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  • Why is City of New Rochelle Stonewalling on Army Corps of Engineers Report?   33 weeks 38 min ago

    Seems Boss Tweed Still does exist in New Rochelle City Hall. Maybe we have a few Boss Tweed's running this like a small family business.
    7th Largest City in the State of NY and nobody is doing the Perp Walk in Shackles?

  • Public Hearings for December 10th and 17lth   33 weeks 21 hours ago

    The hydrant proposal to chenge United Water's billing from the city to individual users of the wagter has already passed the legislature with no provision on how United Water will bill individual users of their water. In my opinion, Council should not approve this legislation unless they include a statemenlt that they will not accept this change unless United Water (in writing) states the method they will use to distribute this fee will be by usage.

    Strome suggested residents send this request to the New York Public Service Commission which needs to approve this change. He also suggested contacting state legislators who approved the legislation.

    It should lalso be noted that United Water is running an advertisement in the Journal News today requesting a rate increase of 30% which they claim a net increase of 23% will result.

  • New Rochelle Schools Issue Statement on Decision Not to Evacuate High School After Threat   33 weeks 5 days ago

    Back in August the district put out a statement including a timeline regarding the asbestos exposure incident that was riddled with inconsistencies. Upon hearing it read at a school board meeting, I stated then that the timeline would not stand up to scrutiny. It did not. The district was forced to issue a retraction. The retraction statement was also flawed, which I pointed out, and yet another retraction was issued.

    The district's response to my reporting on the asbestos at Davis, and the ensuing coverup, was largely a David Lacher production. Davis is the President of the Board of Education and fancies himself as some sort of clever communications strategist who prides himself on his imagined ability to trick people through cleverly worded statements decided to deceive by mixing some truth with lies and a lot of leaving out pertinent information.

    Mr. Lacher similarly crafted the district's response to a damning finding from the U.S. Department of Justice regarding the district's failure to evacuate 2 wheel-chair bound students during a fire-related evacuation in January. In that response, he tried to make it sound like the DOJ was offering advice on how to improve safety measures at the school when, in fact, the DOJ was offering the district a last chance to explain itself before brining charges against the district.

    This week, in response to the 2 known threats and evacuations at NRHS, Mr. Lacher was at it again. Not telling the public nor even fellow board members of a third threat that very morning in which NRHS was not evacuated.

    Now we have a statement in which the District (and Lacher's fingerprints are all over this too) lays the entire mess at the feet of the New Rochelle Police Department.

    Anyone familiar at all with the disdain that exists between the two parties and Mr. Carroll's finely-tuned political instincts would know that the idea that Patrick Carroll would take on the responsibility and liability for becoming the decider of whether or not to evacuate one of our public schools is absurd.

    I have my difference with Mr. Carroll but we share views on the poor security situation in the New Rochelle schools. A published an interview with Mr. Carroll in which he called for NRPD to take over ALL of the security in the schools. An idea flatly rejected by school officials.

    At the end of the day there are records.

    There will be records of when the NRPD was called to the NRHS on Tuesday. There will be records of who responded. There will be lots of other records.

    I am highly confident that the records will not support the statement put out last night by the district -- that the district consulted with NRPD and based on their decision not to evacuate NRHS on direction from NRPD.

    We will want to know a few things:

    1. When did the threatening call come in to NRHS?
    2. When was the call first heard at NRYS"
    3. What did Principal Richardson do upon hearing the threat?
    4. What conversations took place among school officials?
    5. When was NRPD contacted?
    6. Who in NRPD communicated with CSDNR?
    7. Who told CSDNR that NRPD recommended not evacuated, when, where?

    This information will come out. This information will not match up with the statement issued by CSDNR.

    Beyond that, there is the new safety protocols embedded in this statement.

    After much fanfare, the district finally, after a decade of failing to comply with the NY SAFE Law, created safety teams, safety plans, held hearings, hired consultants, received recommendations, formerly adopted plans and teams and filed the results with New York State as required under SAVE.

    Those plans do not include the sequence described in the latest statement where decisions to evacuate a school building will now involve calls to the District's Central Office and the NPRD and some sort of joint decision making.

    The entire point of safety plans is for rapid, rote decision making to minimize delays where seconds count -- fire, bomb, active-shooter, etc.

