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  • North Avenue Mile/ Council to Discuss New Rochelle Homelessness Tuesday   23 weeks 3 days ago

    Your are right.

  • IT'S OFFICIAL: Board of Education Announces Appointment of New Superintendent   23 weeks 5 days ago

    I've never met Dr. Osborne but grew up in Maplewood NJ where life was pretty great in the 60s/70s -- ditto for the schools. Good luck to all!

  • North Avenue Mile/ Council to Discuss New Rochelle Homelessness Tuesday   23 weeks 6 days ago

    Citzen's to be heard starts at 730pm. Public hearings first then Citzens to be heard

  • New Rochelle Police Join in Search For Wanted Suspect   24 weeks 1 day ago

    A robo call from the principal @ Webster School stated the school was in a "lockout" from early morning until 11:30 when they were cleared to open. Children will be kept indoors as a precaution for the balance of the day

  • Trangucci: Leaf Bagging Not a 'Green Project'   24 weeks 2 days ago

    If anyone believes bagging leaves is about being “Green” or saving the planet, they are sadly naive. Taxpayers are angry because they are losing another paid city-service. Taxpayers will have to endure an increase from landscapers or bag leaves in addition to watching their property taxes increase regardless of any "savings" from bagging leaves. This is all about city council maneuvering in an effort to stay under Governor Cuomo’s tax-cap for the upcoming budget. Taxpayers lost backyard garbage pickup, had garbage collection extracted from the budget and changed to a “fee” and were blackmailed into accepting a new library tax because city council can’t live within the taxpayers means.

    On another note, a member of the ruling class in New Rochelle telling taxpayers who are angry about bagging leaves that it’s “too bad, as they should do it even if not required by law” is a prime example of the elitist, do as I say, arrogant attitude that has divided New Rochelle.

    Being Green and staying under the tax-cap should look good on the resume Mayor Bramson submitted to the committee assigned to search for the next President of Westchester Community College. It is apparent to all that the embarrassing loss to Astorino has left Bramson a two-time looser. Even he realizes it's time to move on; leaving behind a legacy of failed development.

  • Trangucci: Leaf Bagging Not a 'Green Project'   24 weeks 3 days ago


    If you look at your comment and my comment, it is quite clear that I quoted EXACTLY WHAT YOUR WROTE. If you did not convey your meaning with the words you chose then re-phrase your remarks but please do not accuse me of "misquoting" you when I have quoted directly from what you published above.

    I have expressed my concerns with Agenda 21 many times so I have no idea why you believe that I agree with you about global warming or climate change or that anyone that does not share your opinions on the topic are "anti-scientific". I am not interest in having that debate but focusing on the topic at hand -- leaf bagging.

    I publicly stated my support for it at the hearing while recognizing that opponents have perfectly legitimate reasons for opposing it and well-founded reasons to be skeptical of assurances made by our local government.

    My reason for supporting the leaf-bagging has a lot to do with the experience this winter where our streets were often impassable due to snow and that this was compounded by loose leafs piled up on the streets making snow removal difficult. To me it is a safety issue first.

    There is an inconvenience and a cost and real questions of what the City will do with any money "saved". To dismiss those legitimate concerns is what I mean by you living in a cartoon world.

    You might just once trying to understand that someone can have a different point of view and not seek to ascribe nefarious motives to them.

  • Trangucci: Leaf Bagging Not a 'Green Project'   24 weeks 5 days ago

    Bob, I say "I don’t understand why..." when something is stated that I don't understand; and that is because I am not ashamed to admit to those things I don't understand.

    But I do understand that our planet is undergoing serious climate change and global warming, some of which is an ongoing natural process, and much of which is due to the self-destructive tendencies of modern civilization.

    I think you agree with me on the dangers of climate change, and especially of the dangers of sea level rising to our city on the shore of the Long Island Sound.

    Using your logic, I shouldn’t worry about this, as I live on the 4th floor of a building whose ground floor is 50 feet above current sea level, and because I am 63 and won’t live to see the worsening effects of climate change that will occur in the latter half of the 21st century.

    But I am concerned, as our current civilization must protect future generations from our society’s current short-sighted excesses and selfish greed.

    I am unsure whether bagging and mulching leaves is intended as an environmental or as a social concern. But if it benefits our society it’s probably a good idea.

    I am always concerned about ever-increasing taxes of all kinds, even those taxes that do not directly affect me. Obviously, if all taxes continued increasing perpetually, eventually taxes would reach 100%, which of course will never actually happen.

