550 North Avenue, Zoning Board Item, January 8


Important Zoning Board of Appeals Agenda Item for Meeting on Tuesday January 8, 90 Beaufort Place, Room B

It becomes more obvious all the time that "anything goes" regardless what the zoning requirements are. Will granting this have anything to do with taking the property off the tax rolls?

CASE #3-2013, for permission for change of use from
retail store to place of worship; whereas at the time of a change of use in an
existing structure, the additional off-street parking spaces required for the change
of use must be provided in accordance with Chapter 331. The change of use
from retail store to place of worship requires 21 additional spaces which are not
proposed to be provided in an NA Zoned District, at the premises 550 North
Avenue, Block 1425, Lot 31 [area variance]

This is NOT an [area variance]. Read from the beginning, FOUR times it states "change of USE", this is a USE variance which is nearly impossible to get, that's why the powers to be worded this an area variance so it can be rubber stamped. Since when is insufficient parking considered an area variance? 787 was disallowed a cabaret license because it couldn't meet the parking requirement now the City looks the other way for a connected broker.

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