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  • New Rochelle's First and Only Walgreen's Set to Close July 30, Former Home of Thruway Diner   20 weeks 2 days ago


    I sent your comment to their spokesperson. No reply.

  • New Rochelle's First and Only Walgreen's Set to Close July 30, Former Home of Thruway Diner   20 weeks 2 days ago

    I couldn't agree more!!!!

  • New Rochelle's First and Only Walgreen's Set to Close July 30, Former Home of Thruway Diner   20 weeks 2 days ago

    Clear, concise and to the point. Moreover, a testament to the failed policies of administrations, past and present, and their inability to forge a healthy direction for a city that inherently has all it needs to be successful. It's time to stop trading public subsidy for private profits. New Rochelle deserves better.
    Good job, write less and say more

  • JOURNAL NEWS: Bramson County Executive Campaign Used Same Media Firm That Cuomo Protected from Moreland Commision   20 weeks 2 days ago

    Brian, where do I begin? Once again your overly verbose and rambling post is flat out erroneous! I am not confused by anything; it is you who is back-peddling.

    Let’s get out of the fairytale world of the Emerald City and deal with reality. In justification of labeling Senator Jeff Klein “sleazy” for changing the majority in the senate you state, “Senator Klein did so, not to make NY a better State, but rather to increase the personal political power of Jeff Klein…” Isn’t an elected official’s job to best represent their constituents? Don’t the constituents of the most powerful elected officials receive considerations that that constituents that the party-liners do not? The peons have to tow the party line to receive a few crumbs for their constituents. So, by breaking away from the democratic majority and doing EXACTLY what you encourage elected officials to do, “I encourage elected officials to think for themselves and to vote in the interests of their constituent voting and non-voting persons.” Senator Klein thought for himself and did what he believed was best to serve his constituents.

    By stating, “I repeatedly, clearly stated on TOTS, that the NR Democratic Committee has no ‘Party Lines’ regarding any specific issues, and I accurately predicted that Echo Bay Forest City would fail to be approved by the City Council, despite 5 of 7 City Council Members being Democrats. I was proven correct when 6 of 7 City Council Members voted against Forest City, including all 6 City Council Members representing Council Districts.” You are clearly naïve or blind to the history of Echo Bay. For years both Tim Idoni & Noam Bramson conspired to demolish the NR Armory and fatten the pockets of Forest City. They violated the Armory deed and gave control over the Armory to Forest City. The aforementioned democratic mayors controlled EVERY vote preceding the last votes where a bi-partisan group, led by Councilman Tarantino, killed a bad project. If not for Mayor Bramson’s disgraceful behavior towards Councilwoman Shari Rackman’s independence, Forest City might still be moving forward. In the end, even handmaiden Fertel abandoned SS Bramson Forest City.

    The biggest farce is your statement that, “ general the Democrats do not walk in lock-step with ‘Party Lines". You go on to state, Democrats do not walk in lock-step with party lines and there is no strong party line among democrats? Here is a reality check; OBAMACARE! Do you remember how it was passed? In the dark of night, behind closed doors EXCLUDING republicans if memory serves me. Remember this insightful quote, “we have to pass the bill [ObamaCare] so that you can find out what is in it”? What about the democrats pushing through the nuclear option? Reversing a decades old position to allow a simple majority judicial appointment as opposed to the long-standing 60-vote requirement? It was the democrats who instituted the 60-vote rule in 1975 when the democrats gained control of the senate. The democrats couldn’t play by their rules so they changed the rules.

    Brian Sussman, you need to re-read my post. I never stated or accused Governor Cuomo or Mayor Bramson of being guilty of anything. I stated birds of a feather, democrats Cuomo & Bramson, flock together; used the same media buying company (Buying Time). This is done for many reasons; to bargain for pricing and most importantly to solicit major campaign contributions regardless of party. In the end, it is you who misinterpreted both Ms. Ganga’s reporting and my post as something they were not.

    Read the words and don’t let political affiliation affect your knee-jerk political response.

    Now please sit down and take a deep breath. I just read that Governor Cuomo will endorse Senator Klein in the upcoming primary that you desire Klein to loose. Sorry Brian.

