Another New Rochelle School District Employee Arrested; Isaac Young Teaching Assistant Charged with Assault with a Weapon

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Another New Rochelle School District Employee Arrested; Isaac Young Teaching Assistant Charged with Assault with a Weapon

October 22, 2012 - 19:21


Isaac Young Teaching Assistant Nancy Moreno, 48, of 373 Webster Avenue in New Rochelle was arrested by New Rochelle police following an incident at a residence on Lincoln Avenue where she allegedly assaulted a woman with a closet rod.

Moreno was charged with Assault 2nd Degree, assault with intent to cause physical injury with a weapon, a Class D Felony.

The incident on the evening of September 29th began as a dispute over a dog defecating on private property. Moreno was arrested at the scene after a call to New Rochelle police.

Moreno has worked for several years for the New Rochelle Board of Education. She has most recently worked as a Teaching Assistant at Isaac E. Young Middle School and prior to that at Webster Elementary School. Despite the arrest, Moreno has continued to work with children at the Isaac middle school as school official are apparently unaware of Moreno's arrest.

School officials and board members confirmed to Talk of the Sound they were not aware of Moreno's arrest.

In 2011, shortly after the arrest of Jose Martinez, a former Isaac administrator who plead guilty to repeatedly raping a student in his office at the school, Schools Superintendent Richard Organisciak told parents that they should not be concerned about criminals working in the school district because he received alerts anytime a school employee was arrested. Martinez, according to Organisciak, did not have a prior record.

Asked about this recently, Board of Education President Chrisanne Petrone explained the system to Talk of the Sound.

"The District gets arrest reports from Office of School Personnel Review and Accountability (OSPRA) at the NYS Education department whenever an employee whose fingerprints are on file gets arrested," said Petrone. "We are not told what the employee is arrested for and follow up with the employee after the information is made known to us."

Moreno is the seventh school district employee arrested since 2009. During that time, OSPRA has not once reported an arrest that had not already been reported by Talk of the Sound.

In the two most recent cases, the employees arrested failed to disclose to the arresting officer that they were employed by the New Rochelle Board of Education.

Under the New York State SAVE law, school employees must be fingerprinted. Employees hired before the enactment of the SAVE law in 2001 are exempt.

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UPDATE: Will David of the Journal News wrote about this incident on Oct. 1st, Argument over dog cleanup leads to assault charge for New Rochelle woman. He fails to mention Moreno works for the New Rochelle Board of Education but does add some details including information about Moreno's daughter and that the mother and daughter pushed their way into the victim's home.

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Another disgraceful employee of the illustrious New Rochelle School District.

Where the hell do they find these people?

Another call to get Organisciak and the useless Board of Ed., OUT!!!!

I've known this woman for a longtime. She's a great person, so if you don't know all the facts, don't cast stones. Disgraceful is jumping the gun. Having a gripe about the superintendent is one thing, but it seems like you suggest everyone in the school is bad. I'm know that she is a great asset to the school system. The article states that she "allegedly" assaulted. What if it was in self-defense? Then what? Let's just wait and see the facts first.

New Rochelle schools have too many things like this happening. What is going on with our schools?? We pay the highest school taxes, but why do we seem to have these types of employee? Who is doing the hiring. I am so glad my children don't attend Issac! It sounds like the wild west there.

No but somethings on the site are clear cut...Jose Martinez, Patrick Clark, Marisa Anton, guilty, the proof is there. This case though isn't, is what I'm saying. She's an excellent worker though and this I know. As far as it sounding like the wild west there, thats your opinion again. And what that has to do with the article aside from her just working there eludes me. It didn't happen anywhere near the school.

if they didn't hide it so well, who knows which of the priests in New Rochelle are pedophiles, and yet people (not I!) keep attending their services.

Who knows what any of the City Hall employees do in their private lives, but don't get caught? And yet they're allowed to not revitalize downtown New Rochelle and screw over the Armory.

It's not like she harasses children and forces them to stow their garbage on their person - and yet the GN is still front and center, what's that all about, does someone here love her? - so what she does in her private life, until proven, shouldn't have anything to do with her school life.

Not only does it sound like the wild west but it sounds like the wild west without a sheriff! I TOO AM glad my children are not in school down there!! I'll stay up in the north end where the rice and beans are kept to a minimum

call me what you like i just want new ro like it used to be!