    Recall that the entire motivation for the district over this past year was the Sandy Hook tragedy.

    Adam Lanza killed 26 students and staff in less than 10 minutes.

    By the time a principal gets people from Central Office and NRPD on the phone (and note this latest incident occurred at about 7 am when Central Office is closed) and they discuss and evaluate and weigh the pros and cons, the event could well be over with catastrophic results.

  • Structure Fire Guts 2 Floors of House in New Rochelle   33 weeks 5 days ago

    Just want to remind people that ladder 12 has there ladder up to the top of the house. Reminder that the city was thinking about closing this ladder company down. Thank god there are no plans in this years budget to do that.

  • New Rochelle High School Threatened for Third Time But No Evacuation   33 weeks 6 days ago

    NSA knows when you pick your nose and talk on the phone and NRPD cannot determine where these phone calls are coming from.
    One would think in this day and age NRPD detectives would have been all over the call the first time the school was evacuated.

  • New Rochelle High School Threatened for Third Time But No Evacuation   33 weeks 6 days ago

    The answer to your question: "Which member of the school board wants to face the parent and explain that "we thought it was a prank""

    Not that he wants something bad to happen but he is the one orchestrating all of this -- as is almost always the case with this sort of thing.

    Not only did Mr. Lacher decide to NOT to evacuate the school and not to tell parents and staff about that decision but now I am hearing that fellow board members were not told either

    My son is at NRHS. I am certain I did not put Mr. Lacher in charge of deciding what sort of risks my child should be exposed to because he does not like unflattering news coverage

    What is being circulated now by the school district as an excuse is that they were only doing what they were told by the "experts" at NRPD.


    Anyone familiar with the disdain that the district has shown towards NRPD (and believe it is well-known about our police department) over the years can only laugh at the notion that all of sudden the school district is placing security decisions in the hands of the NRPD.

    First, the safety plans do not say "in case of emergency, call NRPD and ask them what to do".

    Second, my NRPD sources tell me that they WERE asked by school officials to take over the responsibility for deciding when to evacuate the schools and FLATLY REFUSED.

    What is really going on here is that the district does not want to keep evacuating the schools AND they do not want to be responsible for that so they are seeking to lay the blame on someone this case, NRPD.

    Readers may recall that Patrick Carroll proposed earlier this year in an interview I did with him that NRPD take over ALL security for the schools and that was dismissed out of hand by school officials.

    It irks me that this is the same district that for many years had NO safety plans and then post-Sandy Hook went to great lengths to put on a show about hiring a security consulting firm and even posting their supposedly-confidential building-level safety plan on their web site (lunacy!) to show people what a great job they were doing then made a big show of appointing people to safety committees and adopting plans and hiring a new safety person (Ellen Garcia for about $70,000; in other words firing a teacher but hiring her).

    So all that dog and pony show goes on all spring and what do we get?

    Within about 4 months Lacher becomes President of the Board of Education, starts big-footing everyone and effectively makes the protocols and procedures OPTIONAL.

    You see my point on that?

    The whole point of a safety plan and training on that plan is that it becomes a ROTE PROCEDURE where everyone knows what to do.

    Now there is DOUBT.

    The next incident confronting a building leader in NR will now require that person to ponder...should I pull the fire alarm? should I call the police? maybe I should call central office? Maybe I should call the Police Commissioner? What will David Lacher say if I pull the alarm and it turns out to be a prank. Maybe I should wait.

    The clock is ticking.

    Adam Lanza killed 26 people in about 10 minutes at Sandy Hook.

    If the district was FINALLY motivated to put in place safety teams and security plans because of Sandy Hook then surely they understand that every minute matters.

  • New Rochelle High School Threatened for Third Time But No Evacuation   33 weeks 6 days ago

    How thin is the line when predicting future behavior? Suddenly someone wakes up and decides to threaten a group of people over the course of a week or two (assuming it's the same person). If it's for attention, how does the fact that no one will know who it is unless/until they are caught satisfy this need? What happens when the satisfaction of evacuating the school is removed from the equation? Do they become incensed from being ignored and up the stakes? Prankster, antisocial personality disorder, psychopath, where on the spectrum does this behavior land and who is actually doing the evaluation of this individual? A callous and persistent disregard for social norms and rules shouldn't be taken lightly when we're putting a student body on the betting table. Plus, every time our first responders rush to a situation there's a risk factor.
    Certainly I'm glad the decision isn't up to me, however, I like to think I would follow a safety protocol and not bend the rule for convenience or whatever the thought process seems to be in this situation. Follow the plan because at some point the "prankster " will be caught or he/she will stop. The other potential scenario's aren't worth the risk. Which member of the school board wants to face the parent and explain that "we thought it was a prank"