  • New Rochelle's First and Only Walgreen's Set to Close July 30, Former Home of Thruway Diner   20 weeks 3 days ago

    So it turns out that the Thruway Diner was destroyed for no beneficial reason, a great loss for New Rochelle.

    Prior to that, Caruso's Lumberama was destroyed because Home Depot insisted they needed that property for an alternate entrance to their parking lot.

    That claim was a lie, because now, that 'necessary' entrance is being replaced by another diner.

    City Hall is now telling us that they will have to destroy the Armory, and to move City Yard to Beechwood, and that is their current lies.

    None of this has occurred to improve New Rochelle, and all of it has occurred as corporate welfare.

  • Bramson Stirs Embers of Dormant Group Home Controversy to Generate Attention for Himself   20 weeks 3 days ago

    Truly if Bramson wanted to be an ambassador for New Rochelle he would resign and move elsewhere. He has been an ambassador for himself in every way possible. The demarcation line for people who mistrust him now reaches into all Council Districts of New Rochelle let alone Westchester County. In the Words of Pearle Q New Rochelle simply can not afford Noam Bramson.
    His inability to achieve any progress on any issue has been tainted by all of the above.
    At this point the best practice for him is to turn and run as fast as he can. Frankly you would think the Mrs. would leave him little choice.
    See Ya!

  • Bramson Stirs Embers of Dormant Group Home Controversy to Generate Attention for Himself   20 weeks 3 days ago

    Amen! I'll go back to my original comment.....Noam Bramson is a political opportunist.

  • New Rochelle's First and Only Walgreen's Set to Close July 30, Former Home of Thruway Diner   20 weeks 3 days ago

    If we could only get the New Dinner in progress to serve up both their food offering and dispense scripts.
    Then we could follow along the great New Rochelle tradition and either open up a Church or a Dollar store in the current Walgreens location.

  • New Rochelle's First and Only Walgreen's Set to Close July 30, Former Home of Thruway Diner   20 weeks 4 days ago

    Apparently the spokesperson for Walgreen's is unaware that their neighbor on Weyman Avenue (CVS) is closed...........soon to become a Best Friends dog boarding facility.

  • JOURNAL NEWS: Bramson County Executive Campaign Used Same Media Firm That Cuomo Protected from Moreland Commision   20 weeks 4 days ago

    Anthony Galletta is confused about my comment, so I am clarifying my statement so he can understand my point.

    I do not believe elected officials should vote in lock-step with some 'Party Line' on various issues. I encourage elected officials to think for themselves and to vote in the interests of their constituent voting and non-voting persons.

    The reason I referred to Jeff Klein as sleazy, has nothing to do with how he votes on legislation. I do not know how Senator Klein votes on legislation, and that is not the issue I raised.

    The issue I raised, was that Senator Jeff Klein voted to prevent his own Democratic Party from placing a Democrat as the Majority Leader of the NY Senate, despite the fact that a majority of the NYS Senators are Democrats. Senator Klein did so, not to make NY a better State, but rather to increase the personal political power of Jeff Klein, in contradiction to the vote of the majority of NY State voters.

    Therefore, I have advocated that Democrat Jeff Klein be ‘primaried’ out of office, much like what happened to Republican Eric Cantor. I advocated that Oliver Koppell would be a much better Senator than Jeff Klein. This is in regards to a mostly-Bronx Senatorial District that, until recently, included part of New Rochelle.

    I know George Latimer, and think he has been a very good Senator and Assemblyman, so I do not understand why you brought him up. My own Senator is Andrea Stewart-Cousins and my Assemblyman is Steve Otis. Assemblyman Otis has been very effective in his first term. Senator Stewart-Cousins has been effective in her several terms of office, and will probably become NY Senate Majority Leader next year. Obviously, New Rochelle would very much benefit by having its Senator become Majority Leader.

