All Talk of the Sound Readers, Please Download Periscope App on Your Phone

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All Talk of the Sound Readers, Please Download Periscope App on Your Phone

March 29, 2015 - 19:17
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The hottest thing going on in the tech world right now is the battle between Meerkat and Periscope.

If you are scratching your head, these are two services that allow users to livestream audio and video (and their location) from their iOS or Android phone. They are meant to be integrated into and feel like Twitter.

Meerkat came to market a few weeks ago and exploded in popularity. Periscope launched Tuesday and is playing catchup. It will certainly catchup and exceed Meerkat because it has one major factor in it’s favor — it is owned by Twitter. While the latest tech battle will require choosing sides, it seems Periscope will win because it is meant to be an extension of Twitter and it is owned by Twitter.

As a result, Talk of the Sound is going to go with Periscope (for now!). This technology will evolve quickly and we will go with whatever is the best option for our readers but we agree with Yahoo Tech writer Alyssa Bereznak: Periscope vs. Meerkat: It’s Not Even Close

The missing element of Periscope is that, unlike Meerkat, there is no way for us to share a link on Twitter to announce that a video stream in live on Periscope, you have to have Periscope installed and have followed Talk of the Sound. The best we can do is tweet out that we are going live on Periscope.

What we need is for our followers to download and install Periscope (it’s free) and follow Talk of the Sound on Periscope. Once you do that you can get enable alerts to know when we are going live and you can watch our archived videos.

Periscope on iTunes | Periscope on GooglePlay