    Bob, you misquote me when you claim I wrote that Lou Trangucci thinks those who are angry about the leaf-bagging are “basically anti-environmental". I did not state that. Rather, I asked if anti-environmentalists are people Councilperson Trangucci thinks will be angry. It is because I don’t know the answer, that I ask that question.

    Personally, I believe Lou’s concerns are financial, and that Mr Trangucci does have environmental concerns, especially as most of his constituents live near the shore.

    But there are some persons who regularly post at TOTS, with comments that absurdly mock our City Council’s, the USA’s and UN’s efforts towards an environmentally-safe planet. And I do believe those persons are quite right-wing, anti-scientific and anti-environmental even at minimal cost.

    As such, I would like to know for sure, whether the angry constituents Councilman Trangucci refers to, are only people who want to avoid tax increases, or also include anti-scientific / anti-environmental persons. I do believe Mr Trangucci’s concerns are mainly that of taxes, but I‘d like to know Lou’s perspective on those persons who are anti-scientific and anti-environmental.

    I do not live in a cartoon world at all, but am quite realistic and pragmatic. The people who live in a cartoon world, are those people who post at TOTS ranting against the environmental concerns of the New Rochelle City Council’s, the USA’s and UN’s efforts towards an environmentally-safe planet.

    Having stated that here, my initial reason for posting my comment was that Peggy Godfrey wrote that Shari Rackman stated that “her district is mostly in the 10583 zip code group, and she [Shari] noted, many houses in her zip code are in Scarsdale proper”.

    I find it hard to believe Councilperson Rackman would have implied or stated that her constituents include persons actually living in Scarsdale but not in New Rochelle. Obviously, our City Council only represents those persons actually living in New Rochelle, no matter what their zip code. I myself grew up in the Scarsdale postal zone of New Rochelle, and did live in a house with a lawn and trees.

  • Trangucci: Leaf Bagging Not a 'Green Project'   24 weeks 5 days ago

    Frankly I think bagging leaves or mulching to be the responsibility of the Home Owner who has the property. I have about 10 huge oaks on my property and I am not opposed to mulching, composting and mulching on my property. However in the right of way there are a number of City owned Oaks that impact my life and I do want the city to be responsible for their trees in the right of way.
    In many cases the City Trees have been neglected as the City as usual does not have the funds. There are thousands of City Owner trees that need pruning, removal and topping off to protect the homeowners.
    My plan is to do an assessment of City own leaves and have the City come and pick up their leaves off my property. I should have a cold day in hell getting it done.

  • Trangucci: Leaf Bagging Not a 'Green Project'   24 weeks 5 days ago


    I think you could start most of your comments with "I don’t understand why..." because you seem incapable of accepting the notion that someone would could have a different point of view on an issue and not be some evil Republican working for Dick Cheney and Karl Rove.

    At the hearing, I spoke in favor of Mayor Bramson's idea of bagging leaves for pick up. Like everything, however, there are legitimate arguments on the other side of the issue which, as is often the case, you tend to dismiss as one-dimensional.

    Last I recall you live in an apartment and so are not impacted by the cost to bag leaves so you might want to make disclosure that you have no skin in this particular game and can afford to be dismissive of the financial impact on homeowners.

    I heard three main arguments at the hearing:

    1. That this is another example of the City seeking to balance its books by transferring costs to taxpayers with the one hand and using the "savings" to spend money elsewhere. In other words, the City will not spend less, they will spend the same AND taxpayers will have new costs.

    2. The City's curbside loose-leaf pick up is more efficient and cost-effective than lots of little pickups at each property PLUS picking up the bags themselves.

    3. The costs will be absorbed by landscapers whose customers will not pay extra to have their leaves bags but this will take time and cost money for the landscapers.

    You say you do not know WHO Lou thinks will be angry about the leaf-bagging then say "those people are basically anti-environmental".

    So, do you know who these people are or not. If you do not know WHO the people are who are angry about the leaf-bagging how can you claim to know ANYTHING about them and then go so far as to make a broad sweeping statement like 'those people are basically anti-environmental".

    You need to stop living in a cartoon world where anyone who does not agree with you, basically a liberal ideologue, is characterized.

    I would suggest to you that many people who are unhappy about the leaf-bagging, as they are homeowners, do a lot more in a given month to take steps to protect the environment then you do in a year of living in an apartment.

  • Trangucci: Leaf Bagging Not a 'Green Project'   24 weeks 6 days ago

    No New Rochelle Councilperson has any constituents in Scarsdale proper or in Eastchester proper, except for those few constituents whose property exists both in New Rochelle while also in another municipality. As it is, Scarsdale PO in Golden Horseshoe, is itself in New Rochelle proper. The 10583 zip code is for those addresses north of Stratton Road.