    Personally, I don’t believe in ‘Party Lines’, and in general the Democrats do not walk in lock-step with ‘Party Lines’. The past few years, I repeatedly, clearly stated on TOTS, that the NR Democratic Committee has no ‘Party Lines’ regarding any specific issues, and I accurately predicted that Echo Bay Forest City would fail to be approved by the City Council, despite 5 of 7 City Council Members being Democrats. I was proven correct when 6 of 7 City Council Members voted against Forest City, including all 6 City Council Members representing Council Districts.

    Whereas there is no strong ‘Party Line’ among Democrats, the Republican Party, especially in Washington DC and in states other than NY, very much does follow ‘Party Lines’ in lock-step. The House of Representatives is a perfect example of Republican Party negligence, if not malfeasance, in this regard.

    Speaker John Boehner refuses to put anything to a vote unless a majority of the Republicans supports that vote. If Speaker Boehner truly believed in democracy, he would put legislation to a vote of the majority of all the Congresspersons, even if a minority of Republicans contributed to the vote’s total majority. In comparison, when Nancy Pelosi was Speaker, she did put legislation to the vote, even if less than a majority of Democrats supported the legislation.

    I do agree with you, that it is unfortunate that Corporations and Power Brokers have too much influence on our politicians.

    However, within my lifetime, I have seen the influence of Unions greatly diminish, to the detriment of our economy and blue collar workers, and consider that unfortunate for the USA. It is no coincidence that the USA’s economy was at its strongest in the 1940’s thru 1960’s when the Unions were at their strongest, and Ultra-Wealthy families at their weakest. It is no coincidence that the USA’s economy has weakened since the 1970’s, especially among Laborers, during the same period that Unions have weakened while the influence of the Ultra-Wealthy has increased dramatically.

    There is a great difference between the negative influences of Big Business Lobbies, and Union Lobbies. Big Businesses lobby to increase the influence of the already-overly-influential top 10% of Americans (let alone the top 1% who virtually run America’s economic and foreign policies). Unions lobby to provide some influence for the vast number of under-paid Laborers of Americans, including those Laborers who don’t join Unions.

    Anthony Galletta, you have certainly failed to prove your false allegation, that Gov Cuomo’s elimination of the Moreland Commission proves Mayor Bramson is somehow guilty by association. It is you who are guilty of innuendo, by your associating Noam Bramson with the questionable acts of Andrew Cuomo.

    I do not think a 2-Party System is inherently evil, and in the USA and UK, it has historically been necessary and effective. When one looks at republics such as France, Italy or Israel, it is obvious that nations of many political parties, tend to be unstable and incompetent. I’d perhaps blame that instability problem on parliamentary systems, except that the UK tends to have stable governments, and is a 2-Party System. Of course the worst situations are 1-Party systems such as in fascist Russia and Syria, or Communist China.

    I have little knowledge of Common Core, and don’t know whether I agree with its objectives and policies, or not. I do think Public Education is one of America’s greatest priorities. But, I do not follow the policies of NR Board of Education closely, as I have no children in school. I believe its very much in the interest of parents of current and future students to closely monitor and influence the policies and effectiveness of NR public schools, as well as monitoring the NR School District.

    Certainly, our schools are obligated to give the best education possible, and to encourage greater knowledge of Math, Science, English, Civics, Economics, History, Geography and the Arts. Without such education, our students would be less competitive in our current and future economic environment. Knowledge of Civics, Economics, History and Geography are a serious necessity to a well-functioning democracy.

    I do not know what Common Core’s objective is, regarding any of those subjects. Perhaps you can enlighten me, as to your own perspective on that, and as to what your problem is with Common Core.

  • JOURNAL NEWS: Bramson County Executive Campaign Used Same Media Firm That Cuomo Protected from Moreland Commision   20 weeks 4 days ago

    I would like to respond to both of your comments.

    So let me get this straight; if you don’t vote in lockstep with the Democratic leadership you are a sleazy turncoat? Does that apply to the five democrats who voted against Common Core, which was initially supported by the Democratic leadership? If applied consistently, your condemnation defines Senator George Latimer as a sleazy turncoat for opposing Common Core.

