The Anthony Bongo Era At New Rochelle's Isaac E. Young Middle School

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The Anthony Bongo Era At New Rochelle's Isaac E. Young Middle School

March 27, 2011 - 18:59

Anthony BongoAnthony Bongo, Principal of Isaac E. Young Middle School, has built up one of the most impressive resumes in the City School District of New Rochelle, if by "impressive" you mean the most incompetent. Mr. Bongo is a man not fit to run a Burger King yet he runs one of the largest schools in New Rochelle thanks in large part to the "charity" of his father Anthony Bongo, Sr. of PAB Construction whose "charitable giving" to the New Rochelle Fund for Excellence and various government officials throughout New Rochelle is so widely "appreciated" by the powers that be that his unqualified son was given the position of Assistant Principal at Isaac E. Young Middle school where he was later promoted to the Principalship.

The arrest of Jose Martinez on charges of sexually molesting a student in his office at Isaac E. Young Middle School is just the latest in a long litany of offensive behavior -- assaults by staff on students, assaults by staff on other staff, racial harassment and cover ups, lawsuits against the district, lying to County officials, submitting phony data to academic publications, and over all general depravity in how the school is run.

Meanwhile, the academic performance of students coming out of the school has dropped off a cliff. Students who left the school several years ago are failing to graduate on time at the highest levels in the history of the district (Black/African-American 55%, Latino 51% while Whites are at 88%). There is clear evidence which supports claims that test scores have routinely been fabricated and the level of violence in the school significantly under-reported to New York State. Bongo is a man who would not be tolerated at a North End school for five minutes yet because he delivers what the school board wants -- a mirage of ever increasing test scores and low levels of crime and violence -- he remains, like a little Napoleon, running his fiefdom much to the everlasting shame of the City of New Rochelle.

Here is a sampling of the various crimes and misdemeanors under Anthony Bongo's watch at the Isaac E. Young Middle School:

New Rochelle Police Arrest Jose Martinez, Recently Resigned Assistant Principal of Jefferson School

New Rochelle School Refuses Emergency Medical Care for Student with Multiple Fractures

Isaac Young Noose Incident

Security Guard Assaults 8th Grader at Isaac E. Young Middle School

News12 Interviews New Rochelle Middle School Student about Alleged Abuse

Anthony Bongo (Supposedly) Reduces Vandalism at Isaac Young Middle School by 800%

Insider Tip on Illegal Cigar Lounge at Isaac Young Middle School Provokes Armed Response from School District

Isaac E. Young Middle School 7th Grader is Arrested for Selling Drugs to Other Children

New Rochelle School Principal Tells County Health Inspectors "Never Smoked" on Isaac Young Campus

Isaac E. Young Middle School: Depraved Indifference Cultural Epicenter of the of the City School District of New Rochelle

Talk of the Sound Report: The North-South Divide in New Rochelle Public Schools

New Rochelle Board of Ed Meets Tonight in a Further Attempt to Whitewash Collapsing Graduation Rates for Blacks and Latinos

New Ro HS Graduation Rate is 66% or less

Highly Suspect Isaac Young Data Accounts for Most "Improvements" in New Rochelle Test Scores

A Disturbing Visit to Isaac E. Young

As Journal News Shills for Isaac Young Principal, Middle School Launches Program for High School Dropouts

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I have heard way to many disturbing allogations made against Mr. Bongo. Pressure needs to be made by the parents of both Jefferson and Isaac young to have him questioned by the police to find out what if anything he knew about the sexual molestation that took place at Isaac Young and why if he did know Mr. Martinez was promoted to Jefferon. This is too big to be ignored by any parent.

Do you really think anyone of this staff knew that this man was molesting students and failed to report this?

I don't know, I think it needs to be investigated. I think everyone should be since there are so many accusations being made. Nothing should be ignored.