    USPS letter carriers deliver this mail when he "feels like" doing it, on Huguenot St too, including certified mail and notices thereof. Local USPS service has greatly deteriorated over the last decade.

    I don’t understand why Councilman Trangucci said that there are going to be many angry people. Does he think people are angry about having to bag their leaves? Well that’s too bad, as they should do it even if not required by law. Or does Trangucci think people would be angry because those people are basically anti-environmental, in which case what is needed is better education.

    Alternatively, is Councilman Trangucci’s problem, that as a ‘Green Improvement’, this plan simply does not go far enough. If so, I applaud his efforts to make New Rochelle’s policies more environmental.

  • BREAKING NEWS: New Rochelle Expected to Name Brian Osborne as new Schools Superintendent   25 weeks 2 days ago

    We wish you well in your effort to lead the New Rochelle School District. Diversity does not describe New Rochelle Schools, but Pluriversality does. We are from many countries, with varied cultural norms yet we co-exist on the margins in New Rochelle even though we "Latinos" are almost 45% of the school population (much larger than the 5% of the school district you currently work in). I am not sure which of the 20 countries in Latin America you have "experience" in, but I am hopeful that that experience will help us all. We are here to work with you always. Nuestro futuro es su futuro. Bienvenido!

    Martin Sanchez

  • New Rochelle Memorial Day 2014 - PHOTOS   25 weeks 3 days ago

    I would like to commend Peter Parente, the NR Memorial Day Parade Committee, all businesses that contributed & the City of NR for bringing back the parade & festivities to honor & remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

    Isn't it amazing that none of the council members who protested the raising of the Gadsden Flag at the NR Armory objected to the Gadsden Flag in the color-guard and being flown at Hudson Park? The Gadsden Flag is a prominent part of the memorial service and seen flying proudly in pictures with City Manager Strome, Councilman Trangucci and helicopter personnel.

    Maybe their indifference is because 2015 is an election year and they would prefer NR voters forget about the pending lawsuit.

  • Proposed Change for New Rochelle Leaf Bagging Fails   26 weeks 1 day ago

    Many are concerned about the workload for the men who would have to lift so many heavy bags of leaves and may consequently end up on disability. I would be and am concerned for the safety of our manpower as well. I was OSHA trained and was a distribution supervisor that dealt with driver safety training. There are three men on the truck. I would rather look to add seasonal workers when the load is too much to handle than what we currently have now. Three men driving around town with not much to do because many of the gardeners and residents become lazy and start putting the leaves right to the curb rather than continuing to bag while there is still pick up every week. The workers never complain when they don’t have enough work when they finish their routes. We also lack a time management system to track the time and manpower usage and efficiencies. We have new management; we need new contracts and a new work environment for management and the rank and file. I would say that we have seen some changes since Alex Tergis started.

    If bagging started at the beginning of the season there wouldn’t be as many bags to pick up each week. Granted, some homes have more than others and adjustments in routine would need to be done by the home owners and gardeners alike.

    What do you see now at the beginning of the season as you drive through New Rochelle? Seasonal Clean-Up! For several weeks now, gardeners and residents have been doing spring clean-up and bagging the yard waste or the gardeners are putting the yard waste in the back of their trucks. Take a look while you drive around town. Gardeners and residents would be required to do the same in the fall, no major difference. To make sure, we should monitor the yard waste produced in the spring and compare it to the fall numbers and see what the two seasons produce. Then see the difference and make some choices.

    We need to work through this with upfront communication and transparency so the public doesn’t get bamboozled by the City of New Rochelle or The Gardeners. Any cost savings need to go right to the taxpayers and not be disguised as yet another fee in lieu of taxes. As stated, put the savings in a fund that would be there in escrow if you will, in case the plan doesn’t work and expenses need to be adjusted. When the plan is final and up and running as a proven program, use the savings to offset the costs to taxpayers.

    Besides, you can do your own yard work without the gardeners, your wallet and your health would be much better off! Happy Memorial Day:):)

  • School Board Member Naomi Brickel Endorses Jeffrey Hastie   26 weeks 4 days ago

    One of the many reasons I did not continue on the School Board was because it was, in my opinion, a near criminal enterprise propagated by the then Superintendent Organisciak and long-time board members Polow and Lacher. Any effort at transparency was met with a harsh look, a denial for discussion and with repetitive admonishment to the extent that when I had something original to say or question, they even had Mayor Bramson call me to curtail my behaviour in a cursed-filled monologue. Certainly ruined my day at the then PBS Children's Programming Conference I was attending.

    So Good riddance to Dee Polow. David Lacher - man you have got to go. Have you no shame?