    While the two party system is a necessary evil, the mindset that once one is registered in a political party they must tow the party line, denying independence, is what resulted in the current corruption that is NYS government. Governors have resigned for scandals, many while in office, and the current governor is embroiled in a developing scandal because the primary political objective is to protect those who helped the current political power brokers get elected at all costs. Some might respond the “people” put them in office but the truth is the corporations, unions and power brokers who contributed millions to allow the politicians to get their “message” out are responsible for the current dysfunctional gang in Albany.

    The winning “message” is usually a party line message crafted by the power brokers to protect their contributors while luring the faithful "blind mice” party liners to sign on to. That message is targeted at attaining public office regardless of what is best for the constituency. This was never more evident then the current day Charles Rangel fiasco. Rangel’s peers, in an overwhelming vote of 333-79, for ethic violations and financial misconduct, censured the 40-year representative. Yet the party line cronies helped the disgraced Rangel survive a primary challenge this past June.

    The party line lackeys may consider it "guilt by association" but the reporting of Bramson using the same media firm that Governor Cuomo uses and attempted to protect from the defunct Moreland Commission's corruption investigation is reporting that furthers the adage; Birds of a Feather FLOCK TOGETHER”!

  • JOURNAL NEWS: Bramson County Executive Campaign Used Same Media Firm That Cuomo Protected from Moreland Commision   20 weeks 6 days ago

    NY is clearly a 2-Party State.

    George Pataki (Republican) was the governor from 1995-2006.

    Rudy Giuliani (Republican) was Mayor of NYC from 1995–2001.

    Michael Bloomberg (Republican-Independent) was Mayor of NYC from 2002–2013.

    Rob Astorino (Republican) is in his second term as Westchester County Executive.

    The NYS Senate had been run by Republicans from 1939 to 1964 and then from 1965 until 2009. Then, in January 2009 the Democrats gained control, but in June 2009 lost that Senate majority following the defections of sleazy Jeffrey Klein, David Valesky and Diane Savino from the Democratic caucus, the Republicans regained control of the NYS Senate.

    That was unfortunate for Westchester and New Rochelle, as otherwise Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins (Democrat), representing New Rochelle, would have been Majority Leader of the NY Senate, one of the 3 most powerful positions in NYS government. That would have been very good for New Rochelle and Westchester.

    Hopefully, turncoat Jeff Klein will lose the 2014 Primary to Oliver Koppell.

    If the Democrats gain control of the NYS Senate in 2015, then our Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins will become Majority Leader of the NY Senate, and she will be in a position to do much for the people of New Rochelle and Westchester.

    Fortunately, once the Democrats control the NY Senate, the inmates will no longer running the prisons.

  • JOURNAL NEWS: Bramson County Executive Campaign Used Same Media Firm That Cuomo Protected from Moreland Commision   20 weeks 6 days ago

    Guilt by association?

    Personally I think Gov Cuomo's interference with his own Moreland Commission was foolish, at least politically and morally.

    But I see no reason to associate Noam with that controversy, as you have not stated anything dishonest that 'Buying Time' did on behalf of Bramson.

    However, if 'Buying Time' actually produced Noam Bramson's commercials, the problem is that the commercials were not very compelling, nor for that matter were Rob Astorino's commercials.

  • JOURNAL NEWS: Bramson County Executive Campaign Used Same Media Firm That Cuomo Protected from Moreland Commision   21 weeks 10 hours ago

    We owe this to NY States 1 party system. I guess the residents brought this all upon themselves not that the other party is squeaky clean.
    The problem is the fox is minding the Hen House so the games will continue. The democratic machine churns out the music no matter so the residents either continue to dance or move.
    In general its a dirty little mess.
    Mario Cuomo I never liked but at least he was honest.
    Andrew I dislike and now know he is a dishonest but less than Boy Wonder who is just plain too smart for us all.
    The inmates are running the prisons

  • Proposed Group Home in East End Stirs Controversy in New Rochelle   21 weeks 1 day ago

    New Rochelle, could this be just the tip of the iceberg?

    This problem is just the tip of the iceberg. What other information has been missed, miss-placed, miss-understood, miss-filed, miss-appropriated, miss-lead, missing and in the words of the mayor “Just Kept Silent”. It is time for New Rochelle to wake-up!