  • New Rochelle High School Threatened for Third Time But No Evacuation   33 weeks 6 days ago

    As this has now happened for a third time, I would hope that our local authorities and the school system have alerted the FBI and/or Homeland Security to investigate what amount to terroristic threats against our high school (this should have happened after the 2nd event). A strong message needs to be sent that these threats, which are now being treated as pranks by an "attention seeking individual", will not be tolerated.

    The flaw with treating this as a prank (after the third call) is that it gives a recipe for disaster to someone who may really want to cause harm. For example, a person calls in two threats that they know are false, with the intention of causing harm on the third since they think the school won't take it seriously after repeated attempts.

    I'm not saying the school is incorrect for not evacuating again if they have evidence to believe its the same person (school days have already been severely interrupted). However, a message needs to be delivered to the public that these threats will not be tolerated and the investigation along with severe consequences for committing this act should be made absolutely clear.

    We hope someone from the school district will detail the steps being taken to discourage this type of behavior.

  • New Rochelle Tree Lighting Happens Thursday At 6pm   33 weeks 6 days ago

    And we love SANTA!!!

  • 12/06 Concert for Wounded Veterans Coming To Tarrytown Music Hall This Friday   34 weeks 1 hour ago

    New Rochelle, We can’t let the band pass us by!

    The Westchester All Stars Christmas Concert for Wounded Veterans, the event will benefit two wounded veterans’ organizations. Such a tie in would be perfect for a location like a converted Armory such as the proposed vision for The Veterans Center for the Performing Arts submitted by Shop Architects along with the New Rochelle Veterans and The New Rochelle Opera.

    New Rochelle needs something positive and upbeat like this to draw people into this city, I believe there should be an emphasis on The Armory being used as a Performing Arts Center as proposed by SHoP Architects. If The City of New Rochelle was to create a vision of a New Rochelle Waterfront for all the people of New Rochelle which includes saving the Armory in some way shape and form. Restore and re-vitalize The Armory and New Rochelle with an emphasis on The Armory being used as a Performing Arts Center possibly anchored by The New Rochelle Opera (The Veterans Center for the Performing Arts) with a community center honoring and serving the post-service needs of veterans for New Rochelle and all the Veterans.

    The New Rochelle Opera and Symphony would have a home and not have to use other auditoriums like they currently do. In the November issue of “The Gael Gram” from Iona College the list of events include; “The Symphony of Westchester All Beethoven Program” by The Symphony of Westchester, “An Evening of Celtic Music” Iona College Pipe Band and more, “Handel’s Messiah” By The Sound Shore Chorale and “Chamber Musicians of the Symphony of Westchester" The Symphony of Westchester.

    What do some of the cities and towns around New Rochelle currently have and what are they doing? They are energized and community driven with venues such as The Tarrytown Music Hall, The Emelin Theater, The Capital Theater, The Performing Arts Center at SUNY Purchase, The White Plains Performing Arts Center, The Paramount Center for the Arts, The Ridgefield Playhouse and so much more. We can’t let the band pass us by any longer New Rochelle.

    New Rochelle needs to create a concert venue with restaurants and places of interest with shops and boutiques, a destination place for people from outside of the city as well as the citizens of New Rochelle. Give people a reason to want to visit New Rochelle.

  • In Upstate Op-Ed, New York State Comptroller Calls for Closing LDC Loopholes Used to Fool Taxpayers   34 weeks 22 hours ago

    The Good News is that the Comptroller is already watching the games played in our fair city.
    Some of us citizens have kept the pressure on highlighting the gamesmanship with the Comptroller.
    The more who do bring these matters to the attention of his office limit the ability for us tax payer to get scorched.
    The office admits having to circumvent the politics as the ruling party has power and they are often bridled.
    That said it is really time to clean up New Rochelle power brokers and cronies as it stinks to high hell.