Your rice and beans comment is offensive and denotes a small mind prone to misplaced aggression. Look to who created the situation, blame them and hold them responsible. If you want NR the way it used to be and are looking for someone to blame then take a look at your voting record. Bet you voted for our past two mayors and their cronies every single time. Those who have supported the current and past administrations are responsible. One party rule, no matter what party, only serves the special interests with money that are connected to that party and its citizens suffer. In time the situation will affect the North End of New Rochelle. The failure of the electorate to vet out and elect people {regardless of party] who have the best interests of New Rochelle will doom us all. And thanks for letting us know to give your statements the ‘light’ weight they deserve.

Robert Cox's picture

As the person who gets the tips and reports out these stories about arrests of school and municipal employees, I have to concur with the basic sentiment expressed by ladyjustice.

We get the government we deserve. I may write something on this over the weekend to expand on these thoughts but in a nutshell this sort of stuff is permitted because few people are willing to come forward and object.

This week we have one BoE employee pleading guilty to trying to have sex with a child, a woman barging into a neighbor's home and beating her with a closet rod and guy convicted of brutally assaulting three college kids and then accusing the police of racism for arresting him for his crime. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

So, where is the outrage? How many people are willing to show up at a school board meeting and demand these people no longer be allowed access to the children of New Rochelle in our schools, that these people be terminated, that the entire system of hiring from the friends and family network end, that background checks and fingerprinting be done for EVERY employee, the the abuse of the state's civil service laws end. For many years it has just been me at those meetings.

If people in New Rochelle want to see change they are going to need to stop worrying what "everyone else" is doing and focus on what they are doing. People need to stop wishing other people would stand up and demand accountability and just show up themselves and demand answers.

There are people who do show up and are involved. I am one of those people as are a number of folks on this web site. Bully for us.

But for the rest of you reading about the mess in our city, know it has to stop and do nothing, this is really YOUR fault.

The only reason the school board or the Mayor or these other crumbums do what they do is because YOU let them.

you could not be more wrong...if you must know I did not vote for the idiot in office now and i did not vote for the idiot before him. They are too blame for making New Rochelle a sanctuary city and into the pit we have now. Soon new rochelle...all of new rochelle will be an illegals playground. Maybe you live on the other side of town and the truth hurts. Truthfully you should be angry ....more of the south side and east end and the WEST! should be complaining and angry. The city is a disgrace and no one cares about it. It was a great old place to grow up in...I can't say that for the kids now. I see the kids everyday walking to school down Webster Ave. not a book in hand and not a care in the world, tossing rubbish down. Most of the people in New Rochelle know nothing about how to cross a street never mind about driving!

and thanks to the present and former Idoni's, will no doubt continue to be a sewer since Idoni II will make sure Idoni III replaces him.

No worries, the citizens allow the 'world saver' to harass their kids, why should they care about their schools or their downtown or their neighborhoods?

Robert Cox's picture

"what that has to do with the article aside from her just working there eludes me. It didn't happen anywhere near the school."

I suppose by your logic, Jose Martinez should have been removed by the BoE because he was a raping a child in his office at Isaac but Marisa Anton should not have been removed by the BoE because she went to the kid's house instead?

By your logic, Rasool Hassan Williams should be welcome to work in New Rochelle schools once he gets finished with his "life" sentence because the murder he committed took place in Ohio?

Patrick Clark should be allowed to work for the New Rochelle schools because he met the "girl" he wanted to have sex with over the internet?

As I recall even Jose Martinez had his defenders on this site so nothing surprises me but just because you know this person does not mean she is innocent -- unless you think the four police officers who responded to the scene were all part of some grand conspiracy?

I am not sure how you know "the proof" is "there" in other cases but not in this case? There is a legal process here. She may be exonerated or she may be convicted. We can wait and see -- and Talk of the Sound will report the outcome. I would just pointed that of the 5 cases that have been adjudicated there have been 5 convictions. There two cases left are Moreno and Anton.

Oh wait...there is one more I have yet to report on. I am just waiting for some additional paperwork in that case and will hopefully have that today or tomorrow so I can get that story up this week as well. A heads up for loyal readers -- the Moreno case is small potatoes to this other case.

This person has got to be a relative, close friend both or something Bob...TheShow2007 is defensive about this lady TOO MUCH!!!!

If this woman is guilty of all she is charged with, then, by all means, let's see to it that she is punished accordingly.

Having said that, OldTime, you're an idiot.


I understand your points and maybe you misunderstand mine, and yes we will have to wait and see what the facts are. Knowing her, I just don't see it, that's all.

