be clear and concise. To avoid intimidating people or making them frustrated and unlikely to give you anything, just come out and ask for what you're looking for: "Excuse me sir, I'm sorry to bother you, but I need some change to get something to eat."
    • Ask for one thing and give one reason: "I need ____ for _____."
    • Using a sign can be the easiest way to panhandle. All you need is a piece of cardboard from a recycling or garbage dumpster and something to write with. Make the lettering bold and clear so it can be read quickly.
    • Alternatively, depending on your verbal skills and your experience, being as evasive as possible can be a good way to confuse someone and make them want to get rid of you. This works especially well on "out-of-towners" or college students: "Excuse me sir, how you doing tonight? I'm sorry to bother you, but my cellphone's dead and my girlfriend's stuck up on 34th St. with our kid in the car and they got in a little accident right after they ran out of gas (you don't have a cigarette do you?) and my mom would usually pick them up but she's in the hospital with chronic fatigue syndrome and my battleship's taking off tomorrow and I'm already in the doghouse about that (you know what I mean) so I was just wondering if you had change for a twenty or just had a couple dollars or something so I can get something to eat? You got three tens?"
    Be sympathetic. Some people are more willing to donate if they recognize that you're in a dire situation and are truly in need of help. Whether this is a lie or the truth, try appealing to their sense of empathy and morality. If they think it's their obligation to help you, they'll be more likely to do it.
    • Saying that you're a veteran or that you were injured in a construction accident and stuck with huge hospital bills are likely to appeal to a person's sense of injustice and make them willing to help you. If you find a broken wheelchair in the trash, use it.
    • Be very careful about elaborate lies intended to appeal to sympathy. If you claim to be a veteran and you're not, running into real soldiers with a fake story could be problematic.
    Be funny. Often, appealing to someone's sense of humor rather than their sense of empathy is a more effective tactic. A sign that says, "I know where Bin Laden is. Need $ for a flamethrower and a ticket" or "Why lie? I want a beer" might make someone chuckle and donate who would normally be unsympathetic or unwilling.
    • In a college town, humor can be particularly effective. Stay abreast of current events and local culture to get a sense of what might go over well. Singing "I'll stop singing for a dollar" to the tune of a Lady Gaga song might help rake it in or it might get you arrested.
    Remember the regulars. In the old film "Treasure of the Sierra Madre," Humphrey Bogart plays a down-on-his-luck American in Mexico who accidentally asks the same American for money three times in the same day. "I never looked at your face," Bogart says when the American becomes annoyed. Don't make the same mistake.
    • If you see the same people on their way to work every day, learn their names and greet them. If they know you're there asking for money, you won't have to ask and you know they'll give it if they feel like it. They'll also be more likely to give if you're a friendly face on their commute each day and not an inconvenience.
    Remember: It's a numbers game. Don't become irritated or rude to people if they choose not to give you anything. Thank them and let them move on. Someone else will be past in another couple seconds if you're in a good location anyway. Moving quickly through your routine is a much more effective method than dwelling on lost opportunities. Be consistent and you'll make some money.

    Learn the laws in the area you're planning to panhandle. Some, once popular with panhandlers, have outlawed begging in certain areas. Portland, OR, for example, no longer permits panhandling in traffic medians.[2] Some cities have likewise restricted panhandling to particular areas or at particular times, outlawing panhandling during public events like parades, street fairs, etc. You need to learn the rules governing panhandling, so you're not arrested or ticketed.
    Be a good neighbor. Your relations with nearby businesses and other panhandlers can make or break your efforts. Be courteous and cooperative to business owners and their customers. Show your appreciation for their tolerance by patronizing their shop if you can, and if you’re asked to leave or asked to stand a little further away, do so without argument.
    • Always be friendly to other beggars, as well, and avoid territorial disputes. At the very least you’ll avoid dangerous and unsightly squabbles and you may even get some good money-making tips and make some friends.
    • Watch for "No soliciting" or "No loitering" signs. Be cautious to avoid areas even informally labeled with these tags. You don't want to draw the ire of anyone who'll call the cops, confront you, or make for an uncomfortable scene. Keep moving and be courteous.
    • If someone tells you to move, just move. Especially if you're alone and vulnerable, avoid possibly-dangerous confrontations at all costs. Staying on the move is a good idea in general, so if someone becomes annoyed by your presence, it's time to go elsewhere.
    Stash your money frequently. Panhandlers are frequently the target of robbers. If you've been working all day, you might end up with a fair amount of spare change and cash on hand. It's not a great idea to carry it around with you all the time and attract the attention of unsavory characters.
    • Find a spot to stash your cash, or at least a hidden lock-box or instrument case in which you might keep your money.
    • At the very least, keep your money in different places on your person. Some in your shoes, some in your pockets, etc.

    Exhaust other options before relying upon panhandling to make a living. Local churches, non-profit organizations, soup kitchens, shelters, and related services that are designed to help you get back on your feet. Panhandling is at best an inconsistent source of income and at worst a difficult and dangerous profession. Make sure you investigate all the options available in your area.

  • Beechmont Fountain Dedication Ceremony Adds a Little Sparkle to New Rochelle   16 weeks 18 hours ago


    For what it's worth, I don't think of this site as "easy listening." Don't take this wrong, but you are still an arrogant SOB :).

  • TALK OF THE SOUND EXCLUSIVE: President Obama Coming to New Rochelle Friday   16 weeks 1 day ago

    Or maybe he's going to apologize for campaigning against private equity firms while sitting at a 32000 /plate dinner. Oh wait, he has the answer to echo bay questions.

    If he really wanted to do something for someone besides himself, maybe he will tell us what he will do to secure the return of Sgt. Tahmooressi.

    Will any of this happen? Nah business as usual.

    So just move along, Mr Pres, these aren't the droids you're looking for.

    On another note, this would explain the increased helicopter traffic the past few days circling the area around premium point and the shore line., and the surprising security reviews of some of the clubs along Davenport Neck.

  • New Rochelle Homeless Resource Center Proposal Offers More Questions Than Answers   16 weeks 1 day ago

    This is all too true. The other interesting facet of the proposal is how Hope plans to feed 100 homeless individuals on a lunch budget of 2,000 dollars per year. Even if each individual only ate 1 dollar of food a day for lunch, it still wouldn't cover more than two or three months at most.
    Of course any amount of money given would just go to waste when the program receiving it (Oasis)has a track record of misplaced funds. I know I have mentioned this before but Ray Rice donated this same amount of money two years ago for new beds. Never were they seen.

    I am seeing some of my friends who had initial enthusiasm for this program loose it as it is becoming clear that the shelter itself isn't going to be fixed, the maintenance problems, bedbugs etc. are still there. This isn't right.

    Of course the ironic thing is that this effort to make the suffering of the homeless invisible comes after Mayor Bramson's national crusade against "nimbyism". Of course everyone should be included and accepted, he is right about that. Words are different than actions however, and the latter shows a different pattern than the former. Apparently we are not part of everyone, the destitute don't count, it is ok to not want US in your neighborhood.

    I think there are many people who don't understand homlessness and that not seeing a problem is not the same as it going away. There are also people who are starting to stand up for the right thing. City council's (among other agenicies) biggest mistake so far (in many issues)has been listening to the former group instead of the latter.

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