  • IT'S OFFICIAL: New Rochelle City Council Kills Echo Bay Development Deal   34 weeks 3 days ago

    Actually most people view Obama as an incompetent liar surely you have seen the polls. But I will give you this it certainly seems to be a bi-partisan opinion so maybe you are right. One would have to be extremely blind not to see that.
    If laws aren't being voted on in the senate one can only blame that bastion of fairness Harry Reid for that. Last time I checked your pals control that disfunctional branch of the government.
    Obama care not being socialist enough for you comes as no surprise to me . All one has to do is read your comments to come to that conclusion. Anybody in Canada who wants quality healthcare in a timely manor comes to this country. I have family in England and trust me they don't use the government system for any kind of serious procedure. They say anybody who can buys private insurance because the other choice is not an option. Nothing like shared misery a very socialist tenet.
    My problem with Carter and Obama isn't whether they are decent but rather if they were competent. The answer is a resounding NO! The only good thing about the Carter presidency was that it ushered in 8 years of Ronald Reagan. Hopefully after 8 years of this disastorous regime ,we will be as lucky. It can only get better cause we have hit rock bottom.

  • IT'S OFFICIAL: New Rochelle City Council Kills Echo Bay Development Deal   34 weeks 3 days ago


    You wrote:

    "All of that is basic economics, that we all were taught in school and college, and has again been proven as true by the problems of our current economy."

    What you are describing as “basic economics” that “we all were taught” is, in fact, one particular economic theory. Specifically, the theories of John Maynard Keynes in his book "General Theory of Employment Interest and Money” and known as Keynesian Economics.

    This is a theory that holds that governments should spend money they do not have to achieve full employment. It was widely adopted by OECD countries from WWII until the 1970s.

    Thanks to the work of economists like Frederich Hayek and Milton Friedman, Keynesian Economics was largely rejected by OECD countries by the late 1970’s leading to the Thatcher-Reagan economic boom and setting the stage for decades of economic growth and global prosperity.

    I will grant that with the market meltdown in 2007-2008, there has been revived (misguided in my view) interest in Keynesian Economics but the issue at hand was about World War II and the Great Recession.

    You have put a lot of effort into not addressing my comment squarely and just admit that World War II is widely recognized by economists as that driving factor in “ending” the Great Recession.

    As a Keynesian true believer, your definition of ENDING a recession (or depression) is based on achieving full employment not GDP growth, right?

    Most every economist I can think of agrees that was achieved as a result of World War II not economic policies undertaken by FDR.

  • IT'S OFFICIAL: New Rochelle City Council Kills Echo Bay Development Deal   34 weeks 3 days ago


    The Great Depression ended in the USA by the late 1930's, not so much because of Europe or Japan starting WWII years before the USA declared war.

    Rather, the Great Depression ended because our federal government seeded our economy by spending a lot of borrowed money to build infrastructure, and because federal government expanded its civil service, and paid people SS to retire to have money to spend, and paid unemployment insurance so unemployed people would have money to spend, and by providing school loans and better child labor laws to take people off the job market, providing jobs for others.

    The government was able to accomplish that via borrowing and printing money. As that government-provided money entered the private economy, our businesses prospered and hired more people, and the Depression ended. I'm not referring to the speculative stock market, but to the real economy employing labor.

    Prior to WWI, 90% of all Americans lived on farms. During WWI and the 1920's, our economy changed to one of greater industry and services, and much of small private farms.

    In the 1920's, as Europe began to recover from WWI, Europe became less dependent on the USA for industrial output and farmed products. By the mid-1920's, our farmers had too many expensive mortgages on too many farms, resulting in too many abandoned farms, causing a real estate glut, resulting in financial institutions crashing the stock market by late 1929. That crash expanded to our industrial and service economy, resulting in massive layoffs throughout the USA, similar to 2008's effects.

    Beginning in 1930 under President Hoover, our federal, state and municipal governments, receiving less revenue, began laying off employees, which only expanded the Great Depression, similar to 2008's effects.

    Similarly, at the end of WWII, the USA had one of the few intact economies in the world. From 1945 through the early 1970's, the USA prospered not only via deficit spending, but because we were providing a lot of food and industrial products for the rest of the world.

