Anthony Bongo and Richard Organisciak Reach Out to New Rochelle's Isaac E. Young Staff in the Jose Martinez Aftermath

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Anthony Bongo and Richard Organisciak Reach Out to New Rochelle's Isaac E. Young Staff in the Jose Martinez Aftermath

March 27, 2011 - 23:37

Michael Galland, Math and Technology Chair at Isaac E. Young Middle School made a series of phone calls to school staff on Sunday afternoon requesting they report to the school building by 8:00 a.m. Monday morning for a meeting scheduled to begin at 8:10 a.m. with Schools Superintendent Richard Organisciak and Principal Anthony Bongo.

The topic will likely be the arrest Friday of Jose Martinez, former Administrative Dean at Isaac. E. Young Middle School and most recently Assistant Principal at Jefferson Elementary School. Martinez was arrested on charges of Sexual Molestation -- 2nd Degree.

Click to hear Voice Mail Message.

UPDATE: word coming of other similar meetings including at Jefferson tomorrow. If you are at any of these meetings and have a smart phone with a recorder please try to capture the audio from the meeting and send it along.

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You write this as though something is wrong with the school admistrators are doing something wrong. And, for you to ask for audio from a phone, why?

You are correct when you say sex molestation of a child is very wrong. I would add sex molestation at any age is wrong.
But it seems that you are implying that the staff knew about this and failed to do anything about it. You really believe this? And to post a telephone recording from a school official to gather the staff to discuss this is simply going to far. Any staff needs to discuss this as a group. So when you say I should get my head out of my ass, you should be directing that comment to yourself for thinking there is a cover up school-wide.

Ken wrote "You really believe this?"

If there is a cover up or not, would you just sit back or try to find out if there is one.

I my self would question every one first until i was satisfied that there's no cover up, Why because any one that let this go on is just as guilty as some one that did it, and every parent that send a kid to school needs to know. It's common sense, something your lacking when you asked "Anything wrong"

No one more than I wants to get to the facts on this , and if the facts lead to what we all dread. Then let's make sure this man and anyone who does this type of thing get's what he deserves.

But what i would also like to see ,is a little more compassion and respect from the public out cry for the child and the familly.

My heart goes out to them!

This SH## has got to stop!!!!!

It is a sad commentary that there are people like yourself that truly believe that all the people working in Isaac E. Young Middle School are involved in a cover up. From custodians to those who hold a Ph.d, you imply that these people knew or can predict someone has a propensity toward this deviant behavior. This is truly preposterous. How can you say with a straight face that all the men and women, many of whom are parents themselves, would turn a blind eye. You, and others like you, seem to revel in attack commentary for no valid reason other than to see your distorted thoughts in black and white. It's just a matter of time before you add the police department to your list of conspirators since they haven't arrested any employee of the school for being part of the cover up you speak of.

like i said KEN "get you head out of your ass!" I never said there was a cover up, some one else did, but if they want to find out if there's a cover up I'm all for it.

And in fact it was you the brought it up first in your first reply to me, jerk!

Maybe you should read before posting, it's not mine I never said there was a cover up, only what i would do if there was one.

Just wondering Mr. "Ken" who said that "all the people" working in Isaac are involved in a cover up? Who implied that "these people" could predict this deviant behavior? Who said that "all the men and women" and "parents" would turn a blind eye?
None of us are perfect, so before I rake you over the coals for such an offbase comment, I just want to make sure I didnt miss some interesting reading somewhere where you are basing your facts. Unless of course you are just trying to see your "distorted thoughts" in black and white.
Please correct me if im wrong and I will apologize.

Spoke with parents who have 5th graders going into IEY before they went to the PTA meeting on Wed evening. They attended the meeting at Jefferson and felt like they were the ones on trial since the room was filled with lunch monitors and teachers. They don't feel good about sending their kids to IEY so off they went to a 2nd meeting to hear what Bongo and BOE had to say. I don't know how that meeting went. In a situation like this the current administration(Bongo & Robinson) should go. Would circulating a petition among incoming 5th grade parents help?

I will be willing to bet there are many, many parents who truly support IEY and feel intimidated to speak up for fearing a verbal attack on them. With any group there will be those who support and those who don't, there will be those who will agree and those who will disagree. It is the nature of a group. People have opinions. Children have a way to embellish a sitution when asked "what happened" for fearing not to get into trouble. With any large instiution, there will be many, daily in real time problems that occur, some legitimate and others not.
Did you think that just maybe the lunch monitors and teachers you refer to in your comments were there to support their school and administration? I wonder if the school is as bad as it is being portrayed? Why is it that there isn't mass tranfer requests to get out of the school? One cannot say that ALL the faculty and staff would turn a blind eye to what is being written about the school.

Ken, I do believe that there are good teachers and staff members at IEY who really care about the kids. My problem is that I look at the management of schools as a business. When things go wrong the top person is the one blamed and usually is fired. So maybe a new principal is needed to change things around.

Ken I personally know of many transfer requests. They are all denied! It's called a "varience"..the BOE just throws them in the garbage. If you get a transfer to a north end school, you get no transportation. Isaac has had a bad name for many years and it needs to be cleaned up. I shouldn't be up every night along with other parents worrying about why my child is going to face in September. Clean it up, the leadership should be held responsible for what happened for so many months going unnoticed IF it indeed happened and Martinez is guilty.

I absolutly agree with mynrfamily yes a petition would definitly help. What you are saying about the 5th grade parents feelings from Jefferson are true, and the same applied to the meeting at IEY room was filled with lunch monitors and teachers. We also need more parents to get involved. That auditorium should of been FILLED with parents!

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There is an opening at Albert Leonard Middle School. As the flagship middle school for New Rochelle, and in furtherance of maintaining the high performing mantra there, a suggestion that Anthony Bongo be reassigned there. A search for new Principal for IYMS, commensurate with the needs of that school, should begin (and no current administrators should apply). Is this a good idea?