    Jeff Hastie has done many things I wanted to. Vote for Jeff. Vote for honesty and transparency.

    Martin Sanchez

  • School Board Member Naomi Brickel Endorses Jeffrey Hastie   26 weeks 4 days ago

    Your statement clearly underscores just how toxic the bizarre alliances and methods the board has operated under throughout the years. We ( and I mean the public) have for all too long been frustrated by the lack of discussion regarding the many " isolated incidents" and gamesmanship exhibited by a board more interested in if their shoes look shined rather than raising the issues brought before them. We commend your voice at the last board meeting. This is the type of discussion sorely needed if we are ever hope to see our education system exceed our expectations. Sunlight truly us the best disinfectant. We salute Jeff err y and your advocating for the greater good of all students and in so, creating a system that would be considered beyond reproach. Whether we agree on everything or not pales when compared to the expectation of lively and transparent debate. Lately there have been some serious character issues that some would hope would never see the light o f2f day. The board needs to be held to a higher standard if our confidence is ever to be restored. I believe the efforts of you and Jeffery are a positive step in that direction. Little by little change will occur under your stewardship and we look forward to your efforts. Thank you and know this, you will have our support.

  • Proposed Change for New Rochelle Leaf Bagging Fails   26 weeks 4 days ago

    I have read a number of articles regarding the new leaf law in New Rochelle and there are a few things which are unclear. I have read that bagged leaves will be picked up once every two weeks and have also read that they will be picked up once a week. Do we know which of these statements is correct? If it is every two weeks, does that include all other yard waste? I have read that yard waste and leaves should not be comingled so I assume normal yard waste will be handle differently. Is that correct? I have also read leaf bags can only be put out at the curb on the day they are to be picked up. Does that mean we will have to find a place to store the leaf bags on our property and then haul them out to the curb on pick up day? That may have been an easy thing to do for a homeowner when only one yard waste bag was involved but thirty or more bags could prove to be quite a chore during the fall especially when they are wet. I know for myself it will prove to be an interesting physical and physics problem since I have less than three feet of curb space and stacking thirty bags may go well into the middle of the street.

    I realize there is an option to mulch the leaves in place and it is unclear to me that anyone did any research on how this will affect the deer tick population. I am sure most people know that deer ticks live under leaf litter because it is moist. To control deer ticks it is recommended to keep lawns free of leaf litter. Has anyone checked with the CDC or other authorities with regards to leaving leaf litter on our lawns and the potential to increase the deer tick population?

  • New Rochelle Schools Prepare for Yellow Bus Strike Monday   26 weeks 6 days ago

    The drivers and company have come to a agreement not to strike sorry kids but school is on.

  • BREAKING NEWS: Off-Duty NYPD Officer Fires Off 6 Rounds in New Rochelle Parking Lot, Arrest Made   28 weeks 5 days ago

    The problem is with crazy off-duty NYC Policemen.

    That's what we need protection from.

    And no doubt the same NYC Policemen are even crazier when on duty.

  • BREAKING NEWS: Off-Duty NYPD Officer Fires Off 6 Rounds in New Rochelle Parking Lot, Arrest Made   28 weeks 6 days ago

    Did somebody declare Lincoln Avenue the shooting range? Remind me to wear a bullet proof vest when I drive down Lincoln Avenue.

  • David Lacher Email to Board of Education Members Prior to Talk of the Sound Story on Medical Insurance Debts   30 weeks 2 days ago

    Aaron Lazar in his Elements of an Apology noted that a successful apology includes each of these four elements:

     Accepting personal responsibility; acknowledge the specific offense and the pain it caused and clearly take personal and unconditional responsibility for the offense. Acknowledge directly to each of the injured parties your role in causing the damage and their suffering,

     Showing Remorse; humbly and sincerely describe the painful regret you feel for committing the offense. Look backward to express your regret. Then demonstrate forbearance by looking forward to describe the lessons you have learned and the changes you have made to ensure nothing like it will ever happen again.

     Offering an explanation; honestly, candidly, and simply describe why the offense happened. If it was inexcusable, simply say so.

     Making reparations; fully repair the loss if that is possible, otherwise ask: “Is there anything I can do to make this up to you?”

    What I see in David Lacher’s email and video is an ineffective apology received. An insincere attempt to patch things up, a failure to acknowledge his responsibility, he attempts to explain away his actions, a failure to acknowledge his understanding of the injury to the trust he caused, or any of several other omissions causes his apology to fail. He pretends to remain hurt by the original offense, and now he hurts even more because he tried to make himself feel better and manipulate us without addressing the needs of the community. Yes, in his comments he says he will not be driven or step down. We acknowledge this. So, are we to forget and tomorrow is the same as today? Mr. Quinn continues with his job wallowing in the comfort of scratching his belly with the satisfaction of knowing that he has bitten the bullet again!