    By the early 1970's, Europe and Japan had recovered enough to industrially compete with the USA, resulting in a repressed USA economy, from apprx 1974-1982, but the USA economy has not been as vibrant since, especially regarding clothing, automotives and electronics.

    Of course there have been other factors negatively affecting our economy since the early 1970's, such as Oil Cartels, and a very much over-sized military-industrial complex. But basically, our economy thrived from 1914-1929 because of WWI, and thrived from 1940-1974 because of WWII.

    Since 1929, USA capitalism and private enterprise have been unable to provide anything near full employment, so the government will have to continue to fill that void. When the government lays off people, there are insufficent private jobs to pick up that slack, resulting not only in expanding unemployment but also in depressed wages, due to supply and demand of labor.

    So when the government cuts its civil service budget, it ends up spending even more money on welfare, social security, etc. And when the government cuts its spending on infrastucture, that directly depresses the private economy, and also ends up spending even more money on welfare, social security, etc.

    Reduced government spending results in less money being spent on private businesses, which result in less government revenue, which results inless government spending. A very bad downward economic spirals, caused by well-meaning, poorly thought-out good intentions, paving the way to hell.

    All of that is basic economics, that we all were taught in school and college, and has again been proven as true by the problems of our current economy.

    The bottom line is, that during bad economic times our national government needs to expand our economy, by expanding its civil service and spending more, and by borrowing and/or simply creating more currency.

    And during good economic times, national government should increase taxes and pay off our national debt, and to avoid creating economic bubbles. GW Bush, having inherited a good economy did exactly the opposite of what he should have, and lowered taxes instead of increasing them, which caused a real estate bubble, that crashed in 2007-2008, resulting in financial disaster and Great Recession of 2008, and of our current on-going economic woes.

    Of course I am referring to necessary deficit spending of our national economy and federal government, not our local government. Our federal government controls our international relations and currency, is master of its fate, and cannot go bankrupt. The USA dollar is the most desired and respected currency in the world.

    But States and municipalities cannot create currency and can go bankrupt. But they do damage our economy when they reduce spending. So it is necessary for our federal govenment to assist the financing of States and municipalities in various ways, including the building of infrastructure, and by the federal government providing social services that local governments cannot afford.

    Regarding your analogy of a kid breaking a window, resulting in money being spent on our economy, there is much truth to your sarcasm. If people didn't commit crimes, we'd need less police, resulting in greater unemployment of potential police officers and of less judges. But people do commit crimes.

    Currently, if the USA suddenly stopped acting as the world's policeman, we'd have a much smaller military and be spending much less on military hardware, so massive unemployment would result.

    Much of the USA economy is based on our abusively over-sized Military-Industrial Complex, that President / 5-Star General Eisenhower knowingly warned us about. We need to greatly reduce military spending. But if the USA suddenly massively cut military spending we'd create an economic Depression that would last for years. We do have to find a way to greatly cut military spending, as that is the main cause of our federal government's deficit. And its about time we start.

  • IT'S OFFICIAL: New Rochelle City Council Kills Echo Bay Development Deal   34 weeks 3 days ago

    Actually, most Americans perceive President Obama to be more non-partisan than most presidents, and very compromising.

    One has to be extremely partisan and rigid to see Barack Obama as being partisan and rigid.

    Tea Party Republicans votes do count. The problem is when Tea Party Republicans filibuster to prevent the majority of Senators from voting. Doesn't the majority of Senators count?

    You simply believe in a Minority rule, and you would deny the choices of a majority of Americans.

    You demonstrate your ignorance of the facts and of the Constitution, as obviously there were Republicans voting for Obamacare. For any legislation to become law, it must pass both Houses of Congress. The House of Representatives has a majority of Republicans, and the House of Representatives passed Obamacare by a majority of Representatives, which could not have occurred without some Republicans voting for ObamaCare.

    The following 87 Republican Congressmen voted to fund Obamacare, including House Speaker John Boehner (OH), Majority Leader Eric Cantor (VA), Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (CA) and Republican Conference Chairwoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers (WA).