    Hold the people we entrust with our homes, our lives and our city accountable as they must each other. Taking some of what was written in one of my earlier article on The Mayor and City Charter;

    Much has been said by me, others on this site, and others from New Rochelle and people from outside the city regarding The New Rochelle City Charter as it refers to the responsibilities of The City Council and the role and responsibility of the office of the Mayor. Strong Mayor vs. Weak Mayor, what type of government do we have here in New Rochelle? New Rochelle has an identity crisis because many have not yet accepted the fact that we are a city. New Rochelle is not a big city like New York, but a city just the same.

    By Bob McCaffrey on Fri, 10/11/2013

    If you read this, you will see that I have also done some research regarding the roles, relationships and responsibilities of the Mayor, City Council and City Manager. I looked into the past history of the community's unwillingness to support a strong mayor position and believe that the confusion or unwillingness to conform to the Charter language has been instrumental in our judgment causing many of the prime issues we experience as a community such as a city divided, lack of a direct focus on assessment and planning, inflated city budgets on exempt salaries, and insufficient accountability.

    With all this uproar about the group home, how about the 35 Maple Senior Housing Complex and some of the other problems that get identified when people speak at Citizen to be Heard and don’t get answers. Every month I hear James O'Toole asking the mayor for help down at the 35 Maple Senior Housing Complex where his mother and many other seniors live. Silence!

    I am sure if an article about the problems these poor senior citizens have had to endure was put on the AARP Facebook Page it would get tons of “LIKES” or actually “DIS-LIKES”.

    All this goes on under the guidance or lack thereof of The City Council, City Staff and our Mayor. Since Scarsdale-Based Developer MountCo acquired the property for a song and broken promises all we have heard is horror stories of frightened seniors. Read some of what has been going on there.

    New Rochelle's Washington House to be sold, renovated
    The Westchester Blog
    Ernie Garcia, 10:48 a.m. EDT May 15, 2014

    MountCo Lied to City Before Acquiring 35 Maple Senior Housing in 2011, Rents SkyRocket
    By James O'Toole on Wed, 12/11/2013

    SHOCKER: Scarsdale-Based Developer of Maple Avenue is a Bramson Donor
    By Robert Cox on Wed, 10/19/2011

    Maple Center Renovations Planned Under New Developer
    The senior apartments will soon be on the city's tax rolls.
    Posted by Michael Woyton (Editor) , November 04, 2011

    2011 Discussion and Vote on Maple Center Elderly Housing Project
    By Talk of the Sou... on Tue, 12/10/2013

    New Rochelle now is the time to have much needed conversation because the next mayoral election is in 2014/15. The conversation, dialogue needs to start and information should be shared to get everything on the table. No idea is too small; New Rochelle has so many smart people that do want to share their thoughts and Ideas. It could be moved to get a new referendum on the ballot to clarify the roles and responsibilities of The Mayor and The City Manager. It could also be brought up to change the form of government once again if so chosen. That is opening up a whole new can of worms and I am not saying one is better than the other.

  • New Rochelle Selects Twining Properties as Waterfront Developer   21 weeks 5 days ago

    What developer in his right mind would build anything overlooking a swamp and a sewerage treatment plant? The only reason this is on the table again is because Bramson needs to look as if he has great plans for the city so that he can get re-elected. Smoke and mirrors so he can earn some brownie points in the election.

  • BACK ON THE AIR AFTER TWO YEARS: Bob Marrone Expected to Join WFAS-AM as New Morning Man   22 weeks 6 days ago

    Good luck Bob with your new endeavor. I can't wait to participate in a show with personality on a station that cares about listeners enough to maintain a stable internet feed.

  • The Mayor Abdicates Municipal Authority & Keeps Us in the Dark   23 weeks 3 hours ago

    The Mayor apparently is doubling down on his strategy of denying due process to his the people he was elected to represent. The Mayor posted an inflammatory blog that attempts to cast the people of Sun Haven and New Rochelle as hot-headed, hostile and misinformed, rather than caring, concerned, tax paying citizens of New Rochelle; not to mention Americans, who are entitled to statutory due process against the State's arbitrary and capricious licensing of a men's home health care facility.

