Andrew Cuomo Names Suzi Oppenheimer a Partner in Bringing Change to Albany

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Andrew Cuomo Names Suzi Oppenheimer a Partner in Bringing Change to Albany

October 27, 2010 - 16:38

Mamaroneck, NY – Yesterday, fresh on the heels of receiving his endorsement, Senator Suzi Oppenheimer joined Andrew Cuomo on stage at a campaign event in Westchester County, urging voters to support their mission to bring change to Albany.

Calling her “a great Senator,” Mr. Cuomo declared, “I need Suzi in the Senate to help me reform Albany.” He also credited her efforts to lower property taxes, a goal they both share.

“I am happy to be here with the person I fully expect will be the next governor of the great state of New York,” declared Senator Oppenheimer. “We need Andrew Cuomo’s leadership as we take on the important challenges we’re faced with today. Mr. Cuomo has developed a thorough plan that will push key reforms I have long fought to enact. I am excited about partnering with him to make our state government effective again.”

As Attorney General, Andrew Cuomo has earned a reputation as one of the nation’s most committed and successful public advocates. To learn more about his campaign for New York Governor, visit

Senator Oppenheimer represents the 37th Senate District, which includes the Cities of New Rochelle, Rye, and White Plains, and the Towns of Harrison, Mamaroneck, New Castle, North Castle, Ossining, Rye, and Scarsdale.

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Here's another interview with Suzi and Bob:

In this video, Suzi claims to of passed "landmark" legislation. What that "landmark" legislation was I don't know. She did vote to cut school aid. She did vote for the MTA payroll tax. Basically, she's NEVER not voted to increase taxes.

Cohen actually sounds good and makes alot of sense. Oppenheimer doesn't sound so good, again vague and elusive answers.

Suzi's had 26 years already to change Albany but she hasn't changed a thing so why should we re-elect her? She's a part of the dysfunction and needs to go.

Did you see the Jounal News interview w/both candidates? All of her answers were vague and elusive while Bob Cohen answered concisely and on-point. He talked at length about taxes, jobs and the economy. She talked at length about school reform. I personally don't think school reform is a hot button topic this election nor do I think other voters care that much, but apparently our current state senator does as that's all she has to show us.

But what I'd like to know from our senator is what are you doing about the state's economy, jobs and taxes and she's missed the boat on all 3 topics and therefore no longer deserves our support.

This is the link to the interview. Just copy/paste this url into your browser. Its not the easiest thing to find but if you hit the "on demand" button at the bottom it'll bring up a list of recent JN interviews. Then look for the Editorial Spotlight 37th Senate. Its dated 10/12.

Suzy and Andy..what a team!

We're doomed.