    “Chronic remorse, as all the moralists are agreed, is a most undesirable sentiment. If you have behaved badly, repent, make what amends you can and address yourself to the task of behaving better next time. On no account brood over your wrongdoing. Rolling in the muck is not the best way of getting clean.”
    ― Aldous Huxley, Brave New World

    David Lacher’s note is lengthy, verbose, legalese; a simple “I am sorry” would have been enough. We all go through trials and tribulations; we all have issues; we all struggle for ourselves and our families; you are not the only one. We just don’t want to hear about it. Brevity my friend. Brevity!

  • David Lacher, Mr. Quinn and CORRUPTION   30 weeks 4 days ago

    I have no facts to offer nor am I familiar with what has transpired past reading the articles. However there is a host of reading in this link which clearly defines what is and what is not ethical.

  • David Lacher, Mr. Quinn and CORRUPTION   30 weeks 4 days ago


    It is hard to argue with ANY of the conclusions you have drawn here.

    I suspect anyone with even passing familiarity with Mr. Lacher would struggle to imagine him choosing to resign of his own volition.

    So you rightly ask about the position of the Board of Education members on this matter.

    If he will not go on his own, I believe the board should hold what amounts to a Confidence Vote so the public can know where board members stand on this issue.

    There are two board members up for election this year: Deidre Polow and Jeffrey Hastie. One might hope that these two board members could make a motion to hold such a vote so that we might at least know where they stand.

    Any board member unwilling to support such a motion to even discuss the matter would effectively be supporting Mr. Lacher and so voters will be able to draw conclusions from a vote on a motion even if no Confidence Vote is held.

    Just so folks know, the board cannot remove another board member; that has to come from the NYSED Commissioner.

    However, the board could act by sending a letter signed by a majority of the board asking that Lacher be removed by the Commissioner.

  • The Armory Development Belongs to the Veterans   30 weeks 4 days ago

    I agree that the Armory Development should be similar to what you have described, and I have spoken many times on that subject since 2007, in public and to City Council members.

    Unfortunately our government tends to ignore, if not destroy important aspects of New Rochelle's history. Instead of preservation of our history, our government has often focused on unimportant, ineffective, trivial and ugly cookie-cutter developments such as Forest City, the Avalons, Trump Tower, and the Cedar Street project, just to name a few of the unfortunate developments that New Rochelle has suffered through over the decades.

    My father Norman suffered 90% disabilities from his WWII injuries, and within a few weeks of that, his 18 year old brother Burt died at the Battle of the Bulge, only a few months after graduating Albert Leonard High School. Being 63, I have had friends who fought in Vietnam, one of whom wrote the autobiographic book and film ‘Born on the Fourth of July’. I am quite sympathetic to military veterans of all wars.

    However, I disagree with your statement that “the Armory Development belongs to the veterans”. Actually, the Armory Development belongs to the People of New Rochelle, most of whom are not veterans.

    While it is important to honor all veterans, it is mistaken and counter-productive to advocate that the Armory belongs to veterans, or that our veterans should have primary ownership of the Armory’s development plans. It is a worse mistake, counter-productive and quite partisan, to advocate that Veteran’s organizations should control the Armory or have primary responsibility for the Armory’s development.

    As the Armory belongs to the people of New Rochelle, it is important that the people should fully participate in the Armory’s preservation and development. This is pragmatic, as without the support of the majority of the people of New Rochelle, the Armory may well be doomed to destruction or trivialization.

    Again, I agree with you, that the Armory should be a cultural center and used as a museum to remind us of New Rochelle’s 325+ years of history. I have been arguing this point for many years, and fear that partisan bickering is irresponsible and counter-productive. Instead, the people of New Rochelle must unite to protect and use this important landmark.

    While I applaud the efforts of veterans to preserve the Armory for beneficial and enlightened use, I implore our veterans to not sabotage their own efforts by claiming ownership or chief responsibility for preservation and use of the Armory. I believe that most veterans would agree with me, except for those who unfortunately perceive the Armory as an excuse for partisan politics.

  • Serial Tagger Leaving a Trail of BLUR in New Rochelle   30 weeks 6 days ago

    Good job Micaela i will check out North ave and around Lawton street.

  • 04/25 Coffee and Conversation with New Rochelle Board of Education President David Lacher 9:30 AM   30 weeks 6 days ago

    I'm wondering if he will answer your questions Bob about his insurance?

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