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In just three short years, Talk of the Sound has become the go-to, must-read news source for New Rochelle with its unique blend of timely hyper-local news and information, hard-hitting investigative reporting and strong opinion from both contributors and readers who engage with each other through an active and lively comment section. The site focuses exclusively on New Rochelle, the seventh-largest city in New York State with a population of 75,000 people. By every measure, Talk of the Sound is the most widely read source of news and information in New Rochelle with more than 50,000 unique visitors a month serving up over 125,000 page views a month. Launched on September 1, 2008, Talk of the Sound has had over a million readers and served up more than 2.7 mm page views. The site has gained a well-deserved reputation as the place to go to get the inside story in New Rochelle and is widely read among key influencers in the City of New Rochelle.

Demographics of Talk of the Sound Readers

  • Male 54%; Female 46%
  • 53% are between the age of 45 and 65
  • 61% have a college and/or post-graduate degree
  • 75% own their own home or plan to buy one soon
  • 45% earn over $125,000 a year
  • 66% are married
  • 63% have children in their household; mostly K-12

Online Behavior of Talk of the Sound Readers

  • 35% spend more than 30 hours a week online
  • 86% make purchase decisions online
  • 67% buy from online retailers
  • 30% buy from auction/classified sites

Internet Referral Data for Talk of the Sound Readers

  • 66% of Talk of the Sound traffic comes from just 10 main sources
  • 75% of main source traffic is from the two major New Rochelle area Internet service providers -- Optimum Online and Verizon FIOS
  • Other major traffic sources include New Rochelle City Hall, County of Westchester, and local schools including Iona College, College of New Rochelle and the City School District of New Rochelle

Demographics for Westchester County, New Rochelle and Surrounding Area

  • Westchester County (pop. 923,459) - White 64.1%, Latino 15.7%, Black 13.4%, Asian 4.5%, Median Household Income of $120,500
  • New Rochelle (pop. 72,585) - White 52.5%, Latino 24.3%, Black 17.7%, Asian 4.1%, MH Income of $64,756. Families represent 67.6% of households
  • Scarsdale (pop.17,823) - White 81.9%, Asian 12.6%, Latino 2.6%, Black 1.5%, MH Income of $221,825
  • Larchmont (pop. 6,485) - White 90.8%, Latino 4.5%, Asian 2.8%, MH Income of $149,700
  • Eastchester (pop. 31,318) - White 84.6%, Asian 6.9%, Latino 4.5%, MH Income of $91,209
  • Pelham (pop. 11,866) - White 83.5%, Latino 6%, Black 4.6%, Asian 4.0% MH Income of $100,133

Search Engine/Aggregator Information for Talk of the Sound

  • Google Page Rank of 3 with 50,000 entries archived
  • Talk of the Sound is typically ranked among the Top 10 search results for the keyword “New Rochelle”
  • Talk of the Sound is part of Google News
  • Talk of the Sound is part of Topix

Other Talk of the Sound Platforms

  • Talk of the Sound iPhone App
  • Talk of the Sound Live Radio Show & Podcast
  • Talk of the Sound Events Calendar
  • Talk of the Sound Newsletter



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Term Discounts

  • 3 Month Term - 10%
  • 6 Month Contract - 15%
  • 12 Month Contract - 25%

Prepaid Discount

10% (applied after applying term discount)


ADVERTISING PLACEMENT: Positioning of advertisements is at the sole discretion of the Publisher except if the Publisher acknowledges a specific position in writing. Advertising is rotated and interspersed throughout. Courtesy is paid to special requests whenever possible.

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CONTACT: Robert Cox at or 914-500-8386.

Download: PDF Version of Talk of the Sound 2011 Rate Card and Contract

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