    The full list of 87 Republican Congressmen who voted to fund Obamacare were: Bachus, Barletta, Benishek, Bilirakis, Boehner, Boustany, Brooks (IN), Buchanan, Calvert, Camp, Cantor, Capito, Coble, Coffman, Cole, Cook, Cotton, Cramer, Crawford, Crenshaw, Daines, Davis, Rodney, Dent, Diaz-Balart, Fitzpatrick, Fortenberry, Frelinghuysen, Gardner, Gerlach, Gibson, Griffin (AR), Grimm, Guthrie, Hanna, Harper, Hastings (WA), Heck (NV), Herrera Beutler, Issa, Jenkins, Joyce, Kelly (PA), King (NY), Kinzinger (IL), Kline, Lance, Latham, LoBiondo, McCarthy (CA), McHenry, McKeon, McKinley, McMorris Rodgers, Meehan, Miller, Murphy (PA), Nunes, Paulsen, Pittenger, Reichert, Ribble, Rigell, Rogers (KY), Rogers (MI), Ros-Lehtinen, Roskam, Runyan, Schock, Shimkus, Shuster, Simpson, Smith (NE), Smith (NJ), Stivers, Terry, Thompson (PA), Tiberi, Tipton, Upton, Valadao, Webster (FL), Whitfield, Wittman, Wolf, Womack, Young (AK), Young (IN).

    The 27 Senate Republicans, over half the Senate Republicans including Minority Leader McConnell, who voted to fund Obamacare were: Alexander (TN), Ayotte (NH), Barrasso (WY), Blunt (MO), Boozman (AR), Burr (NC), Chambliss (GA), Chiesa (NJ), Coats (IN), Cochran (MS), Collins (ME), Corker (TN), Fischer (NE), Flake (AZ), Graham (SC), Hatch (UT), Hoeven (ND), Isakson (GA), Johanns (NE), Kirk (IL), McCain (AZ), McConnell (KY), Moran (R.KA), Murkowski (R.AK), Portman (OH), Thune (SD), Wicker (MS).

    All major countries, including the USA have socialist components. I challenge you to name a major European, North American or Asian country (excluding Communist China) that doesn't have elements of Socialism mixed with Capitalism.

    However, Obamacare is clearly not socialist, as the actual insurance is not provided by our government, but rather by private corporations. I wish Obamacare was socialist, and more like what is available in Canada, the UK and much of Europe, and which was advoicated by Republicans for the USA, as recently as the 1970's by Nixon.

    You are right that I consider Presidents Carter and Ford to be much less partisan than all the Presidents that followed them, other than Obama who is as non-partisan as any President has been since Eisenhower (who both parties wanted to run as their Presidential candidate in 1952).

    I consider Eisenhower, Ford, Carter and Obama to all be decent men, willing to compromise and putting their country above petty partisan politics. Unfortunately, decent Presidents such as them, tend to be less powerful than partisans such as Reagan, Clinton or GW Bush.

  • IT'S OFFICIAL: New Rochelle City Council Kills Echo Bay Development Deal   34 weeks 3 days ago

    US GDP 10 60


    If you look at the GDP chart you can see that the recovery began, by some measures in 1933 so it is certainly a truism that "The Great Depression was over by 1940" if you look at indicators like GDP. It was over by 1939 and 1938 and 1937, etc. If you look at lagging indicators like unemployment then the recovery did not occur until the early 1940s.

    It is not, however, wrong to say there is a connection between “the end” of the Great Depression and WWII. The problem is that you are drastically oversimplifying all aspects of what constitutes the Great Depression and what was doing on in the US economy between the stock market crash of 1929 and the start of WWII. While I am sure you can find some economists who disagree, it is generally the view that the the Great Depression ended with the beginning of World War II — not the US entry into the war but the beginning of the war which can be said to have begun in 1937 to 1939. The US economy was positively impacted as Europe armed itself and more so with the fall of France and what morphed into Lend-Lease.

    To that extent, Andy is correct in disputing your statements in this regard.

    You go on to make points about deficit spending where you are a bit closer to being correct but still off.

    It is not right to say “the USA ended the Depression by spending much more money than tax revenue brought in”. Emphasis on “ended”.

    It is true that the US was deficit spending but your framing of this statement as “the USA ended” and the points that follow present a fact (deficit spending) with a strategy to bring about an economic recovery.

    The US did not “end” the Depression through deficit spending any more than you might deflect a punch to your nose or hit the deck if you hear a shot fired. The US engaged in deficit spending as a national security strategy to combat the Axis powers. That this helped the economy was a side benefit. Unless you are suggesting that FDR supplied Britain and Russia with weapons and supplies, and entered the war, as a rather bloody “Stimulus Plan”.

