AJ's Burgers Named Best NY Burger in the Hudson Valley Region

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AJ's Burgers Named Best NY Burger in the Hudson Valley Region

June 29, 2012 - 12:10

"AJ's Club Burger" was named Best NY Burger in the Hudson Valley Region by the New York Beef Council.

Consumers throughout New York State were able to nominate a hamburger from any new york restaurant.

To qualify as a hamburger, the burger must be 100% beef, 100% veal or 100% beef/veal mix although other ingredients may be added to the patty (such as spices, vegetables, etc.). All burgers must be composed of grilled patties (formed from ground beef or veal) served on a bun or other bread product (such as biscuits, focaccia, or tortillas). burgers may include any combination of condiments (such as ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard) sauces (such as barbeque or hot sauce) cheeses (cow’s milk cheese only) and toppings (such as bacon, onions, tomatoes and lettuce). every component of the burger must be placed between the bun or bread pieces, or served open-faced on a bread product.

One finalist was selected from each region throughout the state, one from every major city, (Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Watertown, Binghamton, Utica, Albany, Westchester, Nyc, Long Island) based on the number of nominations each restaurant receives in each region. a total of 10 restaurants, one from each region was selected.

Hamburgers were judged based on appearance, creativity, taste and service.

A selected judging panel will select the grand prize winner for the title of “NY’s best burger”.

What do you think? Did the NY Beef Council get it right? What is the best burger in New Rochelle?

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Martin Sanchez's picture

I concur. They are an excellent hamburger and their fries are also very tasty. Keep it up. Thanks

Martin Sanchez