07/12 New Rochelle Celebrates Bastille Day

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07/12 New Rochelle Celebrates Bastille Day

July 05, 2013 - 23:29

NewImageNEW ROCHELLE, NY -- In celebration of New Rochelle's founding by the Huguenots 325 years ago, the New Rochelle Sister City Committee will present a Bastille Day flag-raising ceremony on Friday July 12 at 10 AM. The event will take place in front of City Hall. This French national holiday recalling the storming of the king’s political prison, recognizes the French Revolution as a result of the lessons learned in the American Revolution and expounded in our Declaration of Independence.

The ceremony includes greetings by Mayor Noam Bramson, a short talk by James S. Kaplan, Esq., Attorney and Sister City Committee member, “Bastille Day and the Statue of Liberty: Linking Democracies”, and a brief note on “Why We Celebrate Bastille Day” by Peter A. Korn, Committee convener. Celebrants and guests will witness the raising of the tri-color of the French Republic and sing, “La Marseillaise”, the French national anthem, and "The Star Spangled Banner".

Mr. Kaplan will discuss how the revolutionary concepts enshrined in Bastille Day were linked to the gift of the Statue of Liberty, and the close relationship between democratic movements in our two countries.

Also attending will be Jeremy Vilquin, a graduate student from the University of La Rochelle, and Malo Mazurié, Jazz Fest trumpet player first sent to us by the La Rochelle Rotary Club. This event is part of the 325th anniversary program celebrating the 1688 arrival of French Huguenots from La Rochelle and the subsequent “tides of immigration”to our community.

The Bastille Day ceremony is presented by the Sister City Initiative, which seeks to deepen the 325-year bond of friendship between New Rochelle and La Rochelle, France. A light reception in the Rotunda will take place immediately following the event.

On the day following, July 13th, the New Rochelle Jazz Fest will kick off its fourth big year with performances on Saturday and Sunday outdoors on Library Green.

For further information:
New Rochelle Sister City Committee, Convener Peter Korn [email protected]

New Rochelle Jazz Festival

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If the City of New Rochelle refuses to give TALK OF THE SOUND foil requests and press releases why in the world would this post be put up.Cut the city off from the most read web site in the city even more than the city web site.
When people start to ask why this site does not publish press releases and other city functions tell them to call city hall,the Mayors office,City Mgr office etc etc.

Robert Cox's picture

My primary goal is to gather news and information about New Rochelle (and related) and disseminate that information to the public. I hope that putting out that information will generate discussion and encourage other stakeholders in New Rochelle to gather and disseminate their own news and information.

That the current occupants of various positions in City Hall want to withhold information or otherwise withhold cooperation in doing that is an important but still secondary consideration. That Strome, Carroll, Bramson, et al. believe that they can control what is published on Talk of the Sound by withholding information or cooperation is a fool's errand. They deserve to be shown up. The best way I can think to do this is to use traditional FOIL requests, obtain press releases from third parties and continue to expose the cronyism and corruption that defines our twin governments (municipal and school).

In the end, the stories will all still come out, with or without them, so publishing items like this press release only highlights their own impotence in attempting control news and information that gets to the public.

That's my view but I understand your point as well. There is no "right" answer and I suppose I could be convinced otherwise but for now I believe this is the right approach.