    Likewise it is true that the US continued deficit spending throughout WWII but wrong to say that the US won the war BECAUSE we were “spending much more money than tax revenue brought in”.

    This is a common fallacy but correlation does not imply causation.

    By your logic, any country can win a war by spending more money than they take in from taxes.

    Obviously, that is absurd, right?

    The Germans and Japanese also engaged in deficit spending in WWII. They lost the war.

    You go even further afield when you extrapolate from this one fallacy into a series of fallacies, each one less precise, about deficit spending…

    “we won the space race”

    “we won the 'cold war’”

    It reminds of a criticism of astro-turf when it was first introduced in baseball. Players complained that the effect of the surface was to cause balls hit off the infield to come off the turf faster, that they were speeding up because of the astro-turf. While it was true that the balls were coming at them faster when it hit off the turf, it was not because they were actually speeding up after making contact with the turf but that they were not slowing down like when they were hit onto grass because Astro-turf causes less friction than grass.

    Another error implicit in your remarks is that government spending exists in a vacuum, that the alternative to government spending is no spending.

    You do not account for the reality that any dollar spent by the government is money that would otherwise have remained in private hands.

    You compound that by counting up all of the economic activity resulting from the government spending of that money, compare that to your alternative (zero spending) and conclude that but for government spending no activity would have occurred.

    There is a well-known economic analogy about a broken-window (not the “Rudy Giuliani” version).

    A kid walks though a neighborhood and throws a rock through the window of Andy’s house. Less enlightened people like Andy see that as a bad thing. But in your wisdom, you see it is a good thing. As a result of the rock thrown through the window, Andy hires a glazier to replace the window. The glazier buys the window from a hardware store. The window company sells the window. The window factory workers make the window. And so on. In your world, the kid is creating economic activity. In fact, in your world, the government should hire kids to throw rocks through windows thus employing people directly and generating economic activity on down the line.

    This is because you are are looking at what is SEEN.

    What you are not looking at is what is NOT SEEN.

    What is not seen is that Andy did not buy a pair of shoes because he spent that money on getting a new window installed.

    Andy is no better off as a result of getting a new window as he already had a window. And the shoe store loses a sale, which means the cobble does not make the shoe, which means the tanner does not make the leather for the cobbler to make the show and so forth.

    By your logic, the US economy would be better off if we firebombed all our cities. Imagine all the economic activity required to rebuild!

    None of which is to say that it is never right to engage in deficit spending only that you are confused in your application of the various statements you have made, some true and some not, and thus reach incorrect conclusions and apply them indiscriminately.

  • IT'S OFFICIAL: New Rochelle City Council Kills Echo Bay Development Deal   34 weeks 3 days ago

    17 trillion in debt--but who's counting anymore?

  • IT'S OFFICIAL: New Rochelle City Council Kills Echo Bay Development Deal   34 weeks 4 days ago

    Only by your standard is he both non-partisan or bending over backwards. The last time I checked those ultra-extremist Tea Party Republicans were elected by there constituents , so shouldn't their votes count? Only in yours and Obama's world they shouldn't. Case in point is Obama Care. Not one republican voted for it , and key democrats had to be bought off in order to force it through. It was sold on a LIE ( if you like your plan you can keep your plan ,if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor , PERIOD!) but both you and the "Regime" know what's better for us. Want to see left wing , socialist government planing and spending at its best just look across the pond at Europe. That's what Obama's plan is for America. I couldn't help but notice of all the presidents you named the one that Obama most reminds us of you didn't mention. He has succeeded in making us long for the days of Jimmy Carter and I never thought that could happen!

  • IT'S OFFICIAL: New Rochelle City Council Kills Echo Bay Development Deal   34 weeks 4 days ago

    By any standard, President Obama has been far less partisan than Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Reagan, GH Bush, Clinton and especially the extremely partisan GW Bush.

    Obama has bent over backwards to be non-partisan, and has repeatedly tried to be cooperative with the Republicans in Congress, only to be slapped down by the always non-cooperative ultra-extremist partisan Tea Partiers in Congress, to the dismay of most Democratic and independent voters, and of many Republican voters.