Now as for my logic, when I say the proof is all there, I mean that there's solid evidence against these people. From what I've read on your site, police setup a sting on both Anton and Clark. The police have all the proof they need to convict them, if I assume correctly. Jose Martinez confessed to police in his case after having gone to his house to investigate. He plead guilty, case closed. In all these cases, I don't believe any of these people should be out among the public let alone working in ANY school.

In Nancy's case though, the important to focus on is the actual intent of her visit, who the aggressor was and even if it was her rod. So let's wait and see then. BTW I'm not a relative of hers, NewRochellean. I would just like to see fairness and let people get what they deserve justly.

Robert Cox's picture


The facts are that she was arrested on for a Class D Felony -- Assault 2nd Degree, assault with intent to cause physical injury with a weapon. That is a pretty serious charge. The police took into evidence a weapon -- a closet rod. From what I am told Ms. Moreno went to the victim's house, with a weapon, with the intent of getting into a confrontation and then assaulted her with the weapon. If this is proven in court, it would suggest a level of premeditation that is not consistent with being a "great person" or even a person who should be around children but someone who is a danger to children.

On background, I was told that this all came about because Moreno's daughter walked her dog past the victim's house and the dog did its business on the victim's property, that the victim chastised the daughter and the mother reacted to that.

I might add that the arrest sheet in the case has the box "unemployed" unchecked and the field for "employer" is blank. This would suggest that Moreno was well aware of the implications of her arrest and sought to hide the arrest from the school district.

If Moreno has worked for the district since before the SAVE law came into effect in 2001 (and I am told that may be the case) then she would not of been fingerprinted and therefore the SED system would not have matched her fingerprints. Board members say they were NOT informed of the arrest and the BoE President says she has no reason to believe Schools Superintendent Richard Organisciak knew about the arrest and withheld the information.

In short, but for the reporting on Talk of the Sound, Moreno's arrest would not have been known to school officials.

The question is what will the district do now that they are aware of the arrest. I know they are aware because I sent a link to this article to the entire board; BoE President Petrone then shared it with Schools Superintendent Richard Organisciak and Jeffrey Kehl, the district's lawyer.

This is the 7th arrest (5 convictions so far) of a BoE employee since 2009 of which I am aware. New Rochelle holds the dubious distinction of having more of its employees arrested than any other school district in the Westchester/Putnam area.

These arrests (and other other criminal incidents we have reported but where no charges were filed) can no longer be dismissed as "isolated incidents". Even Schools Superintendent Richard Organisciak is no longer attempting to spin these arrests that way.


The connection is a school, administration, civil service commission and union that is more concerned with giving away jobs through the "friends and family" network than properly vetting new hires and a school board that is more concern with PR, image and real estate values than the safety of students so that when there hires turn out to be criminals the board is complicit in attempting to sweep incidents under the proverbial rug.

You need look no further than the Jose Martinez case. At the time, Chrisanne Petrone promised an investigation into who knew what and when. We have reported on multiple examples of complaints about Martinez being made and ignored. That investigation never took place. Not a single person was disciplined or fired by the district -- even Martinez who was allowed to resign.

The result?

School district employees and officials who failed to act, to meet their legal obligation to report signs of suspected child abuse to Child Protective Services or the Police, remain in place. The message to other employees is thus clear -- keep quiet about child abuse and you will be REWARDED.

We saw the same thing in the Donna Henry case -- transmitting a nude image of a 14-year old girl to her son and daughter-in-law (both district employees).

We saw the same thing with the four security guards having sex with students at the high school.

Same with the janitor at the alternative high school.

And the list goes on and on and on.

She's a great person and really patient with the kids. My grandchildren love her. Unless it's self defense, there's no reason to be chasing people with metal rods. Let's hear the facts first, but i'm still skeptical.

The behavior is NOT rational.

I wouldn't want this person around my grandchildren, heaven forbid!

I don't think I would want someone like you around my grandchildren. I wouldn't want them to learn to prejudice or real irrationality. Heaven forbid!

You are constantly calling people "prejudice".

Not a good thing to do TheShow2007. Especially since I am NOT!

No, I'm not calling people that, I'm calling you that, which I'm sure you don't like. So understand that I don't like how you responded to this article, ready to throw her under the bus not knowing the facts, and seeing how you responded to the article on the two elementary schools with the overweight problems saying "down with the rice and beans...and up with the veggies" and NOT realizing that maybe, juuust maybe its in poor taste? Do you understand where I'm coming from?

I know you are entitled to your opinion. That's great, so am I. So if you want to rag on people here that's fine. Know that once in a while your going to get a rebuttal.

get her out of there and in jail where she belongs! Hey wait did anyone finger print Anna Giordano??