Armed Ninjas Carry Out Daring Home Invasion in Downtown New Rochelle

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Armed Ninjas Carry Out Daring Home Invasion in Downtown New Rochelle

January 25, 2012 - 15:17

77 CentreAveHomeInvasion1

Moments ago, at approximately 10 am this morning, two men dressed in black clothing with black gloves and wearing black ski masks over their heads, kicked in the door to a residence at 77 Centre Avenue in Downtown New Rochelle this morning. At home was a woman with a small child.

The pair of intruders brandished handguns and forced the woman under a bed. The victim told police that the two men stole documents. A police dispatcher later said that money and jewelry was reported stolen. There was word on the child or injuries.

The two men, both described as male/black and speaking Spanish, fled the scene. Police were not sure if the men fled on foot or in a vehicle.

This is a breaking story. Police are currently searching the area for the two men. They are considered armed and dangerous. The New Rochelle K-9 Unit has been called to the scene. The NRPD Forensic Unit has been called to the scene.

New Rochelle police determined from private video cameras in the area that the men fled on foot, running in the direction of Main Street.

Channel 12 is on the scene.

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EyeonNewRoc contributed photos for this report.

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2 men don't plan a "ninja" style daylight break-in in an apartment at 77 centre ave unless something is going on. One would not expect to find jewels and cash stashed in that apartment unless some other illegal activity was involved.

Take a deep breath, count to 10 and relax. There is no problem here as this is just another isolated incident. All is well in Paradise; any negativity will reduce our property values. Shhhh, as we need to retain our 4th safest city designation so Noam can take Suzi's seat. Sorry George, you don't have the chutzpah, money or a guaranteed position when you lose so you're out.

Another great day in downtown New Rochelle. Time for more cops on the beat walking this way when they see two guys wearing ski masks they might want to stop them.