    Since you ask, wanting less government has always been extreme depending on what aspect of government is to be lessened, and how it's achieved.

    When reducing government spending damages our economy, our education system, public services or our judicial system, that has always been extreme.

    When the means of reducing government is to refuse voting on financial legislation so as to deliberately shut down our government, or by Senators filibustering all of the President's nominated appointments, that has always been extreme.

    Your description of liberals, as 'tax and spend', is an illogical description.

    Taxing to spend is what Republicans used to advocate, back when they were actually fiscally conservative, which the congressional Republicans no longer are.

    Republicans now advocate lowering taxes, so as to increase 'bonding and spending'. This is done to benefit wealthy people and financial institutions, who then invest in those bonds of government debt, using their tax savings while increasing our national debt. I'd like to see the national debt reduced, but that means increasing taxes on those people who make the most money.

    Democrats are fiscally conservative when they do tax to spend, rather than issuing bonds. Issuing bonds may be a necessity, but ultimately they have to be paid for with increased taxes and fees or by inflation devaluing the debts.

  • IT'S OFFICIAL: New Rochelle City Council Kills Echo Bay Development Deal   34 weeks 4 days ago

    More government spending ? On what more " shovel ready " projects ? We have no more NASA , wasted money on bogus crony capitalism green project failures to pay off campaign donors . We are about 15 trillion in debt and you want the government to spend more , on what health care? Sounds like a plan! The government IS the problem!

  • IT'S OFFICIAL: New Rochelle City Council Kills Echo Bay Development Deal   34 weeks 4 days ago

    Your statement about the Tea Party would be obvious only to people who think like you. Partisan is Reid and Schumer , Pelosi and Maxine Waters. Since when is wanting lower taxes and less government extreme? Tell that to all the extremists in Westchester County ( which by the way has a 2 to 1 democratic voter registration advantage) that just sent tax and spend liberal democrat Bramson packing! Nobody buying labels that you and people like you put on average citizens anymore. And if you or Obama were around and able to vote back in the 1950's no doubt that would have been 2 more votes for Stevenson.

  • IT'S OFFICIAL: New Rochelle City Council Kills Echo Bay Development Deal   34 weeks 4 days ago

    Barack Obama is about as non-partisan president as we have had since Eisenhower.

    The USA's problem with partisan politics can fully be blamed on the Republican Tea Party advocates in the US Senate and House of Representatives, but that is obvious to most Americans.

    The extremely partisan Tea Party is not only greatly damaging the USA, but also destroying the national Republican Party, by turning it into a the regional political party of the former Confederate States of America, which of course is a shame.

  • IT'S OFFICIAL: New Rochelle City Council Kills Echo Bay Development Deal   34 weeks 4 days ago

    You are mistaken. The Great Depression was over by 1940, but the USA didn't enter WWII until 1941-12-07, about two years later.

    However, the main point you miss, is that the USA ended the Depression by spending much more money than tax revenue brought in.

    And we won WWII by spending much more money than tax revenue brought in.

    And we won the space race by spending much more money than tax revenue brought in.

    And we won the 'cold war' by spending much more money than tax revenue brought in.

    Without deficit spending, the USA would never have left the Hoover's Great Depression nor GW Bush's Great Recession, nor won WWII.

    Since 2008, the USA has been suffering from Deflation, something that is deadly to any economy. Balancing the USA budget at this time, would create greater Deflation and massive unemployment. What is needed to improve the USA economy is 3-4% annual Inflation and more government spending.

  • IT'S OFFICIAL: New Rochelle City Council Kills Echo Bay Development Deal   34 weeks 6 days ago

    What the USA needs is a president who is less partisan and more accepting to listening to the other party. Also let me get this straight, you think that it was a good idea that the Democrat controlled Senate exercised the nuclear option and did away with needing 60 votes to break a filibuster allowing the majority to run roughshod over the minority party? What about a few years back when then Senator Obama and Biden and even Harry Reid were up an arms about the same exact thing? Be careful because what goes around comes around , and 2014 will be here before you know it, and then you will eat those words.

  • IT'S OFFICIAL: New Rochelle City Council Kills Echo Bay Development Deal   34 weeks 6 days ago

    What "obviously" got us out of the Depression was a little thing called World War II! All the WPA make works programs that the government usually creates could NEVER have accomplished it.