  • The Mayor Abdicates Municipal Authority & Keeps Us in the Dark   23 weeks 6 hours ago

    I believe those were the very words used when the mayor was commenting on the overwhelming objection to his pet project over in echo bay. This is, in fact, the common theme these days when it comes to "leadership" ( or more importantly, lack of ). Discussion is certainly welcomed as long as it is agreeable with the issue at hand. Opposing viewpoints are instantly labeled as obstructionist, extreme or just plain wrong. When did the concerns of residents regarding their own quality of life in their neighborhood become unimportant. (Here's a hint January 2006)
    Another shameful moment in the mayors career.

  • The Mayor Abdicates Municipal Authority & Keeps Us in the Dark   23 weeks 6 hours ago

    Joe, You are absolutely right, the Mayor does not understand his own people. Why is that? You must remember he is under the impression he is smarter and knows what is best. He has been at this job way too long.

    If he only put as much afford into this situation as he did trying get the votes to allow homeowners to have chickens in their yards, we might get some place.

    Do you think he might be looking to move to Albany and work for Cuomo?

  • New Rochelle Selects Twining Properties as Waterfront Developer   23 weeks 9 hours ago

    Dear Boy Wonder
    Having seen the push back on the Forest City Project
    I suggest the following.
    NO COST BURDEN TO THE TAX PAYER use real numbers

    Otherwise you will wind up in the same place just spending the developers money with a project that will not pass.

  • New Rochelle Selects Twining Properties as Waterfront Developer   23 weeks 11 hours ago

    Yet another grandiose plan to develop the convergence of two massive storm culverts that emit every foul matter imaginable from oil to human waste not to mention those cancer causing PCB's and Agent Orange (dioxins). Guess the developer like my self was bamboozled by the city's lies. Someone simply needs to witness the place after a thunderstorm or take a mud sample and test it privately, but noooo pore more money and years into that swamp. The Federal Government had an obligation to protect the citizens from New Rochelle's and Con Edison's grandiose cover up but drooped the ball because of polital preasure. Can't wait for to hear all the lies and excuses again at the end of this money transfer.

  • City of New Rochelle issues a Request for Qualifications (“RFQ”)   24 weeks 2 days ago

    The days of Bloomingdales, Arnold Constable, Woolworths, Grants, etc. would still be here if the middle class wasn't stripped of all its "disposable income."

    New Rochelle was typical middle class suburbia 40 years ago but the ever increasing cost of living and declining incomes crippled the city. Contributing to that are the non-stop property tax increases and fees. It is a shame that our mayor wants to bring a new class of people into the downtown who have higher wages and thus disposable income to replace displaced the middle class New Rochellians. We should be focusing more on bringing good paying manufacturing jobs back to the US and cutting government spending so the middle class can be rejuvenated.

  • City of New Rochelle issues a Request for Qualifications (“RFQ”)   24 weeks 3 days ago


    Correct but from which century?

    I am sorry but it has been a long time since we were The Old Village of New Rochelle. From what you say because I live by Iona College and live South of Eastchester Road, I therefore live Downtown? No I don’t and the way that Iona College is buying up property, I may actually live on campus in a few years! I wonder what the people out on Premium Point would think about your saying that the entrance to their exclusive estates by the Larchmont Border is in Downtown. Same goes for the homes in The Rochelle Park-Rochelle Heights Historic District and for home up Beechmont and back into the Historic District as they too are within the area you describe.

    I too am a long time citizen born and raised in New Rochelle. I have seen the days of RKO, Town, Lowes, Bloomingdales, Arnold Constables, Palace Shoes, Grants, and F& W Woolworths and Schrafft’s Ice Cream. Those were the days that the people with disposable incomes would shop at Bloomies and go to lunch at Schraff’s. My grandmother was one of them. The people from the North End and many surrounding cities would shop Downtown. It is these businesses and the many others like Lillian Vernon that brought people into Downtown every day to work and shop. Sadly, they are all gone now but I.B. Cohen and a few others. But they are going soon as well.

