3-21 United Veterans of New Rochelle Sponsoring Retirement of the Colors Ceremony for the Armory


ATTENTION!! all vets, current military and fellow citizens.

United Veterans of New Rochelle and concerned New Rochelle Citizens will be hosting a Retiring of the Colors ceremony at the armory to replace the current worn flag with a new one.

This event was organized as a response to city council's dismissing off hand the veterans proposal for the echo bay project last week. Besides Honoring our flag and showing solidarity and support for our veterans we intend to send a clear message to our city council that they "will not tread on" the veterans, the citizens or the Armory.

We encourage everyone of all ages to join us on Thursday at 6:00 PM we are trying to make this a turning point in the fight to preserve the Armory and announce that the citizens of New Rochelle are not going to let the Armory die!

We will be meeting at the Cornerstone Grill across the street from the Armory beforehand around 5:30 and encourage everyone to stay a while for food, drinks and networking after the ceremony.

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