    The Downtown Business District of the past with an old village type shopping and restaurant spaces was largely replaced by suburban malls like the we see in White Plains parts of Pelham/Mount Vernon and several other communities that used smart planning and development. Because New Rochelle fell short in all the vital areas of Downtown Planning and Development many residents shop outside of New Rochelle choosing convenience and parking over rundown stores and empty spaces with little to no parking and getting tickets when a parking spot was found.

    New Rochelle did not change with the times and kept giving the place away with tax abatements and poor planning to a point where shoppers from New Rochelle and the surrounding area found that The Downtown Business District had eroded and was barely hanging on. Many of the shops closed up, choosing to move to a mall and the spaces were replaced by redundant nail palaces, one dollar stores, perhaps ethnic cafes, photo and cell phone shops.

    It took me a while to reply to your post as I was working really hard to find someone who thought your description of Downtown was accurate or current, which it’s not! I asked my aunts, uncles and several other long time New Rochelle residents who grew up in New Rochelle in the twenties and thirties what they thought, they don’t agree with your description. I can never remember my grandparents who settled here in the early 1900’s refer to anything other than the area around Main Street and Huguenot Street as Downtown. The train station was sometimes included when they spoke of Downtown. But they mostly spoke about Downtown as the area from the Macy’s/Harrison Street to Pintard Avenue where Huguenot Street and Main Street meet.

    You like the Mayor and some on The City Council have to realize this is not and has not been The Old Village of New Rochelle for some time now. Oh say fifty to one hundred years. As I said, I too grew up here along with my father and his father before him. As a matter of fact, if you look at the side of the building across from the Transportation Center at 301 North Avenue you can see my other grandfather’s Raymond Porter's Real Estate and Insurance sign is still there. They all had a different description of downtown. But it never fit what you claim and it hasn’t for some time now. If you look at the maps for the New Rochelle BID and many other projects, even some of the most recent ones, Downtown is the area that runs from Harrison Avenue or maybe to Echo Avenue up Huguenot and Main streets to where they meet at Pintard Avenue. You can say the parts by the train station and up Center Ave to Blessed Sacrament Church. You could say one block north of Huguenot Street and one block south of Main Street. Here is a description or definition of Downtown from Wikipedia.

    From Wikipedia:
    Downtown is a term primarily used in North America by English speakers to refer to a city's core (or center) or CBD (Central Business District), often in a geographical, commercial, or communal sense.

    The terms downtown and uptown can refer to cardinal directions, for example, in Manhattan, where downtown is also a relative geographical term. Anything south of where the speaker is currently standing, in most places, is said to be downtown. Anything north of the speaker is uptown. In the common New York City phrase, "We're going to take the subway downtown," downtown refers to traveling in the geographic direction of south.

    So by that definition you are correct. But we are not and never will be New York City or even White Plains. Many people from New Rochelle can barely admit that New Rochelle has become a city. If you are at Iona College you are not Downtown but if you are going south on North Ave past Iona College, you can say you are headed Downtown. Here is some info from The 1996 Plan. Excuse the typo’s but I took it as was written.

    From the 1996 Plan:

    II-18 Parking;
    Surface lots located between Main Street and Huguenot Street ~serves
    The New Rochelle Library and other downtown uses. These surface
    lots may be interim land uses subject to redevelopment for other
    purposes as part of downtown development plans.

    II-28 Characteristics of Major Arte.rials
    Traffic activity within the
    downtown area and along the major arterials leading into it can be
    significant, particularly during peak periods. Redevelopment activity
    in the downtown, including development of the Intermodal
    Transportation Center, is only expected to increase this activity.

    II-29 Road Classification:
    The major arterial roadways in the city provide relatively high capacity
    Routes into, through and around the downtown and adjacent areas.
    Through downtown,
    Main Street is one-way heading east with three lanes of traffic and on street
    Parking on both sides in selected areas where expanded
    Sidewalks limit parking.

    II-30 Road
    Main Street. Main Street is the major east-west arterial carrying traffic
    From the city's east and west borders through the downtown where it
    Is a paired one way system with Huguenot Street? Main Street links
    New Rochelle with the Villages of Pelham and Pelham Manor to the
    West and the Town of Mamaroneck and Village of Larchmont to the

    As stated, “The Request for Qualified Developers for two key “cluster” parcels in the downtown - 1) The Transit Oriented Development Cluster (“TOD”) and 2) The Downtown Cluster, made up primarily of City-owned parcels but also including privately-held properties, in the heart of the City”.

    The plan speaks of the Huguenot and Main Street area for the Downtown area. The only anchors Iona College has in Downtown are the students they house in the building formerly known as The Avalon and The Marriott at New Roc. I would also love to confirm his numbers where he claimed "hundreds of businesses and thousands of jobs, tens of thousands of people, and tens of millions in spending power" exist around Sickles and Union Street. Which are in the West End of New Rochelle not Downtown? So I would say that you, The Mayor and anyone else who still believes as you do needs to wake up and get into the 21st Century. Update your maps, your minds and your logic!

    No wonder we can’t get The Downtown Area turned around,

    What has to happen first and can be done right using this RFQ Process, is to plan for a revised version/vision of a Downtown Business District Model. You have to plan and invest in vertical parking structures to service these shops as well as the expected growth rate. Just because you live near a train station does not mean people will not drive. They will and that has been part of the demise of the current downtown. They will drive straight to White Plains or just shop in New York City before they come home to New Rochelle.

    Precede any further large residential developments with a total update of the zoning laws, addressing the issues caused by current realtors and developers. Build the correct foundation by providing protection (police) clearing away vacant small businesses that just do not meet the cut. We must fix and cleanup what we have. We can’t continue the build it and they will come models. Ask the right questions and get the right answers as so many cities and towns around us have.

    As stated, create a Retail Hub with shops, restaurants, a vibrant downtown and business district. A city that hustles and bustles day and night with activity, places to go and people to see, a warm and inviting downtown that attracts the young and old alike, a destination. Everything that New Rochelle lacks yet members of council and staff continues the pitch for more housing and development. We must get it right this time as New Rochelle can only have so many second chances which we have today. We have a chance for change, a change of mind, heart and direction for all of New Rochelle and the future to come.

    I am not going to get into the North End debate. Yes I will! The North End is just that, the section of New Rochelle in the Northern most part of The City of New Rochelle.

    End /end/noun
    Noun: end; plural noun: ends
    1. The furthest or most extreme part or point of something.
    "A length of wire with a hook at the end"
    Synonyms: extremity, furthermost part, limit; more
    2. A final part of something, especially a period of time, an activity, or a story.
    "The end of the year"
    Synonyms: conclusion, termination, ending, finish, close, resolution, climax, finale, culmination, denouement; more
    Epilogue, coda, peroration.

    The North End has always been everything from Quaker Ridge Road North. Hence, The North End. Heading South of Quaker Ridge is the Wykagyl Section which goes into the Pain Lake/Pain and Forrest Avenue section and then the High School which is the where the North Side of New Rochelle ends at Eastchester Road. Then from Eastchester Road which has been considered the center point or dividing line of New Rochelle converts into the South Side of New Rochelle and so on to Downtown New Rochelle and finally into the South End of New Rochelle. There are also the East and West Ends which again by definition are the points at the end of each side of the town not the center points or they would be the center of town and not the North, South, East or West Ends!

  • OPEN LETTER: New Rochelle Municipal Housing Authority Violations of New York State Open Meeting Law   25 weeks 2 days ago

    "I cannot imaging why you have denied me any specific historical citation to a fair and appropriate request"

    Imagine this...

    I have better things to do.

    If you do not believe what I wrote then your are free not to believe it. If you want to research the topic then go ahead. But you have no reason to expect a reply just because you imagine something is important.

    I wrote about the NRMHA. My interest is to better serve the public by highlighting deficiencies. Your interest seems to be mentally pleasuring yourself with inane digressions into some rabbit hole of your own making about a topic of interest solely to you.

    Expect to be criticized whenever you digress from the topic. As we have discussed, there is a thin line between debate and trolling and you have crossed it before and are crossing it now.

    Trolls are suspended from the site so choose your next words carefully.

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